The Game of Life and Death
Monday, May 12, 2008

part twenty-one...we are now old enough to drink...hee hee...thanks to all of you still reading, please leave feedback ifn' you want and thanks to my friend, Werzbowski for his wonderfully fun character (make sure and read the 'Origin of Werzbowski' for more insight)....anyway, here is....Cat picks a fight


The Game of Life and Death -------------------------------------- based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Her stomach tightened the moment she saw him, the conductor of this nightmare, the one who had controlled her before her heart chose different. Cat, for a moment was afraid. Liken to a scared child, she realized that he could take it all away and send her back to her doom, making the emotions disappear. A movement behind her woke the assassin from her trance. Mal, his hand resting on the gun she had given him and 'Ski beside, the trademark shotgun flung over his shoulder like a baseball bat. These were the reason she fought because neither would abandon her to this master of horrors unspeakable.

Her eyes flashed as she reached to her side, hand cupping a decently sized throwing knife. With only one chance, her wrist flicked, the blade going airborne. The doctor gasped as the large blade broke in the air, five fanning out to do more damage. Inara could be heard gasping behind Cat as one by one the smaller blades seemed to stop in mid air and stay. Something around the spot then began to shimmer, each blade embedded in the neck of an invisible solider.

"Holy mother of God..." Cat heard Simon say, but her attention was on the Dr. Green's reaction.

"Not even a hello, before you attack."

"Enemies don't deserve the air we breathe. let alone the time it takes for a conversation. Isn't that what you taught us?" Cat paced like a tigress protecting that which was rightfully hers.

"All I want is you and the girl, River Tam. The rest can leave."

"To hell with that." Mal spoke , but a hand from 'Ski stopped him from saying more.

"So you can turn her into me. A full fledged walking time bomb." She turned so the doctor could get a full view of her body and so she could catch the eye of her partner, who reached into his pocket for something. "Were you too busy to grow another one or just too lazy?"

"Now, Cat, you know we have not completed her sessions. A few more and she'll be..."

"Say normal and they won't be able to identify your body. Unlike most of this group around us, you've seen what your masterpiece can do. You will leave that little girl ALONE." Her eyes flashed their darkness as the doctor backed away from her just a bit.

"I hate to do this, but I can destroy your ship and all in it, if you don't come with me." Another gasp could be heard, but Cat ignored it. “If you fear your creation like I know you do, you'll take back that threat.” Her lips curled as the light hit what could have been fangs. “You want a fight. I'll give you one, but you leave the ones I love out of this.”

“You speak as if you are human. Do they really know what you are?” The doctor laughed before signaling his group to attack. He knew it was useless, Cat would destroy them all, but it gave them enough time to take the girl off the ship and transport her somewhere safe.

Cat, though wasn't stupid either and she knew exactly what they were doing. It was the classic stall, and the master was up to something. She had to clear the room and fast. With a signal to her partner, the corner of her eye caught the grenade as it soared over her. Like the animal for which she was named, her flexible body twisted kicking it into the large group on her left. 'Ski pushed the rest of the group toward the one wall as he sent a couple rounds into some nearby heads.

“Cat, we got to get back to the ship. River is their target.” 'Ski yelled over the commotion as Mal joined the firing with some noise of his own.

“Tell me something I don't know.” She reached them just as body parts and the concussion of the blast did. Debris fell from the sky like acid rain as the Crossroads ceased to be pretty. “The blast will have cleared a decent path out of here. You all get back to the ship and protect the crew. I'll deal with this bunch and see you there.” 'Ski just looked at her and Mal shook his head. She knew they wouldn't listen, men never did and what made matters worse was her partner knew this would be a walk in the park for her. While they were discussing the issue, guards began approaching their position and stood listening confused by the lack of attention to the fight at hand.

“You honestly think I'm leaving you. Zoe can take whatever they throw at her and she'll hold 'til we all get back.” Mal's intense blue eyes stared into hers. “I'm not losing you again.”

“And what's your excuse?” She turned to 'Ski, her eyes watching to make sure the guards stayed put for only a second.

“Gun fight. Need I say more.” 'Ski dropped the shotgun to his hand and fired a round into the nearest guard as Mal head butted the one next to him. They both grinned at each other before continuing into the pack, dropping men in their wake.

Cat, meanwhile, fell back to protect Inara and Simon, who were trying to hold their own, but were failing miserably. Men had surrounded the companion and doctor waiting for the bullets to run out as well as their spirit. They never even noticed the danger behind them.

She had dropped three before the others realized their numbers were falling, blood causing them to slip on the slick surface. Inara took advantage of the situation to take some hard kicks at the men, as Simon let go another volley of bullets, each with an undetermined path. Two ended up in the ceiling squelching lights as the other three took out two guards and a lamp.

One, though barely missed Cat, who had moved to miss it, but came up a bit short as the stray bullet grazed on of her grenades, dragging the pin with it. Immediately, her hand went for the now active piece and looked to see where her group had gotten to.

'Ski and Mal had closed their gap on the good doctor, who was watching the fight with the oddest look of pleasure on his face. Simon and Inara were behind her, though the thought of lobbing it back to Simon crossed her mind for a split second. “ Ski, Mal, fire in the hole.” Cat screamed and tossed the fire bomb toward the west wing's large gate. The impact would drive the gate down sealing off the reinforcements should they arrive. It exploded in a mass of more bodies and the scream of metal as the heavy gate fell on the injured. She turned then to Simon and shook her head. “Point it at their feet. Bullets tend to do less damage in the ground if they stray.” Simon nodded his head as she placed a hand on his shoulder before reaching in her pocket handing him some more bullets. “I almost killed you.”

“If you almost killed me, we wouldn't be having this conversation.” She reached for his gun and pointed it downward. “Feet and kneecaps...let the pros worry about heads and hearts.”

Just as she spoke, exposition rocked the room. She turned to see her fearless men tossing another grenade toward a bunch of guards. It sent them flying, a rain of fire burning everything. “What the hell?” she called to them as they both turned, 'Ski driving a knife into a guard from behind.

“Boom.” They both said matter of fact as Cat only shook her head in defeat.

“Cat 1313,” a voice penetrated the noise of battle as everyone stopped. It was the doctor and in his hand was a small device, much like a remote. “I found your leash.”

Cat's feet were already pounding on the blood covered ground, her eyes concentrating on the item in the doctor's hand. He shook his head at her and touch a single button. Like a bullet to the head, the assassin went down, her body sliding in the mess as her momentum carried through, leaving her by his feet.

Her long beautiful body contorted as pain screamed across her now blood soaked body, like acid being poured on her insides. She let out a scream, echoing as her eyes glowed a horrible green and her teeth reflecting in the light, lengthened into fangs and back to normal again.

“See how I can still control you.” He stood over her and let the spit from his face drip across her face. Cat snarled as he reached for another button. It would be a mistake as the remote flew from his hand, a bullet hole evident in his palm. Another shot fired from a different gun clipped his knee sending him eye level with the infuriated Cat.

Mal holstered his gun as 'Ski prepared to take another shot. The captain placed a hand on the barrel and pointed to Cat, her body repairing the damage done and her hand reaching to clamp on the doctor's throat. With a twist, she had him pinned, her eyes still glowing. “No leash, Doc, no control.” She spoke in broken words as he struggled under her.

“You can't stop us. We have more than just this place.”

“Stop you is not my intent. I mean to destroy all of you. No one left alive.”

“You're losing control of yourself. You need us and our work.”

“What I need is what I already have. What I need most of all is for you to die.” Her fingers clenched tighter as his face began turning blue. “Release the cages.” He whispered as Cat noticed the headset he was wearing. His eyes then rolled to the back of his head and his body slouched.

“We need to everyone on the ship.” Cat stated quickly as she stood. “And we need to do it now.”

“You coming with us?” 'Ski asked as they approached her. He already knew her response.

“They'll follow you and I can't let them do that. He released the Cast Aways, the creatures that attacked Serenity, but these have no collars and no way of control. Hungry animals with a taste for human flesh.”

“We're staying.” Mal ordered.

“Not this time.” Cat replied. “These aren't dumb guards and they will kill you. Think Reavers, only like me armed with a genetically enhanced brain. I'm not sure I'll make it through them.”

“What you mean is you're not sure this Cat will make it through.” 'Ski looked at her and then at the crew. “I can stop you from killing them, Babe, but I can't stop them from caring enough to stay.”

“Bullet right here. No trying for a wound shot to slow me down. Right here.” She placed a finger right between her eyes as her partner nodded. “Wait a gorran second.” Mal stated as he walked up grabbing Cat by her shoulders. “I won't let him kill you.”

“You have to.” She spoke as her ears began to pick up sounds of footsteps. They would have never made it to the ship even with her help. They head for the closest heat source and the most signatures.

“Why?” He pulled her into his arms as she closed hers around him, tears spilling over his coat and bandaged arm.

“Because I won't stop to think about killing you. Besides, this will put things right, back where they should be.” Her eyes fell to Inara and then back to her captain.

“That ain't fair, Cat.”

“Nothing in my life is.” She smiled as her body turned to walk toward the east entrance. 'Ski grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to look into his dark eyes.

“Remember, Babe. Remember.” His whisper was deliberate and harsh. Hers echoed it.

“Right between the eyes and don't hesitate.” She smiled weakly as her finger slid over his arm, the hair of it tickling her heighten senses. Closing in on their location came the flood, teeth gnashing and drool dropping. Mindless words escaped through the halls, each one meant the same...fresh meat.

Cat let her mind go and felt the monster in her stirring. Turning back toward Mal, her eyes glowing and her teeth now sporting fangs, she let two more words escape from her lips. “Forgive me.”


Monday, May 12, 2008 9:13 AM


This was kind of confusing but really action packed. It isn't clear whether Cat actually killed the doctor. One minute she is squeezing the life out of him, he turns blue then she seems to forget all about him. Is he dead, did he get away or did she let go? It would really suck if Cat dies here and now before even completing her plan. Also sounds as if Serenity and her crew are going to up to their armpits in body parts, hope none of those bloody pieces belong to any of them. Ali D
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, May 12, 2008 1:35 PM


It is fast paced... But I totally dig it. Cat's gonna unleash hell on those creatures, her beast. I hope she can pull it back enough not to kill her friends. Wonderful story!!


Monday, May 12, 2008 7:14 PM


Goooooooooooooooood fight scene. Cat comes up with new and amazing ways to creep us out with each passing post, it seems. Maybe it wasn't just Mal's bullet she was carrying....? I'm biting some nails for the next part (and the next fight scene).

Monday, May 12, 2008 9:41 PM


Great action. And Cat's genetically enhanced beast going into battle? Bring it on! Not that I think Mal's going to leave it at that ...

Monday, May 12, 2008 10:45 PM


brave and complex!:) keep em coming.
(sidebar: ever seen red dwarf?)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 3:43 AM


This is going to be some fight!

(I love Red Dwarf)


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