Fork in the Road
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

part thirty....thanks to all who are here and all rock....Cat meets fork...


Fork in the Road ------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Somewhere in the depths of space.....

The room was bathed in the shelter of darkness, the only light coming from a small lamp on the large desk, which stood in the middle of the room. The wooden door opened to reveal a small man, his hands shaking as he approached the occupant of the desk. Smoke forced upward by the solitary fan in the ceiling hovered for a second as it dispersed.

“You wanted to see me, Sir.” His voice squeaked as he talked and jumped when the one he was addressing cleared his throat.

“Am I to understand that we have lost Project Cat 1313 again, Alfred?”

“Yes, Sir.” Alfred frowned.

“And is Cat still traveling with the other one, the one it recovered from us?”

“Yes, Sir. They are on the firefly transport called Serenity.”

“Malcolm Reynolds' ship. We should have killed him when we had the chance. Damn operatives can't be counted on for anything.”

“Yes, Sir. We have established a location on Cat, though. It will be landing in Santo within the next six hours.”

“Has the serum been recovered from Green's office?” Alfred nodded and then held up one of the vials of purple liquid. His boss laughed. “That will slow it down considerably.”

“It strips it of the weapon's 'other' abilities, as Green said it would and will make Cat easy to wound...”

“And even easier to kill. I want your troops armed with this. Needles filled to the brim. Tell them to use it as soon as they get a bead on Cat.”

“Do you want it killed, Sir?”

“No, unless they have to. The other one could pose a threat as well. How long ago was Cat given the antidote?”

“Its last injection was seven months ago. Next one should have been given a month ago.”

“Good. It won't take long for it to lose complete control.”

“Won't that be dangerous?!”

“Only if you're within biting range.”

“So what do I tell my men? How do they track it on a planet like Santo?”

“Follow the dead. Tell them to follow the dead.” His mouth opened as a laugh like one issued from the throat of the Devil echoed through the room.

* * *

Cat leaned against one side of the orange couch, a book in her one hand. It was some kind of mystery about a man by the name of Sherlock and his partner, Watson. She had read several things in the Academy, mostly about weapons and styles of fighting. Some of her monitors added biographies on the great minds they thought she should read about, like Hitler and Stalin. Thankfully, most of those she used to prop up her bed or to beat the guards over the head when they came too close to her. This was either and she found herself excited to read the next chapter. A clearing throat stopped her as she met the eyes of Simon. He looked tired, and at first, she thought about telling him to get some sleep, but Cat could tell he had something on his mind.”Need something?”

“I wanted to apologize.” His voice was hushed and hard to hear.

“For what? Saving Mal?”

The doctor chuckled a bit at that one. “No, for refusing to help you when I should of and for...”

“Feeling like you did.” Cat read through his thoughts, not like they were hard to understand. “Anyone else in your place would have. She's your sister.”

“But, it didn't excuse my behavior. It made me feel like one of them.”

“That, my friend, you are definitely not.” She placed a hand on his shoulder. “Any one of us in that place would have killed for someone to care like you do for your sister. Besides, I agreed with you.”

“What?” Simon looked at her, bewildered.

“I was to blame and I am a monster.” She smiled a bit. “If it makes you feel better though, I forgive you.”

“Hey, Cat,” She heard Mal call her and it meant another few hours before she could finish her book.

“Coming.” She yelled back and excused herself from the doctor. He smiled at her gently, still not sure he believed her, but satisfied with their conversation. Simon still wanted to study her, but for some reason, his feelings for her as a person were beginning to out way the curiosity of the doctor.

She found Mal and 'Ski together in the infirmary, the captain mostly on his feet, but still not allowed up the steps. Simon had said he would remove the few stitches before they got off on Santo and Mal couldn't wait.

“If it's not my husband and my lover,” she laughed, but neither even smiled. Maybe they didn't find it funny, though she couldn't understand why. Instead, Mal handed her a printed piece of paper that made both her men frown.

“Attention Alliance Loyal planets...Firefly class transport Serenity captained by Malcolm Reynolds should be allowed to land. DO NOT approach or try to detain them. Call your local Alliance ship and report their whereabouts. Danger: they contain the property of th Academy and its affiliates.” On the paper were pictures of River and her.

“How we going to get around this?” 'Ski asked as Cat shook her head.

“I might have an idea.” Mal spoke as he reached for the mike on the wall. “Albatross, I need you to get Jerry on the line pronto. See if we can park our boat under his covering. Tell 'im I'm cashing in on that favor he owes me.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Cat wrapped an arm around Mal and smiled. “Knew I kept you for a reason.”

“Doesn't get us out of the woods, yet. You're not exactly hard to spot. Red hair and green eyes.” Mal ran his fingers through her silky hair. “I can fix that. The hair at least.” She smiled, but 'Ski looked at her strangely.

“If I remember right, the last time we did that, your hair changed back as soon as your beast popped up.”

“Then, I'll just have to keep her down.” Cat tossed a look at her partner, hoping he'd leave any other information he had on her to himself. She might be losing control, but no one else needed to know that.

“You're gonna have to.” Mal stated, breaking the tension. “More attention to ourselves means more for both you and River. Not sure I am wantin' to deal with that mess.”

“You won't have to deal with it too long.” River frowned from the door.

“Who's flyin' the ship?” 'Ski asked, but River just kept her eyes on Cat.

“Serenity knows where she's going, but do you?”

“River, I...” Cat had never had anyone read her thoughts and predict her future moves like this 'sister' she had acquired.

“What's she saying, Cat?” Mal joined the inquiry as 'Ski cussed sharply and ran off toward the unmanned bridge.

“I can't risk you or this ship. You know that, River.”

“He's to be my mate. I should at least get to decide whether I want him dead or not.”

“What mate?” Simon entered followed by Kaylee. The infirmary was suddenly getting crowded and Cat felt trapped.

“My mate.” River turned to all present and announced. “The mate designed for Cat, but she messed up when she went with Mal so they made me for him.” The reader spun to see Cat and then flipped back to the group. “His name is Falcon.”

“River, he's not your mate. Unlike you, he's a monster.”

“And I am...” She glared at Cat, her eyes harsh and a bit scary.

“You are scared and confused...” Simon went to grab her, but the young girl leaped up on to the hospital table.

“No, Simon, I want to hear what Cat has to say.” River stated her eyes never leaving Cat's. “Am I like you?”

“Yes, just not as bad, not as much a monster, but still dangerous.”

“I want to learn control. I want answers. I want what you do. Why would you leave me here on the ship and not give me the same thing?” River's eyes held tears, but like Cat, she controlled them as they never found purchase on her face.

“Because I wanted to protect you.” She whispered before cutting a path through the group of strangers to make her way to a safe place, somewhere no one could get but her. As she climbed the steps toward Mal's room, the large bright lights caught the shine off her partially exposed fangs and glowing eyes.

Her nose breathed deep as she picked up the blood and sweat smell of her partner, the belly beginning to burn. She could also pick up Mal's scent, a sensual mix of healing ointment and rich musk making her want him as much. Half in one world, the other in helluva fork in the road..... ----------------------------------

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:48 PM


Oooops, things are unravelling a bit fast for Cat and our Big Damn Heroes are really being put between a rock and a hard place. Don't like the sound of that serum the troops will be carrying to take her down. Not sure how they are going to handle this one so hope the next chapter is up soon, my friend, *dong ma*? Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:22 PM


I love this, it seems like the calm before the storm... brilliant! I am really looking forward to seeing who Cat ends up with, and where she ends up...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 3:52 PM


Travelling headlong into the end of everything, into the last effort gasp to find the truth.
I'm loving this fanfic! Thanks commenting on mine!

Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:28 AM


can't play my 'viva el santo' record now without thinking of this fic!:)

Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:13 AM


Phew! I finally caught up =) Cat is a very interesting character and so is Ski! #######################

Keep flying ;)

Saturday, May 31, 2008 5:15 PM


Another good exchange 'twixt Cat and River. Dare I wonder what's gonna happen when they land under this Jerry fella's umbrellas?

Seems typically cold and impersonal of the Alliance to keep referring to Cat as 'it', and to use history's most psychotic dictators as an instructional reference. She's read her share of Shan-Yu, I've no doubt.


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