Monster Within
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Part twenty two...a bit short, I know, but we're going into a lengthy piece and you know I love cliffhangers...thnks to all my riders, who without, well, I would have probably stopped by now. you all are the greatest. Please drop a line, even if you've been reading since the beginning. it's nice to know who all is enjoying. Without further ado...Cat goes Boom.


The Monster Within ------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Food.... its mind raced as the collective whole moved through the hallways, searching. It could smell them, four deliciously warm meals just standing there waiting for the right moment for them to partake of the sweet flow in their veins. Food....

Waiting....'Ski hated to wait, and more than that he hated having to protect her people against the beast she became. He could deal with her alone, 'twas easy enough, but with the confounded Captain she always went on about, breathing down his neck...that might make it a bit harder. Damn her and the things she got him into. Had he have been smart, something he was most of the time, he'd have turned her in and let the Alliance try to deny what these men playing god were doing, but instead, she saved his fucking life. Only one other had ever done that, even if it was something he didn't want done. God, he hated waiting.

Worry...Mal paced watching the shadows wondering what could be so bad that the woman he cared for thought he would hate her. She had saved his life and that of Zoe more times than he could count and it had just about killed him when he found the note and her dog tags next to his duffel. If it weren't for Serenity and maybe even Inara a bit, he'd still be in the dark hole she and the loss of the war had caused. He damned himself for thinking again that Cat would return to his side as a woman and not a weapon. Maybe that was the appeal of Inara, the fact she was all woman, but then again, Inara might have been just a little too much. Mal hated worrying....

Guilt...My god, she had been right. Inara looked toward where Cat had disappeared, her canary or at least she had been so many years before. Her thoughts reminded her of the young woman who she taught to sing and dance and just be a lady. She had been so sad and distant, talk of torture and needles going on and on as they laughed about nothing. Inara hadn't believed her, but who could blame her? Cat never had a mark on her, no bruising or cuts, only perfect skin. She guessed they were good at making sure they didn't leave a scar and the way that remote had worked, Inara's guess had been pretty accurate. It still didn't get rid of the guilt.

Eta Kooram Nah Smech....Simon repeats the sleep word in his head over and over again. If he can make River sleep, surely he can make Cat. He can be a hero to her instead of some clumsy kid with a gun. He almost feels sorry for her, but in a way, she was the reason they took his sister. Simon wanted nothing more than to study her and find a way to heal River, bring her back to normal and he couldn't do thatif she were dead. Eta Kooram Nah Smech. Yes, he would make her sleep. Confusion...Cat could feel the monster take over, but she tried to remain in control. The thought of fresh blood running over tongue and throat trying to overpower her need to protect. She had been battling this side of her for a very long time, the creature she buried almost identical to the ones ready to tear into the people she cared for. It was hungry, too and not for the tainted meat from the pack, but the richness of the ones behind her. The answer was no, it kept hearing, but eventually, it would win. just had to make sure and kill the one with the shotgun first. No one else in that group would pull the trigger. Maybe even save the captain for last and really savor him. Cat pulled her mind back as she suppressed those thoughts. Protect versus eat as the mob came into view. One word escaping from her raspy throat....Mine. *********************************************************

The Mob erupted from the door like a flood of rats from a newly flooded sewer, each screaming something different, but all of it meant one thing, FOOD. 'Ski and Mal armed themselves pushing Simon and Inara toward the seclusion of the damaged West gate, its shelter enough to keep the mob from a side or rear attack. Both men cussed violently as the few lights left after Simon's shoot out caught pieces of the creatures coming, men with eyes glowing red screeching at them and gnashing their long white teeth. Fangs dropped from mouths as one by one stopped only a minute to lick the drying blood from the floor, before proceeding closer.

'Ski let a round of shots off into the approaching horde, but it did very little, the bullets absorbed by their enhanced bodies like he had just tossed a few rocks at them. Mal tried for their heads, but each one seemed to sense the bullet's path, dodging as they careened harmlessly into the wall behind them.

Inara let out a scream and it seemed to egg them on as they answered hers with one of their own. Simon yelled the sleep word into the crowd, but these monsters only laughed at him, licking their lips in anticipation of a good meal.

From the shadows, though, came a figure, her silhouette far from the human who left them. Claws, long and sharp had grown from her fingers and her once emerald eyes were glowing a bright green. Her lips peeled back to reveal sizable fangs, slightly shorter than the enemies she was able to face. Her long legs carried her so she stood between the mob and her people, the ones she knew were hers, though the reason why seemed to confuse her. The others growled at her, their mind screaming for her to move and let them feed. After all, there was enough for both.

“Mine,” she said again, this time with more emphasis. This demand made the mob even more angry as they attacked, the first to her losing his head almost immediately. Like some sick dancer with blood and guts for props, Cat tore into the crowd, claws working like deadly sheers cutting and tearing as she spun and twisted.

One escaped her grip heading toward 'Ski and the others. Gun in hand, her partner fired, the head of the creature no longer attached to its body. Cat turned to him and only for a second, he saw her nod and then return to the killing at hand. Her already blood covered body now stood dripping with each passing swipe.

Within a matter of minutes, more than thirty lay dead or dying as the others retreated back against the far wall pleading for her to stop and let them live. She nodded and motioned toward the hall, the few left heading back from whence they came.

Turning towards her group, the long claws slowly disappeared as did her fangs, but the glowing eyes remained. She was still not Cat and she was still hunting her meal. “Mine.”

'Ski watched as she circled them and when she came back around to him, he began following her, the long barrel of his shotgun inches from the ground. “Don't make me kill you, Beast.”

“And who are you to be so righteous?” Her voice seemed alien. “I've tasted of you before and you're no better than me.”

“Might be so, but a promise is a promise.” His hand lifted thrusting the gun into her face as she hissed and continued to walk.

“Eta Kooram Nah Smech!” Simon shouted as her eyes looked over 'Ski's shoulder. She smiled, her fangs showing and she let her tongue pass over the teeth.

“Don't work on me, Doctor, but thanks for trying.” She then let her eyes return to 'Ski's. “Think I'll kill him first.”

“That your plan, huh?” he asked, “Kill these that you fought to protect. Which number am I?”

“You would've been first, but the good old doctor took that from you. Could let you go on your merry way. Never look back, ain't that your motto?”

“It is, but not this time. Can't have your other half bellyaching on how I broke my promise to her.”

“You ain't beholding to her none. I'll let you and the captain go. That way you're both happy.” She looked toward Mal, who had been watching her as she circled.

“As good as that deal sounds, I can't.” 'Ski drew her attention back to him. “So we're back to my shotgun and your head, if you don't back off.”

“Love it when you threaten something you can't beat. You threaten the Alliance all the time. Just like a brown coat.” The barrel of the shotgun was at her head before she could take another breath. She smiled wickedly and pushed against the large muzzle, it resting right between her eyes. A laugh escaped her lips as she let her eyes cross, staring at the long dark metal. “Boom.”


Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:49 PM


Wow. Terrifying and creepifying, the more so with the creature taking over Cat in such a spate of bloody gore. What the hell did they do to her and can it be reined in? Very good but now I'll have to sleep with my light on! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 3:36 PM


Agggghhhhhhh!!!! Heart pounding, floved it!!! Dangerous, horrifying, awesome! You flipping rock!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 11:26 PM


Cat, Cat ... you really need to pull the Beast back in. Just look at Mal. Go on, take a long look. Great action, by the way, and Cat's alter ego comes across really well in the dialogue. I too want to know how they did that to her - DNA splicing from an animal, maybe?

Thursday, May 15, 2008 12:27 PM


Oy - that fight scene was even better than the last one - so easy to visualise that it reminded me of the Chamber of Records fight scene in LOTR. ;) But methinks you like cliffhangers just a wee bit too well - Cat has, once again, come up with a new and goosepimpling way to freak us all out!!!!


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