Shadow War - Chapter Three
Saturday, July 3, 2004

An Alliance cruiser keeps a watch on the planet to which our Big Damn Heroes are headed.


The Alliance cruiser I.A.V. Durmstrang was a monolithic bulk whose mass reared up in the space above planet Pegasus. Walking down one of its endless and countless hallways was Commander Remo. His meteoric rise in rank during Unification had less to do with the fact that his father was high ranking general and more to do with his Browncoat kill rate. What the Alliance didn't know was that Remo had broken nearly every treaty and accord ever imposed to get those rates. The way he covered it up was simple. Most battles he fought in, he was the sole survivor. While the Alliance thought this was either luck or skilled soldiering, Remo was content in the knowledge that there were no loose ends. If you killed them all, that was. And, he had. As he entered the gargantuan bridge aboard the Durmstrang, Remo demanded "Report!" Typically speaking, there was no slacking or horseplay or inattention to detail aboard an Alliance cruiser. On Remo's cruiser, the punishments for such behavior was brutal. So, while people sat a little straighter in their seats when he came in, there was little to no motion upon hearing his voice on the bridge. Lt. Kelly, a recent Allaince Academy graduate, and no slouch herself when it came to brutal reparations visited on her own crew, approached Remo silently. "Call up the orbitals, Chief." An older man standing behind the nav console expertly pressed a few buttons, and the viewer window was at once covered with what appeared to be a thermographic view of the planet below. Pegasus was hot, but only over one third of her surface. The colonists that the Alliance had "transplanted" here had taken to staying around the volcanoes. Though it was more dangerous, it kept the Alliance from knowing exactly what they were up to with their orbital thermography. Dead in the center of this orbital, was a large, obivously active volcano. At the edge of the picture, there was what looked like two very small people, and a little further out, a small cadre of people watching them. "This is the fugitive?" Remo asked. "We believe so, sir." Kelly said. Remo turned to her sharply. "What do you mean you believe? Don't you know? I'm not in the habit of asking questions to my suboordinates that I don't think they can answer." Remo has spoken this last quietly, so that only Kelly could hear, but the lowered volume in his voice spoke to no kindness. It was more threatening than if he had yelled in her face. Kelly knew that Commander Remo didn't like humiliating his officers in front of the rest of the crew. If she didn't answer this quickly, the repercussions would be private and fierce. The older man, the Chief who had been at the nav panel stepped forward and pointed to the thermograph. He indicated one of the two people off by themselves. "That's him, sir. They haven't moved much, by I'd set my warrant to that being the man we've been looking for all this time." Remo kept glaring at Kelly for a few moments, then turned to the Chief. "Chief, how can you be sure that he's the man we're looking for?" "Because the other one's been twirling about for so long while the other's one just been looking. That's the one, if all descriptions of Red Veil have been accurate." Secretly, the Chief knew exactly what Red Veil looked like. He have to deal with that problem when it came up. First off, Remo would have to be dealt with, and the Chief wasn't about to throw away five years of his life just to fail at the last minute. The opportunity to kill the Durmstrang's commander would present itself, but until then, all the Chief could do was grit his teeth and wait. "Very well. I trust you, Chief. If you would, accompany me back to my conference room with the most recent orbitals so that we may speak further on this subject." Under his breath, as he walked past Kelly, Commander Remo said "I'll deal with you later, Kelly. Next time, be certain of the things you tell me. I'm not one who likes a lot of guess work. The Great Alliance doesn't care for it, and I, less so." As Remo left the bridge, Kelly, shaken but in possession of herself turned to the orbital. She narrowed her eyes at the small red dot that represented Red Veil. Secretly, she began to blame him for what was about to happen to her.


Sunday, July 4, 2004 2:19 AM


Things are likely to really hot up now, that Remo sounds like the the worst incarnation of *tamade hundan* I can think of. I surely wish you wrote longer chapters, these feel like snippets or teasers but the story is oh so shiny! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, July 4, 2004 3:16 AM


I can't give longer chapters, because that's not how the story unfolds yet. But, I promise you that the slow build up will have a pay off. Hang in there!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 8:42 AM


me likes


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