Bad in the Latin
Monday, May 19, 2008

part twenty five and our regular scheduled program..hope I didn't throw too many off with that flashback...Anyway, thanks to all as always and feedback is appreciated....Cat finds out...


Bad in the Latin ---------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Cat was back, the real one or at least as real as one could get when you are the product of some twisted government. The monster had not gone quietly though, her ribs on fire, and it was definitely not going to stay down long. She had to find out what could control it and fast, besides the info she had promised to River.

Cat had sent Simon and Inara back to the ship, figuring all could be explained later when they weren't playing Russian roulette with hell's gun. The doctor might also be needed and it was easier than telling him, he was in the way. 'Ski had wanted to send Mal, too, but after the comment about them being married and all, her captain had basically told 'Ski in no uncertain terms that he would be escort and Mal would play wing man. She could see bad blood between them, but eventually, it would iron itself out. Cat could care who accompanied her, just as long as the trip was quick. This place was beginning to wear on her nerves.

Slowly, they made their way into the deepest part of the Academy, the heart. It was the floor above the main building and only if you had been raised in this facility, would you have even known it to be there. Secrets seem to abound in a place meant to keep them.

"So when were you going to tell me?" Mal spoke after ten minutes of walking and hours, it felt, of silence."When you left again..."

"That's not fair. I didn't exactly have time. You and your crew were captured and 'Ski owed me a favor." She shook her head. "Didn't think you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting him."

"Keep him in your pocket, case things with us didn't pan out." Mal raised his voice a bit, not that she blamed him as they reached the top of the stairs.

"He's my partner. In case, you haven't noticed my trust in him is unwavering. He doesn't let his emotions cloud his judgment and with me, that's important."

"So, being able to kill you when asked is how to win your hand?"

"Damn it, Mal, that's not what I meant. 'Ski knows me and he doesn't care."

"And that's why you married him?"

"I didn't have much choice. We were in a hard position."

"What do you mean?" he growled.

"Well, for one, you weren't there."

"How could I be? You walked out on me. Maybe if you had...Hunh?"

"You weren't there." Cat emphasized as she kept walking.

"And had I been?"

"We wouldn't be having this conversation." Cat didn't add to the statement.

"You don't love him?"

"Didn't travel all over God's creation to find him either." She stopped when Mal grabbed her hand. His lips were on hers before she could catch a breath. It wasn't a soft kiss by any means and thoughts of finding a room, hell, a wall to prop up against filtered through her already alert mind. Unfortunately, she wanted no pleasant memories of this place and the sooner they left the better. "We need to get those files."

"I know." He smiled and heat coursed through her body as he let his hand slide gently down her arm.

"Damn it, Malcolm Reynolds, you will be the death of me someday."

**** **** ****

“Initiating search...the Hellion Project...founded in the early 2470 by the Academy, a government run organization based in four distinct areas of the outer realms and one main on the Alliance home world. Its mission was to genetically alter the DNA clusters of four humans to create the ultimate weapon for the better of the community. 2473- Project Sparrow 1111...first woman altered by means of injection, taken in at age twenty, volunteer... the subject did not respond well to forced changes and went decidedly crazy and was destroyed. Tried method on forty-two more, same results. Keep ten on display to observe. Mission Failed.

2477-Project Snake 1212...first man to be altered by use of graft to skin and tissue, taken at age twenty...criminal... Received grafts well, but could not control body. Think failed because of criminal mind. Was killed when attacked Academy school children. Tried on fifty more, but same results. Kept twenty for observation. Mission deemed a failure.

2483- Project Cat 1313...female born in test tube and genetically enhanced through early splicing of DNA. Egg and Sperm taken from earlier subjects in Hellion Project, Snake and Sparrow. Took to the slicing well and was easily trained. Obedient, but still showing strong signs of humanity. Left after disobeying orders, but returned when threatened. Known to associate with subject from another Alliance project. Violated body by interaction with human male, Malcolm Reynolds. Has yet to be determined whether Cat is a success, but is incapable of participation in Phase three Main Reason for the initiation of Phase Two.

2486- Project Falcon 1414...male born in test tube and genetically enhanced through early splicing of DNA. Egg and Sperm taken from separate subjects in the Snake and Sparrow projects. No signs of rejection or humanity. Complete Success. Resides on the Alliance compound Darkholm awaiting orders to pursue Cat 1313 and known associates. Also guarding the program files for the Hellion Project Phase Two. Found suitable mate for Phase Three. Location of River Tam, unknown at this time, but has been seen on Firefly class starship Serenity.

End transmission...”

Cat just stood there for a second as the screen blinked at her. There was another like her, only male. Her body shuttered. They wanted a female for him to mate with, create the perfect race and she had to young, without the contact of a man so that her DNA was not corrupt. That's why they had given up on Cat. She had been corrupted by Mal and they wanted a virgin so their perfect male could have a mate. River was gifted, smart, and pure. A little girl used because she had morals.

“Those fucking bastards,” Cat growled, her fangs brushing the bottom of her lip.

“What do you see?” Mal had volunteered to be look out while Cat scanned the computer, its panel stretching along the one wall of this over sized walk in fridge. It had to be kept cold because of the massive heat produced, but it also made things harder to concentrate when her nipples were also hard.

“Trouble and lots of it.”

“Ain't that our luck.” He smiled at her as she hurried to make a copy of the file for Simon and grabbed at her phone. 'Ski answered on the first ring.

“You comin' ?” He was agitated, Cat could tell by the sound of his voice. “These people are driving me nuts.” “We got bigger problems.” She lowered her voice as not to alert Mal. “There is more than one.”

“Well, we figured that. Not much of a surprise.”

“How bout that I was to be his mate until I fucked Mal?”

“Told you that was a bad idea. Wait...” 'Ski stopped. “The girl was your replacement. Bastards.”

“I know. Hold on for just a bit more and no word to the crew. I'll see ya in a sec.”

“You better. Leave me with this happy bunch and I'll bring you back from the dead just to kill you again.” 'Ski sneered and the phone went dead.

“Serenity is good. The way 'Ski sounded the promised guards never made it to the ship.”

“You're right. They didn't.” She heard Mal say as she grabbed the small disc from the drive. “How would you know?”

“No reason.” He tossed her a look as a group of thirty full outfitted Alliance troops started coming toward their position. Cat dropped from the platform the computer sat on and stood beside Mal as he whispered. “"Wuh de ma..." (Mother of god..)

“And then some...”She added reaching for the gun at her belt, and praying for the control to keep her darker side at bay. “Hope you don't get mad, but I kind of wish 'Ski was here.”

“Don't worry. Strangely, I do too.” Mal's hand was on his gun when the first one spoke.

“By orders of the Alliance, you are both under arrest for the...” He dropped what he was saying as the bullet dropped him. Mal, gun still smoking, looked at Cat. “Fuck that. Ready to tango?”

“Thought you'd never ask.” Cat's guns flew from their holsters as the gun fight began.


Thanks all who went and read 'Origin of Werzbowski'. If you haven't, go to the archives and please do. It gives some back story to 'Ski and is just an enjoyable read.

Feedback is welcome and dually requested. Likes to hear from my riders.


Monday, May 19, 2008 11:16 AM


Disgusting alliance with their twisted eugenics scheme! Will we meet the falcon?

Shiny as always!

And is it wrong that I look forward to the coming violence?

Oh... and I got here first! :))

Monday, May 19, 2008 5:18 PM


We better meet the Falcon. I got shivers when i read that bit. ohcrapohcraphocrap.

And yippee for more blood everywhere.
Loving it

Monday, May 19, 2008 9:40 PM


>It wasn't a soft kiss by any means and thoughts of finding a room, hell, a wall to prop up against filtered through her already alert mind.

Now, Cat, less of those kind of thoughts unless you want to be distracted, and then someone gets hurt.

Oh, and the Falcon ... I think we're going to meet him. Not sure which one of our intrepid good guys is going to take him down, but I have a few theories ...

Great stuff!

Sunday, May 25, 2008 1:02 PM


I'm just catching up after self imposed exile. I love how you thicken plots.


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