Best Laid Plains
Friday, May 30, 2008

part 32...thanks to all who read and make my day....I am just glad I can share Cat's story with you all....anyway, Cat doth seek...


Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and Cats

------------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Cat was hunting, her nose to the wind as she smelled for the prey, a mixture of sandalwood and engine grease and whatever else might have found its way on to the one she was hunting. Her bare feet stepped daintily and silently as the blowing wind carried with it the fresh smell of promised success. With a bound off the large bed that stood in the center of the room, she tore open the curtains as a giggling River burst forth, Cat hot on her heels.

They raced out the door and along the hall, dodging patrons and employees alike. If they noticed the glares and harsh whispers bursting forth, the two paid it no mind. Down the stairs, the women sailed taking them two at a time while men called for them to slow. Instead, River flew over the couch in the lobby with Cat no more than a breath behind her. Into the lounge, they ran, jumping over tables and chairs like a pair of school girls out for recess.

River's target was in sight as she barreled toward it, the empty chair next to where Mal and 'Ski were having a drink. Both looked toward the on coming females and just shook their heads. Cat, her legs slightly longer than River's, got ahead of the young girl, stopping dead in front of the chair. Letting herself fall back, her left leg caught her as the chair ceased to be.

With a smile and a giggle, River looked down at Cat, her bottom firmly planted in the object she had just swept away. Cat grinned up at her and shook her head. "Little sisters are sure brats."

"I'll say." Simon laughed as he walked in with Kaylee by the hand. He ruffled River's hair as she dodged it before looking to Cat again.

"Guess I hide again." She grinned wild and took off back up the stairs. Cat just pushed herself up right and licked the barely exposed fangs that seemed unwilling to go back.

"Guess I seek."


She stood in his door, her chest heaving as the deep green eyes glowed. His mouth moved to ask her what she wanted, but instead she came in, her long bare legs flexing with each step. As she passed him, he could hear her breathe deep and exhale slowly. Her tongue rang across her long bared fangs as she growled with an animal passion. "You smell delicious."

Unable to stop himself, 'Ski closed the door as Cat pounced on him, her lithe body pressing into his while she let her tongue lick the base of his neck. He grasped her shoulders as she hissed at him, his lips falling to her neck as he bit her. A moan escaped her mouth, but instead of continuing, 'Ski pushed her away.

"Why are you doing this?" he spoke, walking over so he had some distance on her, but the beast paced toward him.

She was dressed in almost nothing. A pair of shorts that barely covered her long legs and a tank top that could easily be ripped off, something he was seriously thinking of doing. Cat smiled, exposing her fangs as she answered. "Like you don't know." Her laugh both sadistic and sexy followed her as she pushed him to the bed, their bodies dropping and her legs straddling him. Long nails tore at his shirt to expose his chest as she let her fangs sink into his neck. He growled as his body rolled her over, the reaction one she had not only wanted but hoped for. His strong hands pulled at her thin shirt, the fabric ripping and falling from her muscular abdomen. Silky skin greeted him, but more than that, were the scars mapped across it. He let his fingers trace them as she spoke. “No one has ever scarred me. Not when they shot me, beat me..not one mark. I was always perfect, until I met you.”

His questioning look caused her to laugh. “I rescued you from your nightmare and then you rescued me from mine. Stopped me from killing you and I gave you those scars.” Her hand pressed against his chest as she felt the heart pounding underneath. Long gashes showed through the tan skin, scars from a near death experience. “You made me taste my own blood that day, when you kissed me and it mingle with yours. Left your mark and that no one has done since.”

“Is this got to do with Inara? Fuck me 'cuz Mal is hot for that companion..”

“That bitch has nothing to do with this.” She threw him off of her and rolled to the floor, a beautiful woman turned monster. He could tell now as he studied her, she was hunting him and that the true Cat had lost complete control. “And love has even less to do with it.”

Her hand reached for the knife on his night stand as it flew to knock out the light. Bathed in darkness, the only thing visible were the green glowing eyes of Cat, her scent so sweet and so filled with lust it was overwhelming to the darkness he carried. “Now, find me and mark me again.”

Twisting, she let her body go, working completely on instinct as she felt the strong arms of her partner wrapped around her. Nails raked across his chest, the feel of wetness a sign she had drawn blood. He shook under her as the long bare legs rubbed against his inner thighs and groin, her hands traveling to his back as she arched her back exposing the white of her neck in true submission.

'Ski could feel the pulse under her skin on her neck and his teeth bit into it as she gasped, the sensation of blood running from the wound making her want him more. His hands gripped the top of her shorts as he pulled her tighter to him, the scent of his body causing the burn in her belly to travel down as she bit into his neck, the sweet taste of him running over her mouth. This was about pure lust and the want of a perfect mate, one that understood her, not the woman, but the beast.

“You're killing me, Babe.” He muttered as his lips ventured across her bloody skin. “But, your smell, your taste...”

Cat growled as she licked his chest, the coppery taste of his blood held more than your average human and it also made her craved the taste of it more. He threw her against the wall, his arm bracing her neck as he kissed her deeply, the long fangs digging into his mouth as well as hers, tongues teasing , pouring blood from both. He pulled away from her as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, licking the taste of him from her bloody mouth.

“All of you...” He spoke, the thoughts of what they could do to each other racing through his mind, damning himself for possibly ruining the best night of both of their lives. “When all of you wants this, wants me... then Babe, there will be no demon in hell or angel in heaven that will stop me from taking you, but until then, I really need to take a shower.” He leaned to her one last time to taste of her lips and her blood, before releasing her. His tired legs carried him to the bathroom, cussing with each step as he went.

A smile split his face though, the door of the bathroom shutting as the blade from his knife that had doused the light embedded itself into the door. It helped that he wasn't the only one slightly frustrated with this mess.

Why had she attack him like she did? The last time it had even kind of gone down this path was after she had saved him from his own nightmare, where she had to use her beast to free him and he, in turn, had to stop her from tearing apart a bunch of kids. 'Ski had kissed her, after she had ripped through his skin, not quite knowing what else to do. Her fangs had cut him and her, the blood of both of them mixing as they swallowed. Strangely, it was one of the only moments in their relationship that seemed to crop up in his darkest dreams.

Blood dripped on the floor as he started the shower, its cold water bringing reality back and washing the blood to the drain. The wounds were already healing, not as quick as Cat's when she was in full control, but within a day, he would have only scars there. His eyes stared at his hands as her words filled his head. He had scarred her, marked her, and they had been in scraps that should have given her far worse marks. Why him?!

The water stopped as he reached for the towel drying his body and wrapping it around his waist. His hand touched the bump on the door before he proceeded out, the lights still out, but the bathroom light was enough in which to see.

Cat lay in the middle of his bed, completely curled up in a ball, blood covering the sheets as well as his walls and carpet. He smiled at her, the madness gone as he tossed the towel to a chair and tossed on a pair of boxers. Thankfully, he had been use to sleeping on the couch, since his partner could be known to take more than just her share of the bed. A knock shocked him though and as he reached the door, things were about to take a very interesting turn.

“Hey, 'Ski. Seen Cat lately?!” Mal stood, his hair slightly ruffled.

**** ***** *******

Cat woke with a start, her body covered in sweat, but she found no blood. Her hands dropped to her body, feeling for the new marks that 'Ski would have given her, but she only found the ones he had long before. Movement beside her caught her off guard as Mal reached up and placed a hand on her bared leg.

“Bad dream, Bao Bei?” he spoke groggily as she only nodded, still in shock at the severity of the images her mind had just played to her.

“Just a dream. Can't hurt ya none.” Mal patted her leg before falling back to sleep as Cat scanned the room yet again just to make sure she was where she needed to be. A noise caught her ears as another form moved among the discarded blankets at the foot of the bed.

A head filled with dark brown hair popped up and looked at her with tired eyes. “River? How did you get in here?”

“Picked the lock after you and Mal mated and were asleep.” The young girl looked at her with sad eyes. “Nightmares are getting worse.” Strangely, Cat wasn't sure if it was a question, statement, or both. She smiled down at her and rested a hand on River's back. “Why do you think I hate to sleep? In my sleep, I dream and dreaming is not what WE do.”

“I keep seeing them coming to get me.” Little sister cried as big sister pulled her into her arms. “They keep doing things that I don't want them to and touch me when I tell them to stop.”

“I promise you, mei mei, that will never happen.” She grabbed River's head gently and made her look into her eyes, the girl's face lit by their glow. “I will NEVER let them take you from me.”

“Using the word never in a statement raises the probability of it happening by 75%.” River grinned, her perfectly white teeth appearing green.

“You always this smart, Little Bit.” River beamed even brighten at Cat's use of the name 'Ski had given her. “I have my moments.” She giggled, but threw her hand over her mouth as not to waken Mal.

A slight knock on the door made both look as River whispered. “Stinky man.”

“Maybe you should find him a new nickname, huh?” Cat smiled heading toward the door as she opened it a crack. 'Ski stood outside, his chest bare and a pair of ragged pants hung from his harden hips. He had been sweating and the same look as she had had earlier reflected on his face.

“Dream, right?” he spoke, panting a bit as if he had just run around the hotel before ending up at her door.

Cat nodded as it began to dawn on her they had, in fact, probably shared the same dream. He relaxed a bit and breathed deep before continuing.

“Just checking.” He smiled in relief before walking back toward his room. “Now I really need that shower.”

Cat gently pushed the door closed before turning back toward the bed. River sat on its end and looked dead into her eye's. Her voice was a harsh whisper as she spoke. “I found his new nickname.” Cat smiled trying hard to lighten the mood as she sat next to her sister. “And what would that be?”

River's eyes looked almost blank as she spoke, a chill that ran down Cat's spine before ending in a dark statement. “Reaver...”


* I's appreciates my readers and loves those who comment and leave feedback......

*Find out why River calls 'Ski a Reaver in "Project Domestication" by Werzbowski. It is another backstory and a very very good one.


Friday, May 30, 2008 10:18 AM


I loved that scene with the beast of them both finally escaping, yet in a moment of lust they tore into each other with the taste for blood. Made me think things, spun me about you could say. I always enjoy you're scenes between River and Cat the most, something about the sibling bond being made purely because of trauma of the past. AMAZING.

Saturday, May 31, 2008 1:51 AM


Oh crumbs! I am however incredibly relieved that Cat was dreaming that feral mating with 'Ski rather than cheating on Mal. But oh, boy, things can unravel fast if she is not careful. And River, not sure what is happening there but I got a chill when her new nickname for 'Ski was Reaver. Another exciting, action packed chapter my friend. Keep up the good work, Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Saturday, May 31, 2008 7:33 AM


I'm glad it was a dream too. Not because of the heating thing. I think Cat should just have herself two men and call it good. But of course two alpha males might not like that... More's the pity. Love the interaction with Cat and River. River finally has someone who understands her instead of trying to keep her manageable. It's believeable and flows well. Like it alot!


Saturday, May 31, 2008 7:36 AM


I'm glad it was a dream too. Not because of the heating thing. I think Cat should just have herself two men and call it good. But of course two alpha males might not like that... More's the pity. Love the interaction with Cat and River. River finally has someone who understands her instead of trying to keep her manageable. It's believeable and flows well. Like it alot!


Saturday, May 31, 2008 7:37 AM


I'm glad it was a dream too. Not because of the heating thing. I think Cat should just have herself two men and call it good. But of course two alpha males might not like that... More's the pity. Love the interaction with Cat and River. River finally has someone who understands her instead of trying to keep her manageable. It's believeable and flows well. Like it alot!


Saturday, May 31, 2008 11:04 AM


Each new chapter brings a new twist and turn... I'm about to read Project Domestication, but part of me doesn't want to, River's new nickname for Ski scares me!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008 9:46 PM


Good stuff. Actually, I quite like Joly's idea of Cat having both men ... she's certainly got the energy for two!


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