Shadow War - Chapter Six
Monday, July 12, 2004

Aboard the I.A.V. Durmstrang, the Chief lurks on the edge of discovery.


The Chief stood over the proximity panel, watching the screen. He held the electronic log in his hand, indicating that of all things, a mid-bulk transport, classification Firefly was on its way towards Pegasus. Nothing had been mentioned about this in the morning meeting, which meant that the ensign who had been sitting here for the night shift had not been paying attention. If this had occurred in the normal operation of the ship, he would have confined the ensign to the brig. This was not normal operation, however, but the fruition of his plans against Commander Remo. A Firefly, however, this far out on the rim, was fortuitous. He had a pretty good idea exactly who was in that Firefly, and he had a pretty good idea what they had done. "Chief!", Remo called from behind the bridge, "you're with me." and he swept away, not waiting to see if the Chief was following. "As you will, Commander." Before anyone could see what he was doing, the Chief took a small decoder, and put into the side port of the proximity panel. A small beep indicated that last night's log had been erased. The Firefly's entry on the handheld blinked out of existence as the Chief gathered the decoder and hurried to catch up to the Commander. Commander Remo had apparently been talking for some time without knowing the Chief was there. As he caught up with Remo, the Chief said "Yes sir!" "Damn right, yes sir! That's what I like about you Chief, you always know when to agree." Yeah, keep talking you piece of go se, the Chief thought. Looking at the back of his head, the Chief was thinking about how he'd like to snap Remo's neck. His hands betrayed him and actually crept towards Remo when Lt. Kelly came around the corner. From the way she was walking, she had probably taken five lashes in the brig for not knowing exactly what Remo had wanted her to know. She kept her neck up and her back straight, though, and the Chief found himself actually impressed with the young lieutenant. "Hello lieutenant. I hope there are no hard feelings over my disciplinary techniques." "Of course not, sir" Kelly said, apparently without gravity, but Chief thought he had seen her eyes narrow just a bit. She passed them and continued onto the bridge. "Lt. Kelly! Didn't your shift end 15 minutes ago?" "Yes sir, but a little extra training never hurts." Remo was visibly impressed. "Carry on." he said, and continued down the hallway. Chief went with him and made a mental note to himself that it was not time to strangle Remo like the dog he was, just yet. As the two made their way to Remo's quarters, Remo continued. "Red Veil and Shang Yu together on the same border planet had the Alliance in a bit of a tizzy. While we don't see the need to intercept just yet, you can see why we should be alarmed." "Of course sir. Red Veil is the lowest kind of scum there is, and Shang...well, he's just...evil, sir." "Evil! Yes, that's right. Just the way I would put it, Chief. As soon as it even smells like those two are up to something, we are to swoop down and leave a crater on Pegasus and not even mark it as their graves. Understood?" "Yes sir." The Chief, said. Of course, the Chief was fairly certain that the Commander was the very seed of evil itself. And now, this Firefly. The Chief knew the story of one Firefly. Knew it very well. Didn't know its name, and didn't know who was on it, but he knew that something horrible had happened on it. He knew that an Alliance Fed had been killed and dumped off that Firefly onto some Godforesaken rock in the middle of nowhere. He knew that the Fed had been shot in the head in what had to have been execution style. He always knew that that particular Fed had probably forced the whole situation. But, if Pegasus was to be the site of any revenge that he could take on the Chief, it could be the site of his revenge on the folks in that Firefly. He just didn't want the Alliance mucking around in it and screwing up his chances. He would kill Remo. He would research the Firefly. If it was the one he was after, he would kill them too. Or leave them stranded and hurt badly on Pegasus, as unforgiving a planet as he had ever seen populated. "We will kill Red Veil and Shang Yu if they put so much as a toe out of line. Is that clear, Chief Dobson?" The look of murderous hate that the older Chief held behind Remo could have burned a hole in the hull. "Crystal, sir."


Tuesday, July 13, 2004 2:03 AM


Very interesting! Can't wait to see where you go from here. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me


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