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Maya. Post-BDM. Still on Lazarus, and this is just a very silly little ficlet that's running around in my head, and I had to let it free!


Mal was fidgeting. No other word for it. He was sitting in his normal seat, post-dinner mug of coffee in his hand, and he was fidgeting. Almost like he was trying to rub his back against the chair, only trying not to.

Simon watched him out of the corner of his eye. Something was definitely up.

“So I figure, soon as we’re up and running again, we drop by Phoros, Kaylee can see her folks, get refueled and still be at Verbena in time for the pick-up.” Hank wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

“Dear,” Zoe said, handing him a napkin.

He grinned at her. “Sorry.”

“Sounds good,” Mal said. “Be fine to see the Fryes again.”

“And they can meet Ethan,” Freya added, smiling at him.

“I'm sorry we can’t tell them we’re expecting again,” Simon said softly to Kaylee.

“I don’t mind. And they’ll be glad to see Bethany again. Now she’s grown so much.”

“Of course.” He smiled at her, then went back to watching the captain.

“And it will do us all good, too,” Freya added.

“So I reckon this depends on when we can get back into the air. What about it, mei-mei?” Mal asked, looking pointedly at his mechanic. “We’ve been here near a week already.”

“And enjoying every moment, far as I can tell,” Kaylee said.

“That wasn’t what we came here for.”

“And I'm working fast as I can. But there’s stuff needs leaving to settle, before I can do the next bit. Like the flow inducers. If they don’t sit for a day before I start fixing the core compressors –“

Mal held up his hand. “How long, Kaylee? Ball park figure.”

“Maybe four days?”

“Four.” He exhaled noisily. “Well, I guess that ain't too bad.”

“Hank’s doing what he can, but –“

“I said it’s okay, Kaylee.” Mal smiled at her. “And it is good to get some sun.”

Maybe it was sunburn, Simon thought. Except his face and arms seem okay.

She grinned. “And the rest.”

“You’d best be keeping that kinda comment to yourself, young lady,” Mal warned, his blue eyes warm as he looked at her. “’Less you plan to walk to Phoros.”

She laughed. “I love my captain.”

“Yeah, well, that don’t work every time.”

“No?” Freya murmured.

Mal shot her an amused glared then turned to Hank. “Better talk to Pickett. Let him know.”

“Will do, Mal.”

“So, you gonna make an honest man out of him?” Mal said to Zoe. “Now he’s knocked you up, and all.” He glared as best he could at his pilot. “’N’ I'm still reserving judgement on that.”

“We don’t need to get married,” Hank put in.

“He wasn't talking to the monkey,” Jayne put in.

“I’ll have you know that I'm further away from that particular heritage than you are,” Hank said pointedly.

Jayne knew he was being insulted, but his mood was too good to let it rile him. “Ain’t what River says,” he grinned, climbing to his feet and putting out his hand.

River smiled and took it, letting him help her up. “Good night,” she said, sneaking under Jayne’s arm so they touched the length of their bodies.

“Night, River,” Freya said, and the others echoed.

They walked out, heading towards Jayne’s bunk.

“I can’t believe they’re going to …” Simon shook his head. “In that room. With all those guns.” He shuddered.

“I don’t reckon River’s worried about that, doc,” Mal said, rubbing just a little against the wood of his chair. “Figure she feels right at home.”

“No, but –“

Kaylee patted his hand. “They’re a couple now, whether you like it or not.”

“Oh, I know that. And I can accept it.” He added quickly, seeing their looks, “Nearly. Honestly.”

“Good that you do,” Mal said.

“But I think Jayne has the right idea,” Freya said, getting to her feet. “I'm off to bed.”

“I won’t be long,” her husband said, and she leaned over, kissing him.

“Don’t be.”

As the others cleared the galley, Kaylee stepped closer to Simon. “He okay?” she asked, nodding towards the captain.

“You noticed.”

“I figure Jayne might be the only one who hasn’t.”

“Yet no-one says a word.”

“It’s the Cap’n.” Kaylee glanced across at him, pulling his shirt away from his skin. “Think it’s catching?”

“I don’t know.” Simon pursed his lips. “I’ll talk to him.”

“Only if it’s something disgusting I think we need to know.”


Kaylee left her husband staring at her captain, and went to see if Bethany was asleep. She idly scratched her arm, then looked down in horror. No, nothing there. Just an itch. She hurried to get the disinfectant from the engine room medical kit.

“Mal,” Simon said, leaning on the counter.

“Ain't you tired?” Mal asked, smiling at him as he put his mug on the counter. “Figured you and Kaylee’d be wanting an early night, all the work she's been doing lately.”

“I … no, we will. I just … have a few things to do first.”

“Fine.” Mal grinned. “Well, if you ain't wanting to sit up, I'm switching off the lights. Good night.” He headed for the door.

“Is there … something you need to tell me?” Simon asked.

Mal stayed his hand on the switch. “Should there be?”

“I don’t know. I mean, we’ve been busy, like you said. And some of the places we’re been aren’t exactly the most hygienic to visit …”

Mal turned, grinning. “You saying you’ve caught something? Is that why little Kaylee ain’t wanting to sleep with you?”

“No!” Simon protested. “Not me.”

“Then …” Mal sighed. “That man is gonna be the death of me one day.”

“Who?” Simon was perplexed.

“Jayne.” Mal’s brows drew together. “That’s who we’re talking about, ain't it? He’s got something hideous and River don’t know?”


“Then what … not Hank.” Now he shook his head. “I don’t believe Hank would do anything like –“

“I meant you!”

Mal’s jaw dropped. “Me?”

“Well, I couldn’t help noticing … while we were eating … you seemed to be …” His voice trailed off at Mal’s look.

“Are you suggesting I’ve gone and caught some disfiguring disease?”

“No!” He swallowed. “Well, maybe. Mal, you were … fidgeting.”

“I was what?”

“When you thought no-one was looking. As if you’re … uncomfortable.”

“So that makes you think I’ve …” Mal stared at him, then burst out laughing.

“I don’t think it’s funny. If it’s at all contagious it could run through this ship like wildfire. I really need to run a few tests –“

“Doc, if anyone else’s got this then they’d had to’ve slept with Freya.”


Mal swallowed his laughter at the look on the young man’s face. “Simon …” He shook his head and unbuttoned his shirt. “Here. Take a look.” He pushed his braces from his shoulders and lowered the fabric, turning around.

Simon took a breath, expecting to see some kind of rash. “What on earth …”

“Scratches,” Mal said succinctly. “Woman can get all kind of anxious when we’re making love. These are from a coupla days ago. I guess they’ve been itching ‘cause they’re healing.”

“Does she … do it often?”

“Not too much.”

“I didn’t know.”

“Ain't likely to tell you, either.” He grinned. “And since every time I see her naked I seem to get somewhat … sweaty myself, I think I can forgive her. Don’t you?”

Simon touched the deep scores down the captain’s back. “Oh.”

Mal shivered. “Hey, your hands are cold.”

“Sorry.” He stood back. “But I think you need some antiseptic on them. Some of them are pretty deep.”

“She’s pretty passionate, doc.” Mal lifted his shirt back up.

“Well, I'm glad your love life is so … active.”

Mal smiled, his face softening. “Don’t happen that often, Simon. The scratches, I mean. ‘Cept since Wing took her, she’s been even more ... ardent, somehow.” He tucked his shirt back into his pants. “In fact, some mornings I'm surprised I can walk at all.” He grinned. “So you gonna prescribe some kind of ointment?”

“What?” Simon pulled himself together. “Um, yes.”

“Well, better do that tomorrow. In case I wrack up a few more injuries.” He winked at the young man and strode out of the galley, switching off the light and leaving him standing in the dark.




Wednesday, May 23, 2007 11:32 PM


This was fabulous. I loved the conversation between Simon and Mal - had me chuckling out loud. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, May 24, 2007 4:44 AM


Okay, that was hi-larious! Mal guessing at every male member of the crew except himself was so funny. I too was laughing out loud. Just perfect!

Thursday, May 24, 2007 7:27 AM


I tried to comment earlier, but the site ate it I guess! Anyway, this was like chocolate cake at breakfast! Lip-licking good!

Friday, May 25, 2007 7:33 AM


Oh...oh...I SO could see Simon trying to tell Mal he thinks the latter man has caught something, and Mal just pulls off his shirt to show Simon the scratches. The look Simon/Sean would have...oh it would be priceless!




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