Breaking Even
Friday, May 23, 2008

part twenty eight, wow, have we really come this far?!...thanks to all the people that comment and to those who are reading...I appreciate you all taking the time out to let me in your world...thanks also to Werzbowski for reading each chapter even when I tell him I will give him a break and for helping me to get his character just right...on with the show...Cat breaks even?


Breaking Even based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

By the time they were free of the complex and headed to the closest planet for refuel and supplies, Simon had removed the bullet from Mal and he was stable for the time being. Not completely out of the woods, though, and that scared Cat.

She had sat with him until her stomach had basically begun finding other things to digest, these being her lining, and backbone. River had volunteered to sit with Mal so she could at least find an apple or stale biscuit from the kitchen.

Pale lights cast shadows as her mouth watered, the hard tack reminding her of the war. Something in the air made her stiffen as she found her voice. “You gonna use that gun, Zoe or just stand and point it at me all day?”

Mal's second in command simply drew back the hammer. “Depends on you, Cat . Got your blood lust satisfied for a bit, but for how long.” The warrior woman skipped a beat before continuing. “You act like you did in that village and I will kill you, whether the captain wants me to or not.”

“I respect that.” Cat turned so she could face her, the dark skinned beauty always distrusting of her. “I'm glad someone else besides 'Ski can.”

Zoe lowered the gun, the hammer clicking slightly as it returned to a safe place. “Just so you understand me.” She turned to leave, but stopped. “How did you know it was me?”

“I can still smell the War on you as well as Mal. Gunpowder and explosives used to slaughter families and friends. Burnt flesh and blood from kids who should have been getting their first kiss instead of their final bullet.” Her eyes had turned dark again, and she spoke again. “How much did you see?”

“Can still hear the screams and see the women running to protect their children.” Zoe turned away from her, blinking a stray tear from her eye. “I can remember bits of the war, our battles. Can recall a lot of it, but that night, that's like It happened yesterday.”

“But you never told him.”

“He loves you. Even after you left.”

“Zoe, I'm sorry you had to live through that.” Cat wasn't sure how else to put it.

“Guess it's your nature. Just wished we had known before we hid there.” She disappeared within the shadows, leaving Cat to the hum of Serenity.

*** *** ***

“Cat?” Mal woke, his body numb from the doctor's implement of pain killers.

“Hi there, bao bei.” She smiled, kissing the hand she had been holding.

“Where is everyone?”

“Simon and Kaylee are working over the ship, making sure they ain't anything else wrong with her. Zoe and Jayne are taking inventory of some new weapons I smuggled in. Inara was here a bit ago, but went to her shuttle to sleep. River and 'Ski are piloting this fine ship.” Cat had still not quite forgiven her partner. In fact, expect for directions out of the Academy, she had not talked to him.

“And you've been here.”

“Mostly. I did have to pee once or twice.” She smiled as he grinned, then coughed a bit. “We win?!”

“Ya.” She lied, though they had won the first bit, it was the next bit to go that worried her.

“And you're still here?”

“Not going anywhere.” Her lips touched his lightly.

“That's nice. Night, Cat.” He whispered as his body slipped back in unconsciousness.

“Good night, my captain.” Cat muttered as she leaned back in the chair again, the flavor of his lips still evident on hers.


“Closest planet I found is Santo.” 'Ski emerged from the catwalk to the bridge. He dropped down the stairs so he could stand beside Cat, who had been out stretching her legs. “So guess you and I could renew our vows.”

“Won't be there that long.” She muttered and then began to walk away. 'Ski's hand stopped her as she pulled away.

“You gonna pout forever?” he asked. “I mean you're about the only one I can talk to on this bloody vessel besides Little Bit and after two hours of her, I wonder if she's the sane one of all of us.”

“Guess you finally found a friend instead of a punching bag.”

“That's not fuckin' fair, Babe. I needed you for once and you were too worried about Mal that getting us out of your nightmare was priority two.” He looked into her eyes. “At least, I'm not afraid of you, unlike most of this crew.”

“Do you talk to all your wives this way?.” She sneered, walking toward the back of ship to get away from him. Unfortunately, 'Ski followed, something he and she both did to the other all the time. If they were fighting, it was imperative that they made up. Anger at each other was a distraction neither needed.

“I know you're worried about him. Can't say that I understand, but I do know. What I need you to do is be with me when I ask you. This is something neither of us can do alone.”

“Please. You're off at Santo anyway.” She snapped at him. “I have to find out how to control this and I need to know what they want Little Bit for, but those are my problems. As far as I'm concerned, we're even.”

He studied her for a second before he shook his head. “The day we're even, Wife, we'll both be dead.”

“Mean to say you're comin' with us?” Cat's eyes melted into the normal soft green he found beautiful.

“Be the idea.” He smiled at her, his partner. “But, if I happen to kill Kaylee before we get there...”

“Sooo won't hold it against you.” Her full mouth split in a wide grin. “You realize there's no reward in this. No money and we both might just lose our lives and the lives on this ship.”

'Ski seldom used her name, one he said it reminded him too much of where she came from and what she was, the other was simply he liked calling her Babe or whatever else seemed to suit him at that time. He only used her name when he wanted her full attention, like now. “Cat, I can count on my one hand the times you have needed me. Wanted me to come for fun so we could have an extra story to laugh at when we're old and gray, sure, but truly needed me..well, ya get my point.”

“Getting sentimental in your old age?” She teased to swallow the tears that seemed to have formed with the lump in her throat.

“Nah. Just an excuse to get on your good side and you know me. We meet your other half and there's going be a bloody gunfight.”

“Such a sweet talker.” She placed on hand on his arm. “Thanks.”

“Answer me one question, though.” He stated before she turned to go back to Mal's side. “Why me?”

“Because you said yes.”

“Is that it?” She smiled and remembered a time before. “Does there have to be more?”

“No, there doesn't.” He grinned and then spoke again. “We'll need to stock up on ammo in Santo.”

“Get on the horn and see if you can get a hold of Gecko. I know it's short notice, but tell him it's an emergency.” Cat and 'Ski were back to business as usual. “I'll talk to Zoe and see if she knows of anyone else that might provide us with some bigger guns.”

“Always liked bigger guns.” He grinned as he headed back toward the bridge. Halfway up the stairs, he leaned over the rail and called down to her. “If Geck doesn't agree right away, can I threaten his manhood a bit?”

“I knew I married you for a reason.” She smiled before resuming her place as Mal's guardian angel.


* As if i have to say please and thank you!!


Friday, May 23, 2008 4:15 AM


I think I'm falling in love with Cat and Ski! They make an amazing couple, and it seems Cat may almost love Ski, but Mal will always have her heart... It seems we hardly ever see the other characters, and its allowing you to develop Ski and Cat very well. I like the way this is going... please keep it coming!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008 11:51 AM


Hey, great to have another chapter so quickly after the last one. Love how this is shaping up but hope the other crew members don't remain in the shadows. Makes it feel like they are on a ghost ship rather than Serenity at times. Loved Zoe making sure Cat understood what she was prepared to do if need be. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Friday, May 23, 2008 5:53 PM


Wow, you is workin' mighty fast. And I like it. I love Ski and Cat and I know you do as well, but maybe can we see a little more of everyone else-if ya have room that is?

Saturday, May 24, 2008 6:18 PM


As if I need to say it... you write amazingly... I enjoy cat's character emensly...


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