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Part nine of Carrying His Bullet....Our Cat has a strange meeting.....


Sisters ---------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

She had left Mal upstairs to sleep as she walked the empty town in search of a good place to watch the stars. Anywhere she had stayed, they would call her and she always answered.

Her thoughts echoed in her head as she watched a shooting star cut a path across the sky before dying out. There was a reason why so many called it the black. Running her hand through her hair stirred up the smell of her lover, Malcolm Reynolds. It had been nice to be back in his bed, but for how long?

A rustle near the end of town alerted her as a small jacket rabbit shot across her path. She knew it was not the only thing watching her. "You can come out, Little one. I won't hurt you."

Emerging from the shadows came a young girl, her hair full of waves and her body small, but still strong. She could feel the instant connection like the pull of the north and south ends of a magnet. This was the one, who she had heard about, this was River Tam.

"Ain't it a bit cold for you?"

"Mal left and I followed. Watch you. Listened to you breathe."

"Well, sorry for that." Cat smirked as she thought of what the girl might have witnessed.

"I am confused. You smell like me, but you are different."

"Yes, I am." She noticed a bench made from a railroad tie and walked toward it sitting down. "Come and I shall tell you what you want to know."

River searched the area, but felt compelled to sit as Cat did to tell the young one her story. She sat next to the older woman and watched her mouth move and her eyes glaze over.

"You and I are closely related. I was born to it. They created me in the same lab they tortured you. The ultimate weapon was what they called me. I fight without any fear or regret, just kill or be killed."

"I fight to protect Simon unless he says sleep word."

"I know that word. One day, when you have more control, I will teach you how to avoid it. I will teach you how to stop it by yourself and to know who is a target and who is not."

"You heard about the bar." River hung her head.

Cat placed a hand on her shoulder. "My first time, I killed five boys, who thought I was lost and were trying to help me. You were lucky to have Mal and your brother to stop you. I still see their faces in my dreams."

"You can teach me control?"

"Yes, River, and I can teach you how to separate your thoughts from the monster who lies inside you. They took you because they had lost me."

"You felt for Mal what Simon feels for Kaylee. I'm not sure I understand."

"That's okay. I'm not quite sure I understand it much."

"He was always sad until you."

"Mal? What of Inara?"

"She's a replacement, but not you. He feels different around you."

"Well, I thank you for looking after him."

"You're welcome. Simon and the rest, they think they look after me."

"Guess it's our little secret. Well now, since we are alike...."

"Sisters." River stated as Cat stared. "Sisters. Same creator. Different birth."

"Agreed." Cat took River's small hand and clasped it.

"Now, what are the pair of you going on about in the middle of the night and does your brother know where you got too?" A tired Mal smiled as he ran his fingers through his tangled hair. "No."

"Well, we better be getting you home so he doesn't go all Simon on us."

"He was mating with Kaylee. She was teaching him the ropes."

"Ai ya, girl. I don't need details." Mal cussed.

"So you need to head back." Cat smiled.

"I was hoping you'd come with us."

"Sure, that's wise."

"Please. It's my boat. What could possibly go wrong?"

Cat and River exchanged a look before casting it at Mal. "What?"


Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:00 AM


hmmmm... interesting.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:15 PM


I just read up to here -- this is so intriguing! I can't see any possible happy ending, but it'll be an intresting read.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:42 PM


Now that's not fair, ghosting over the NC17 part! Still, maybe we can have a flashback sometime? Could be quite good, done tastefully, of Cat thinking back to that moment, particularly if it's the only one she gets before the blood starts to pour.

Friday, April 25, 2008 2:15 AM


Very, very cool. I like this definition of 'sisters' - it's appropriate. Now you've got me wanting to see how it plays from here. :) Haven't read the other chapters, but I promise I'll catch up soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008 12:34 PM


I can't believe Mal couldn't think of what could go wrong taking Cat back to Serenity. Um, what about Inara? I think it's cool having the notion that the Blue Hands went after River because they lost Cat. Wheels within wheels, but that only matters to those on the Rim. Ali D :~)
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