Graveyard of Space Bones
Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Part always, thnks to the norml people, the readers and Werzbowski...hope you enjoy. Cat and the gang go to the junkyard...


Graveyard of Space Bones ------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

It was close to evening before the trio had grabbed their stuff and headed for their destination. Tumbleweeds spun out of control in front of them as the hot wind stirred dust devils from dry earth below their feet. Kaylee muttered something to Cat before pointing toward a large area to their right.

The junkyard was liken to a grave, filled with ships spilling their innards to satisfy their owner's lust for money. Over an acre of old remains, this place of another kind of death would provide what was needed to make Serenity live again and Cat would stop at nothing to make sure it happened.

"So what's the plan? If you don't mind me askin'," 'Ski replied, wiping some of the dust from his already parched lips.

Cat handed him her canteen and tossed a look toward the small tin shack, its worn sign reading " Crappy Pete's Scrapyard" in red house paint. The wind caught it and caused its corner to screech against the side of the building. "I'm gonna go ask for it and see where I can get with the man."

"Wastin' your time." He spit before taking a drink, letting the cool water clear out the grit. Handing it to Kaylee, he reached for a cigarette. "Girl already said he ain't willing to deal with Independents."

"And what about me screams Independent? I suppose you just want to shoot him."

"Works for me." 'Ski never had been a man of too many words, even with her. She watched as he lit his smoke and drew in a nice deep breath. "Whatcha think, Kaylee?"

Kaylee looked at them both in an almost shock. "I just fix Serenity. It's up to you to get me the part."

"Girl's got spunk." 'Ski laughed before handing the cigarette to Cat.

"Let me talk first. If I fail, you can kill him." She didn't want any more attention brought to them. After all, hadn't enough people died today?

"Your show, Babe." Her partner smiled as he took back the stick. "You might want to start with that innocent act soon 'cuz we're about to have company."

Cat turned as a heavy set man came out the metal door. He evidently hadn't see them because he made a quick turn toward the building before whipping out his package and took a piss. She could hear 'Ski chuckling a bit. "Right up your alley."

"Bastard," she quipped before clearing her throat, the man quickly turned his head toward them, but instead of a look of shock, his bearded face held an expression of amusement. His leg gave a quick shake and he zipped up before wiping his hand on the ragged jeans he wore.

"Dare you to shake his hand, Babe." 'Ski laughed a little harder, before growing serious as the man approached, his gait telling them both that catching him if he should run would be of little consequence. Their target had a bum knee.

"Well, ain't this my lucky day? Not usual for a pretty gal to come to my humble establishment." He stuck out his hand, the same one he had just wiped on his jeans and motioned for Cat to shake it. "Name's Shep. I owe this place. What can I do for you?"

Cat leaned over to cast a look again at the sign, avoiding the outstretched hand." Then who's Pete?"

"My second cuz. He sold me the yard last spring after he married his niece. They own the general store, ifn' you need anything from there."

"Tell me he just didn't say married and niece." Cat heard Kaylee whisper to 'Ski.

"They like to keep it in the family. No harm in that." Her partner responded in a jest as the young mechanic gagged. "Actually, I need a catalyst for an 03-K64-Firefly. Heard you might have one laying about?" "Strange, you mention that. About three days ago, a Browncoat came in askin' for a buffer panel for the same type ship. You wouldn't be knowing him now, would ya?" He gave her a raise eyebrow as she smiled even more sweetly and ever so fake. "Well, if I do, it wouldn't be about this ship. You see my husband here and I own the firefly I'm talking about. She's called the Albatross." Cat pointed back at 'Ski, who winked at Shep before walking over to grab Cat's butt roughly. "That's right. Me and the little woman here are wanting to make a life for ourselves." 'Ski grinned as he drew Cat into his arm. "Our mechanic here says that's the part we need to get her started. You happen to have one." "I just might, but it will cost ya." He eyed balled the three before walking toward his shack. "If you follow me, I see what i can offer ya." "Little woman?" Cat whispered, 'Ski's arm still draped across her shoulders and Kaylee bringing up the rear. "Got to milk this for all its worth?" He smiled as they entered into the dirtiest place either had ever seen. Parts filled holes on the walls piled with grease and old oil. An old hound dog growled as they entered, but didn't move as Shep walked behind the counter. It has once been blue, or so Cat thought as now it appeared brown in spots and black in others. "Let's see." Shep pulled out a large red book from under the counter, a year full of dust falling off as he did. "Catalyst?" Flipping through about half of it, he stopped around some chicken scratches. "Looks like I got two." "Great," Cat smiled, "How much?" "Twelve thousand." "What the hell? That part ain't worth half of that." Kaylee piped up, a fire in her belly that hadn't been there since before the fight. "What she's saying," Cat replied trying to save face, "is that's a little much?" "Not for a part like that, it ain't. Hard to find." Shep scratched his head. "Whatever." Kaylee huffed. "I feel your mech don't like me too many." "Damn right about that." She replied back. "Well, I were gonna make you a deal, but now I think maybe twelve was a little cheap..." "I'm not sure I like where this is heading." 'Ski said before fingering his pistol. "Relax." Cat touched his arm, but it did little to calm him. "Maybe I won't sell it no how. Ain't another place that sells that part in a hundred miles of here so guess you all just out of luck." 'Ski grabbed his gun and pointed it at the man's head, his face hard to read even though his actions weren't. "My wife asked you for the part. What say you give it to her at a fair price or Ole Pete will be looking for someone else to buy this gou shi." “Now, Mister, you don't really want to use that gun.” Shep said, his hand moving to grab something from under the table. A shot rang out and Shep stopped. “Ya, actually I do.” 'Ski kept his eyes trained on Shep. “Baby, why don't you and Kaylee see if you can find that catalyst while me and Shep here discuss a price?” Cat looked at him, his hand twitching slightly before she grabbed Kaylee's hand. “You got it, Honey.” “He gonna be alright.” Kaylee whispered as they started through the door. “Ain't 'Ski I'm worried about?” “Think he'll shoot him 'fore we're back.” Kaylee looked back at the door. “And be making himself a cup of coffee and feeding the dog.” Cat smiled at the thought. “We might want to hurry.”


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 10:52 AM


Great stuff! I like how you set the stage this time. I had a good mental picture of where we were, who was about, and what they were doing. Wouldn't want to cross paths with this Shep guy for fear of getting sick on him....Good show with Kaylee huffing about the ol' nuthin' part - that's our Kaylee. ;)

Keep it comin'!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 12:45 PM


I really like how Shep wouldn't take any of that *goushi* from Shep. The man is not only greedy but big time stupid. I'm thinking they'll get it for a mighty fair price. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, May 1, 2008 9:08 AM


Still reading! Still enjoying! Thanks!


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