On the Wings of Serenity
Thursday, May 1, 2008

part sixteen....the chapter before the rescue starts....thnks again all who read and Werzbowski for the lend...a special thanks to Steamer, zzeta13, and Jane0904 for their friendly advice.... For all you others, Enjoy the ride!!! Cat gets airborn....


On the Wings of Serenity ----------------------------------- based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Cat awoke to someone gasping as she realized her head was propped up against the cargo bay wall. She was near the entrance with mop still in hand. Her tired and sore body twisted to see Kaylee above her on the catwalk, tears in her eyes.

“She's beautiful.” The mechanic muttered surveying the clean walls and floor of the transport ship. Her feet could be heard as she raced down the steps sidestepping a few puddles and wrapping her arms around a very shocked Cat. “Thank you.”

“Can't go off into space with that smell. Besides, think your captain's been through enough. Seeing Serenity in that way might just kill him.”

“Where the killing?” 'Ski grumbled from the other side of the bay, braced up against some cargo as his tired eyes slowly opened. “What time is it?”

“Around six in the morning, I think. Good news is we're done.” Cat let her eyes roam as she spotted no red. The bulkhead was back to its normal gray color. A sight that made her even a bit teary eyes, but more so from all the cramps she had to work from her body.

“Haven't been this sore since we head up that bank on Dahali V. Didn't think Alliance made that much money?” 'Ski stood rubbing the back of his right calf before giving the same attention to the left.

“Did those people good, though. They're now able to feed their families and get some seed for crop come next spring.” Cat grabbed the last bucket of dirty water and walked outside. She tossed it where they had throw most of it, off where they had burned the bodies making damn sure the fire was completely out. She could see the sun as it was beginning to rise and knew it was time to get moving. The longer she was, the more time they had to fuck up River even more and that was unacceptable.

“Did we get all the supplies we needed?” she yelled as 'Ski stick his head out of the ship.

“Loaded last night while you were sleeping. Plenty of ammo and all those fancy blades and shit you think you need. Damn, Babe, when you gonna learn that your hands are your greatest weapon?”

“”When my partner learns he's not bullet proof and I don't have to cover him from 50 paces...”she retorted.

“Nag nag nag. That's all you wives can do.” He flashed her a grin before disappearing back inside. His orders could be heard as he left. “We leave in ten, Babe.”

Cat searched the area for anything they had left and then turned to the horses grazing in the field beside the ship. She'd miss Coyote, but he'd eventually find his way home. Of course, if he stayed, there was plenty of water and food here. Her hand found purchase on the side of the ship as she stepped into the clean bay. Kaylee smiled at her as she pushed the button to close the door. “Lookin' forward to bein' in the air?”

“ I wouldn't want it any other way. Serenity's my life and my friends are my family. Ain't nuttin' else the way I figure.” She might have been young, but Kaylee had the important parts of life figured out.

“Well then, let's go get your family.” Cat smiled as they both headed for the bridge.


'Ski had handled a firefly before and he knew they drove like tanks figuratively. It took a real pilot to move the transport ship through the black of space, but it took even a better one to pilot it from the ground. Most didn't realize just how much gravity affected the way the controls worked.

Serenity shook a bit as she left atmo, 'Ski let her level out before turning to a strapped in Cat. She just sat and stared at the stars, her eyes out of focus and her breathing labored.

“Babe, you with me?”

She blinked, her eyes watering a bit as she turned to him. Leaning into the panel before her, she typed in something. “Just go to this heading and stay on course.”

“How long?” 'Ski was use to her moods, especially when it dealt with The Academy. “You'll know it when you hear me scream.” She slid her belt off and took one last look into space. With a sigh, she walked out of the bridge, where she was headed was a mystery.


Her heart echoed in her ears as she lay in Mal's bed. It had been a good couple of hours since they had left the ground and had ventured into space. She could tell they were getting close, the queasy feeling in her stomach echoing the worry in her mind. Her eyes opened as she took in her surroundings.

Mal's quarters were nice size, with a bed and desk where he had kept his log. Funny, it had very few entries, which for Mal was saying something. The man never wrote, leaving the note taking to Zoe. Even in the war, most his reports were written in her hand.

She breathed in the smell of him, letting it soothe the monster who threatened to emerge before it was time and even then it could spell her doom. Only one other had ever seen her like that and 'Ski had the scars to prove it.

Her hands ran through her hair as she buried her head deep into the pillow before getting up and climbing back out of the room. It was dark when she emerged, which was the way she liked it. Darkness did not betray what the light did, like the fear she had. It was simply the fear of knowing she would survive the fight even if no one else did.

A shadow caught her eye as she turned, but it had gone just as fast. Probably some animal that made its way on to the ship and would make its way off just the same. It needn't fear the Academy. They felt animal experimentation was cruel and unusual, humans on the other hand.

Her feet took her to the bridge as she again was greeted by the stars, silent friends who understood what it was to be alone in the presence of so many. Cat rested he hand on the pilot's chair before 'Ski even realized she was there, a small plastic dinosaur resting in his hand.

“Got any idea what this is doing here?” he asked and then pointed to a variety of others, propped up behind the navigation array. Cat could make out a few of the species, but some were too worn to guess.

“Pass the time.” She replied, her eyes scanning the screen. “We're close.”

“Figured you'd say that. How long we got until we're staring the nightmare the face?” “About an hour. You might as well let the ship ride. They'll catch her in a tractor beam when we get close.” “Standard Alliance.” “Did you expect anything else?” Cat smiled. “How you gonna tell the girl she's staying on the ship?” 'Ski stood and followed Cat out into the corridor. “Same way I tell you what to do.”

“Yes, but I never listen.” 'Ski winked at her. “I know you won't make good on your promise to shoot me.”

“She doesn't. Besides, where we're going, a bullet is a godsend.”They approached the cargo bay where two large crates stood waiting. Inside was enough ammo and guns to take out an entire Alliance base. Cat knew it would still be short. 'Ski grabbed for the crowbar in the corner and hefted it on to his shoulder. “So, Babe, ready to get dressed for the ball.”


Thursday, May 1, 2008 2:00 PM


I sure hope the next part comes quickly on the heels of this one as the story is hotting up nicely and I am all manner of worried for our BDHs. I'm hoping Cat and Ski can get the Captain and the others back before they are too injured to recover. Excellent story but need more! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, May 1, 2008 2:36 PM


Beautifully written Angelle as always. Your detail has me scanning the ship looking at everything. Sounds as if Cat and Ski are ready to kick some ass. Love the way you write.


Friday, May 2, 2008 2:15 AM


I love the details, the light touches that bring things to life. The scent of Mal's pillow, the dinosaurs ... and I too can't wait for the action to start!

Friday, May 2, 2008 2:19 AM


*whistles* Here we go....

Nice bit at the beginning with 'Ski and 'Where the killing?', and Cat thinking of River. And I REALLY liked Cat's quiet moment thinking of Mal and herself and where all this is taking them. Nicely written.

If the Feds are getting unpleasant on River in there, wait'll I get my hands on 'em.... :P Wish I could post as quickly as you do! Looking forward to the next one.


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