What Doesn't Kill Us
Monday, June 2, 2008

part 34....thanks to all of you for reading and commenting...pease leave a here goes...Beast gets shot


What Doesn't Kill Us based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Gecko was waiting. It had been a bad week, profits were low and he needed a serious pay off to keep in business. A call saved his life and once he completed this transaction, he'd have more than enough to keep running for a few months anyway. Maybe he would take a vacation.

His lackeys around him seemed a bit anxious, but who wouldn't be when they all knew Cat, the one who had taken his right arm was heading for them. Werzbowski was with her and everyone feared that pair, especially with the rumors that flew around about them both being genetic experiments. God, he was not looking forward to this meeting, but at least, he'd make some money.


The beast took strides equal to two of Jayne's human steps so the group had a hard time catching up. 'Ski stayed near the front, in case it reneged on the deal. Mal walked next to River, the girl a little squirrelly even since his lover turned animal. In a way, a very strange and slightly disturbing way, she was a bit sexy as this beast, but not enough to allow his guard to slip.

Her mind was going wild with the smells of blood, flowing over muscles; hearts, beating quickly with fear of what was in front of them. Oh, why had she made this deal with that creature, the reaver turned back to human. She had liked him as a Reaver, even fought to win the hand so she could face him. Granted, that episode might not have ended the way the human sides of them wanted, but damn it would have been fun.

Her nose got a whiff of something on the wind as she passed through the shadow of a low building. Joints and bones contorted with a sickening sound, the one that emerged from the shadow was a human. Mal walked over, but 'Ski grabbed him. “It's Cat, damn you. Let me go before we lose her again.”

“No, Mal. You're wrong.” He spoke gently wanting her to return to so he wouldn't have to come through with the deal, but as she turned, her eyes spoke volumes.

“Coming?” she growled, the same voice as before only issuing from the lips of Cat, a wicked grin spread wide her fanged teeth. Mal looked back at 'Ski and sighed.

“How'd you know that it wasn't Cat and still that thing that's got a hold of her?”

“Dealt with her before. The beast is good at giving you what you want. It's one of her traps to get you in close, before she strikes.” He actually laughed a bit.

“Thing ain't a she. She is the one underneath, the one I want back.”

“Strange how a man who claims he loves her can call her a thing. That beast is part of her whether you like it or accept it or not. But, call her a thing one more time and we'll have a problem.”

“Well, excuse the hell out of me, fifteen minutes ago, she was still human.” Mal argued, the safety of his crew a serious issue now.

“She still is and you're excused.” 'Ski growled and walked past him so he flanked Cat's other half. In a way, he didn't blame the captain at his thoughts. It shocked the hell out of him the first time she changed into the beast, but at the time, they both needed her to. Being surrounded by a hundred hired men because you saved a town isn't all that it was cracked up to be and without the 'beast', they would have been as good as dead. He just wished afterwards, the monster hadn't turned on to him. That was one helluva fight, as one of his ribs ached in memory.

“I smell Alliance.” She spoke to him as he looked around the dark alley.

“Probably all around this area. You know Gecko. He can be a real trouble magnet.” For a second, he forgot he wasn't talking to Cat, but to the beast, who chuckled at his mistake. “Getting comfortable with me, huh?” She sneered, but he had no time to responded. They had rounded the corner and entered Gecko's territory. It was like the throne room of a king, garbage piled high on both sides of old speeder's and dead ship pieces. If Kaylee had been with, she probably would have started crying. Chains ran along the floor like some sick form of the red carpet with men and women lined along the debris as his subjects.

“Approach me.” He called out, his one arm human and the other a crude robotic double. The beast chuckled a bit and motioned for the others to remain near the door, a fast escape from this place for them meant they would still be in perfect condition for if and when she wanted to kill them. They were after all, HERS.

'Ski fell in place beside her, a nod to Gecko as they stood before him, weapons and ammo spread out like kills on display. The man was a lot more built than the last time they had had the pleasure of his company and Cat couldn't help but sniff the smell of enhancing drugs pouring through his body.

“So, Cat and 'Ski, been a very long time.” He rubbed at the metal arm as he cast a glance between the two having no idea exactly what Cat was at the minute.

“Not long enough.” 'Ski stated as he leaned over to inspect the cargo.

“Haven't gotten paid, yet, besides, you two are worth more to me...” He smiled wide as Cat's nose filled with the scent of soldiers, ones coming out from the ship parts and from the crowds surrounding Gecko. He had in his hand a roll of money. Feeling quite cocky, he moved off his chair and walked down to stare Cat in the face. Waving the money in front of her face, his eyes widened in horror as the woman grabbed it from him and punched him with a clawed hand right through his gaping mouth. Blood flowed cleanly over the money as the man dropped to the ground, his face to holding that look.

Turning, 'Ski grabbed up several of the guns sliding them as best he could over the floor to Mal, Zoe, and Jayne. River ran with knife in hand to the nearest guard and caught him around the neck. It was then they all opened fire.

Cat stared at the oncoming bullets as they weaved around her, unafraid. Reaching to the ground, she wrapped her hands around two of the chains and dragging them up to circle around her. They were only about seven feet in length, but it was seven feet of pure metal horror. In a voice that echoed across the gunfire, she screamed to her team. “Duck!”

Like a spinning fan, the chains went to work becoming extensions of her arms, slicing off armor and making the odds more even. Occasionally, they would remove a head or gun, but mostly they evened the odds. To the point, Cat could see them winning this one.

As her chains dropped down, starting to melt from the high heat of striking armor, half of the troops were down from bullets and blades that were held by the crew and 'Ski. The other half was showing signs of retreating and they probably would have, if reinforcements had not arrived barely a familiar substance in their jackets.

Cat smelt the serum and as she jumped toward the first guard, her body transformed before she made contact. With fangs, she tore open his throat, spilling blood and throwing the vials he carried so that they broke against the wall. One, though, found a body to cushion it, the needle in it in tact.

Mal watched as she did what the beast did best, hunt and kill like the animal she was. Claws ripped flesh off quivering limbs and fangs tore through jugulars like they were nothing. She cared nothing for what it did to them or did she care who was killed. Some of the men she attacked were only there because Gecko had asked them to be.

How could he ask this thing to come back to his ship? This beast could at any time tear through his crew and he would have no way of stopping it. Her partner would be of no help, he thought she was still human when like this. A head rolled to his feet as he tried hard to not feel sorry for the man to whom it belonged, a purple scrap of uniform still stuck to the ripped flesh.

Screams issued out of their mouths as Zoe was reminded of the village, her hand on the large shotguns she had gleamed from Cat's partner. It was stronger enough to probably take down a decent horse so this beast shouldn't be a problem for it to wound. She knew it and after the troops were gone, it would turn on them, had it not been an hour ago, it was ready to do just that.

Jayne was having one damn good time, he hadn't seen so much blood since the time River had taken on the Reavers, and guts, well, he had never seen as much as were flying around right now. He laughed as he ducked again, a liver from some poor fool splattering against the metal door they had come in from.

River was in a killing mood to, mostly being fed from the beast's mind. She swung the large blade she had found on one of the guards as blood covered her body and men fell around her. They all carried a purple liquid, it having something to do with tranquilizing Cat and as she killed another, her hand grabbed a vial just in case. After all, with thoughts she had seen when she tried to help her sister control, this would not end well once the body count had dwindled and it was doing that fast.

The beast was now covered in blood and fully enjoying the blood lust coursing through its veins, but suddenly, there were no more bodies, but the few she had come with. She had made a deal with 'Ski, but would it be so bad to kill just one of them. The big muscle one that liked guns seemed to the least liked or at least that was the way it seemed sometimes. One little bite and then maybe she would think of stopping.

Jayne wasn't sure what had switch the beast, but suddenly, she was striding toward him and she was looking quite hungry. Her body was hypnotizing though, her limbs like liquid mercury as she jumped to pounce on him. River met her in the air as she drove the needle into her neck, the serum pouring through her veins. It would have saved them both if just at the same time, a shot hadn't caught Cat in the ribs, causing her to drop and slide across the ground. Zoe's gun was still smoking.

The transformation was like water as she began to shrink back into the real Cat. Her breathing was labored as the huge bleeding wound stayed where it was, the serum taking her healing power. 'Ski pushed everyone away as he bent to looked at her wound.

“ Husband,” she whispered, her voice restored back to its softness.

“Shhhh.” He stated. “Let your body repair.”

“It won't. Serum takes power. Must rely on Simon.”

“You're fucking kidding me.” He stood and looked to River and then to Zoe. Sighing, the enraged man gently rolled Cat's body into his arms and lifted her. Mal walked over to take her, but 'Ski gave him a look that could bloody well kill.

“Deal with your crew. It seems the only thing you all care about.” He growled. “Besides, if she doesn't die, we'll need those guns and if she does, you better pray.”

“Is that a threat?” Mal growled.

'Ski got as close to his face as he could and whispered in a harsh voice. “She's the only reason I put up with your shit and if she dies, Captain, that threat won't be just that.”

He then, turned as Jayne opened the door and carried his wife out into the shadows leaving Mal and the crew to either regret or justify what actions they had just taken to -------------------------------------------

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Monday, June 2, 2008 2:25 PM


Feedback fills your heart with love for us, eh? How do we know it doesn't inspire you to tear out our throats? ;)

Kiddin'. Wow - what a fight scene. It's always something with that woman-panther-gone-wrong-thing....wonder how she's going to pull out of this one? Or if she's going to pull out at all?

Monday, June 2, 2008 4:54 PM


Ai ya. That was amazing. It pumped me up for a fight and I'm just sitting here reading. I love my action, you know that. I think this is getting good, now 'Ski and Mal are shifting from at least allies to ready to tear each other's throats out.

Monday, June 2, 2008 9:48 PM


Zoe's action was totally justified. She didn't know River had the serum, and she'd promised. Mal's reaction is spot on, too. He has to think of his crew, even if his heart says differently. So there's to be a 'Ski v. Mal showdown, is there? Bring it on!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 2:01 PM


Brilliant, hopefully this time I will be able to post my comment. The more unwrapped Cat becomes the more I think she should stay with 'Ski, they have more in common with each other than anyone else and I am worried if she stays with Mal she will end up hurting or killing him. Lots of tension mounting and looking forward to the next part. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Saturday, June 7, 2008 10:17 AM


Been without net access for FAR too long... I see I've missed a few chapters.. Will keep reading, tho Ski is warming my heart even more! (Reminds me of my husband-to-be)... :-D


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