Still Small Voice
Thursday, June 12, 2008

part 41...thanks to all of you wonderful people...some of the best I know...only loan here would be 'Ski and I thank him always for the use....please support your local fanfic writer and read some of my riders' works, they so rock....anyways...Cat finds life...


Still Small Voice ------------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Dawn had come as the once silent sun crested over top the murky colored planet below. She stirred next to her lover, knowing full well they were here and here was where she did not want to be. His breath stirred her neck as Mal's lips brushed softly uopn her skin, but it did little to help the nerves that just would not be silent. Something was hunting her, seeking her and that something wanted everyone, but Cat on this ship to die.

A soft voice played with the light of her mind, a still voice, not bogged down by hatred of malice, but by a want of something so desired that it would risk being found by whatever was coming than stay hidden in the safety of the dark. 'Help me please.'

Cat's eyes flew open for it was not a voice she knew, nor a voice that could have come from the ship, rather a voice that had been issued from the very depths and heart of the place they were venturing into. Her mind painted a picture as the voice continued to call, a small child no more than eleven sat in a corner of some small room calling to whoever could hear. She had been tampered with and that alone made Cat growl, alone made her long fangs emerged where they should be dormant.

Mal must have felt her grow restless because he spoke in her ear like soothing cool water on a sunburn, soft and gentle teasing the hair on her neck. "We'll get him, Boa Bei."

"There's something more. I don't know, but someone wants to be found and I think that someone is a child, Mal, a small child."

The captain rose slightly propped with an elbow. "Are you sure? Not some trap that no good Hun dan got in line for you."

She had told him everything after her talk with 'Ski, her partner reminding her again and again that she would be in good hands. Mal had taken the news about as well, swearing on any and every god listening that he would end the man that had caused her such pain.

"No, Mal. This is something more. Something I just can't quite place. It's like when we found Jack's kids in the barn after the Alliance killed his wife and older son. I can feel her and I can sense her, but I would need to be close to find her."

“Maybe River could find her.”

“I'm not sure she can. I think this girl is using Falcon's link as a bit of a piggy back. She's quite smart for being so young.”

“How young you figure?”

“That's the problem. Her mental signature is about the strength of a ten or eleven year old.” She shook her head. “She reminds me of River. So much like River.”

Mal nuzzled her neck as she moaned into his hair. “We will get her out there and we will free you from this asshole and then finally maybe I will get a night alone with you and your thoughts, dong ma?”

“I'm sorry, my captain.”

“Never thought those two words would make me want you more.”

“Well, you are, aren't you?”

“Am I? First time you have actually admitted I was.”

“Must be feeling a bit generous then.” She smiled, but there was that hidden pain and worry flashing her green eyes.

“We'll get her, Cat. I promise. Just like we got Jack's kids out of that barn before it blew.”

“We did, but it cost their dad his life. What's it going to cost us?” She muttered quietly as the ship settled into orbit around the planet.


Seven and half years prior... give or take a month or too...

The radiant moon shone upon the ground like a smiling deity gazing at his fond creation. It was a small farm owned by Jack Reynolds, Mal's first cousin and supporter of all things brown. He had allowed their pack sanctuary and they in turn offered protection. Nearly all of them stayed in and around the barn, though Glenda, Jack's wife had told Cat and Zoe they could sleep in the house. Strangely. Zoe knew how to take the generosity offered, Cat on the other hand, wasn't quite sure about the barn let alone the house. Instead, the odd girl slept on the barn's roof, no one, not even Mal knew how she got there.

“So why did you chose me to scout with you?” she asked as Mal flipped the light around inspecting the animals as well as the nooks and crannies the stone fences hid. His face was filled with something she could not place and in the darkness, she had caught him stealing glances at her.

“You spot what others don't.” He turned the light off as they continued to walk, her nose filled with his distinct scent as well as the animals and farm smells. They had come to the ruins of a small stone shack, probably older than even the farm itself. Half of the walls were gone, but one stood firm as she leaned on it.

“Nothing out there, but lots of...nothing.” She smiled half heartily as her Sargent nodded.

“Good to know.”

“You got a good family. Jack being nice to us and all, letting us stay here.”

“He's always been nice.” It was odd how in the last few weeks their normal conversations had gotten harder and harder to read.

“Is there something on your mind, Sir?”

“Don't call me that.”

“What am I suppose to call you? You are my commanding officer.”

“No, I am not. Those back there are my men. They fight for a reason. Why do you?”

“Because I have no reason not to.” Cat didn't like where this was going. If he wanted to tell her to leave, why make her hate him, too. “Thought maybe you had by now. There's nothing stopping you from leaving and making a life for yourself.”

“True, but who's going to protect you from doing something stupid?” She laughed and was completely taken off guard when Mal kissed her.

“Like that?” He stared into her eyes, which he swore were glowing.

“Exactly like that.” Cat whispered with a graveled tone. “So would be equally stupid if I did it again?”

“Not stupid. Dangerous, daring, could get you killed, but definitely not stupid.”

“Good. Then you don't have to protect me.”

“No, you might need to....” His lips on hers interrupted the statement she had wanted to make, but then again, as the fire in her belly took over her thoughts, she wasn't quite sure what that was.

His hands fell to her clothes, the dark green button up shirt slowly dropping to the ground, followed by his. The smell of him was intoxicating, as her fingers searched for his bare skin. Pulling him closer to her, she let her tongue find purchase on his neck as he quivered under her seductive touch.

Her pants fell to the ground, not sure how they had gotten unbuttoned or his for that matter, but as he slammed her against the wall, the rough stone cutting into her shoulder and back, while the long supple legs wrapped tight around his body, she really didn't care. Instead, she felt his whole penetrate her, a soft moan escaping from her fanged mouth.

Cat resisted the urge to bite him as she willed her fangs to return to normal, but even as she did, the burn in her belly as he drove himself deeper and deeper in her made control even harder. His mouth fell to her chest, the very tongue moments before that had caressed hers was now circling her hard nipple and with a little bite, caused her to cry out in pure pleasure.

Unable to resist any longer, she bit into his shoulder, thankfully without fangs and then let her tongue lap at the wound. No blood was present, but the taste of him was enough to make her want of it more, his speed increasing as she felt the fire getting hotter and hotter. Moans and gasps turned into cries and screams, as she felt his warmness fill her. The horses around them stared as Mal lay his head against her heart, the rhythm of both almost equal.

“I have wanted to do that since the night I met you, Cat. Just never got a round to it until tonight.”

She ran a hand through his sweaty hair as she went to unwrap her legs, but Mal pulled them back to him. His lips kissed hers again, but with less force, exhaustion taking its toll on them both. “Think we better get back before we are missed, Sir.”

“Don't call me Sir. Everyone here calls me that. Be the one that still makes me human, not a killing machine.”

“I can respect that, Mal.” She slowly dropped from him, first lifting off as not to hurt him. Blood had run down her back, but the wounds she had received were already almost healed. In the dark, Mal didn't even notice. Silently they dressed as Cat handed him the rifle he had carried before kissing her.

“Does this change us?” she asked as he smiled at her, the blue eyes sparking.

“Anything we do changes the world around us, Cat. I'd say this changes everything.” He reached over to take her hand in his. “I'd hope for the better.”

She smiled. “I do, too.”

They began walking back toward the house as Cat took in the smells around her. Like a bad omen, the clean scent of Alliance troops filled her nose. They were close and it was only a matter of time before they struck. “Mal, we better run.”


*feedback welcome, appreciated, and is mandatory if you want to read the next chapter....ok, so maybe not exactly required, but I do love hearing what you all have to say. :))


Thursday, June 12, 2008 5:57 AM


like jane0904 your verse is becomin so well fleshed out that it's like watching a show from a parallel universe:)

the characters and relationships are developing very interestingly - and consistently.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 9:49 AM


WELL. A little more of my captain than I needed to see, but enough to make the story what it needed to be. AMAZING as always. Keep it up, I need that healthy boost that I get from reading your stuff.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 1:58 PM


It was good to have that flashback showing how Cat and Mal got together and their hopes for a better future. I'm worried about the child Cat senses, sounds like they have been doing to her what they did to River. There are some incredibly sick people in the 'verse and they need putting down. Can't wait for the next part! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, June 12, 2008 7:49 PM


Wha? OK, perhaps I should stop checking for these at the office. it could get a little embarassing! :) You weave an intricate tale! And now that we have all commented, you have to give us the next one! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008 2:23 AM


I'm glad you had Cat's and Mal's first coupling as something urgent, something needed. It was a nice contrast to the first section. But a child? Would it be beyond the realms of possibility that this child is actually Cat's somehow?


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