Touched in the Head
Thursday, May 22, 2008

part twenty seven....thanks to all who read andto my friend, 'Ski for the loan of 'Ski..LOL....Cat plays woman


Touched in the Head ----------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

River had shown up right on time as Cat and 'Ski carried Mal down the steps. Never stopping from the skipping, she had found a hospital bed. Together they maneuvered Mal on it and then started for the ship.

"He's not here all the time," River whispered, the still small voice carrying with it more knowledge than man should be given. "But he's thinking about you."

Cat nodded as the bed's wheels squeaked. Her mind, though be it sitting on worry over Mal, also took in another memory, and this one could make even the strongest a bit faint.


'The bed wheels squeaked under her as she pulled madly against the straps that were laid across her badly damaged arms. She had tried to escape again, through the force field which had bordered the compound so that little ones like she could not go wandering. It would do little good for a parent to see her and start asking questions. Especially why someone so young was permitted to wander the complex alone.

A hand on her head made her fight more, its cold presence only magnifying hatred and desire to be free. Fangs, which had only recently presented themselves when she got angry, flashed in the low hanging lights as they turned, yet, another corner. Her senses had already begun processing and if she ever got free, between the distinct sound of every few meters and the particular pattern of dots on each ceiling tile, Cat could find her way back to salvation.

They had wanted only a little humanity to shine through the nightmare procedure they had done to her. Just enough for her to get attached to her creators and obey their wishes. it would have worked to, if it wasn't that they picked a woman first.

Emotions were her downfall and the taste of freedom her bane. Now, they had threatened the Machine and now that she was a perfect age, it could be implemented without residual damage, or at least that was the hope. She had heard of the device, nightmare tales from the doctors and nurses who tended to her care. How they watched ones like her go completely crazy or just watched their brains exploded, blood pouring from their ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Where are you taking Cat?” Dr. Green's voice could be heard near her head as the hand left her skin and turned to the source. “We are taking her to the Machine. She needs reprogramming.” The other sneered, and Dr. Green appeared over her head, his salt and pepper hair neatly combed. He felt her head and smiled at it, almost as though she was a loved on, instead of just a weapon.

“It needs nothing.” He yelled at the voice and moved away from her bed. Cat could hear a hand connect with flesh before he appeared back in her line of sight. “I want the project taken back to its room and I want it under lock and key. What do I pay you for?”

Green walked off and then sounded as though he had tripped over something. “And get someone to clean up this mess. What these so called professional think is alarming? Cat's just now in its seventh year....”


“Babe, we're there.” 'Ski's voice pulled her from her memories, something he had a talent for and did most often. Serenity stood in the bay like a beacon of hope, and as they came up the ramp and into the ship, Cat watched as 'Ski grimaced.

“Cap'n,” Kaylee cried running to his side and examining his body. “Why ain't he answerin'? He always answers.”

'Ski, as hard as he was, reached to take the woman away from the sight of her captain laying on a bed. Simon, his mind now on the task at hand, helped bring the bed into the infirmary, Cat right behind him.

“Gut shot. I don't think it hit any vital organs, but the bullet's been in the wound for awhile.” She rattled off what she knew as Simon grabbed the instruments he would need to get Mal stable.

“I may need some more supplies.” The doctor stated, as he turned back to Mal.

“Will need.” A voice behind them both called as Cat noticed River come. “Simon, you will need.”

They both turned to the young girl for a second as she giggled.

“Under the table is a surprise.” River smiled as Simon lifted the blanket draped over Mal's bed. He stifled a gasp and then looked back at his sister.

“Mei mei, how did you know we would need all this?” His hands reached under and came up to reveal a large box full of medical supplies.

“Bit touched in the head,” she replied, trying hard to sound a bit like Jayne. Even in her worry, Cat smiled.

“Babe, we need to get out of here.” 'Ski walked in and River wrinkled her nose. “More time we sit here, the more time they have to fuck us up the ass.”

“I'm not going anywhere until I know he's okay.” She muttered, but that was not good enough for 'Ski.

“Have you noticed where we are?” He grabbed her shoulder and pulled her around to face him. “The good doctor can take care of your captain, but if we don't get this ship the hell out of here, it won't matter if he dies on this table because we'll be joining them,”

“And you can't fly this by yourself?” She didn't mean to yell a him. “Mal's dying and I'm staying here until I hear different.”

“Women.” 'Ski huffed and Cat spun on her heels to face him growling and flashing those glowing green eyes.

“What did you just say?” she sneered, as 'Ski backed up and out of the infirmary with Cat following.

“I called you a woman.” He smiled continuing his movements. “Going all girly on me because your big brave man is been shot. You don't even shed a tear when I get hurt.”

“Most of the time you deserve it.” She kept toward him, the animal in her being drawn out and the woman being buried. They needed to get Serenity out of the Academy and even though 'Ski respected her wish to stay with Mal. Right now, he needed her in the cockpit. “Like right now.

“Wanna gun? We could go right now.” He placed a foot on the first step going up as the other crew watched in sheer shock at the odd display. Strangely, this was more dangerous than it looked and 'Ski was well aware. His hand rested on the long knife at his back, just in case she did attack, but right now, he would lead her where they needed to go.

“Don't put thoughts in my head, Reaver chow.” She ducked as he swung, but the next one connected and the bridge fell from their minds. 'Ski released the knife as Cat connected a well aimed knee into the side of his groin. Thankfully, it missed most of his package as he drove a head butt to her nose. Blood erupted from it and added to the mess that was already her clothes.

“Cat. 'Ski. Stop this right now.” Kaylee yelled over the commotion, tears forming in her eyes. “Zoe, do sumtin'. “

“Why? Let them kill each other. One of us can fly Serenity out of here.” Two strangers dead made things a lot easier. After all, Mal was laying dying and as far as Zoe saw it, it was Cat's fault.

“They're just playing.” River announced. “Touched ones like us need that occasionally.”

Meanwhile, Cat threw a series of punches 'Ski's way, and most he dodged too, except the up cut to his jaw, which would have definitely dropped anyone else. 'Ski just popped his jaw and spoke.

“You hit like a woman.” He grinned as her left foot connected this time with his stomach. It was enough to drive him to the ground, but a quick leg sweep dropped Cat to his level. Her body stuck the metal hard as she gasped. “Kick like one, too.”

He struggled toward her and grabbed her wrists so he was over her. His muscular body had begun to sweat earlier due to the temps, but drops were falling in his face and now on her. The smell of male testosterone filled Cat's nose as a hunger in her body rose.

“Get off me.” She growled this time with more voice than the last. In her eyes, 'Ski could read a darkness that made him let go. For an instant, she had been afraid of what he had done, afraid of being held down. It was something that, in all the fights they had ever had, and as many times as they had ended up in this position before, he had never seen before. His partner, wife, friend was indeed losing control, but not just on the monster within. She was losing control of the woman with out.

“Babe.” He called, but she had already taken one last longing look toward her captain before starting toward the bridge, leaving behind a trail of blood from the nose that should have already healed. --------------------------------

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Thursday, May 22, 2008 9:48 AM


Fantastic!!! I can't wait to read the next installment... I hope its soon!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008 9:31 PM


>“Why? Let them kill each other. One of us can fly Serenity out of here.”

Wow, Zoe's hard! Not too sure about Cat and 'Ski getting into a fight at quite that precise moment, although I do understand why he initiated it.

And it's ominous that Cat's nosebleed isn't stopping. Something to do with her control slipping? Perhaps it's more conscious than she thought ...

Thursday, May 22, 2008 10:44 PM


Yeah that is ominous. She's gonna need all of the SerpentBeast if she's gonna fight Falcon.
Lovin' it.


Friday, May 23, 2008 1:56 AM


Mmm, pretty ominous that nose bleed and Cat's fading control is a worry. I can understand Zoe's point of view but they really need to get the *diyu* out of there while they still have the option. Can't wait for more! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, May 25, 2008 1:15 PM


I particularly enjoyed the Reaver chow comment!!! Hi-larious! And tense all at the same time. Lovely.


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