Paws for the Moment
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

part 45....almost done and then we can move on...thanks to all those special people that are riding and helping me write my story....anyway, Cat finds cat.....


Paws For the Moment ----------------------------------------------

based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

“Fifty thousand for the return of Cat 1313.” He walked with a gimp, one that made Cat smile since she had been the one who caused it, but the old warden just held out the money for her return, the guards surrounding her ready to take the chains from her men.

It was about time to act, the horses shifting a bit as Cat let her mind search the compound. She had heard her voice, a dark shadow over her mind, but where. 'Batha, if you are near, your help would be most appreciated.'

“Cat 1313, it's time we take you home.” The warden grinned with evil intent, his hand dropping to the electric whip at his side. His gimp lead hims toward just close enough for her to...her big stallion reared up, freeing himself from 'Ski hold on him and let his hooves come crashing down on the first few guards.

Mal and 'Ski released the chains swinging down from the saddles and sending the other horses running. A shotgun blast echoed through the air as one more guard hit the ground spreading blood over the sand. 'Ski only smiled and turned to yet another one.

The warden's hand were on the whip as Cat's chains wrapped around his neck, her others like protective snakes striking at anyone one who interfered. “”

“Not going happen. You'll alert the interior. They rely on you to warm them and since all your men will be busy out here with us, there will be no warning.”

“You maniacal bitch.” He called as she drew her chains closer together closing off the oxygen to his throat.

“You have no idea just how much pleasure this gives me. How many you used, how many you raped...” The warden's face began to turn blue as she let her lips split in a full fanged grin.

“Drop him or I will shoot you.” A voice behind her shouted, out of the way of the chains and far enough not to alert Mal and 'Ski, who were busy cleaning house. “One clean shot to the head, I've heard. And you got good ears so I know you hear me. Drop him or I end you now.”

She turned her eyes, glowing in rage and pure pleasure at the taste of revenge, and saw it was the gate guard from earlier, the one that she had promised would die before the night fell. “Big words for such a small man and I don't mean in height.”

“Nothing you can say will anger me. I've been trained to resist you.”

“Anger was not my aim at all.” She growled at him and tightened the grip on the warden, his life just about gone. “He deserves death as do you. So make your shot true. You'll only get one.”

He spit at her and cocked the rifle setting the sites for a clean shot. It would have been a perfect shot too had the paws of a large black panther not tripped him up, dropping him to the ground. Cat grinned at his screams, as jaws tore open his jugular, the sweet liquid of life bathing the dirt and the large cat's fur.

With a last jerk, both the gate guard and the warden died, the chains loosening to drop the body to the ground. She could hear more soldiers coming, could hear her partner's long knife slicing into flesh, could her lover's gun dropping one after another, could hear the panther lapping at the blood. What she felt though made her chains quiver, Cat was taking back her life with each body that fell and with it, she was making a new one.

Her stallion approached her as his hard hooves trampled another soul and she touched his velvety nose before marking him with her blood. The panther which helped them was still a wild animal and would still kill anything in its path that was prey. She didn't need that to happen. Mentally, she also marked Mal and 'Ski, her scent present on them, but with the horrors they were unleashing, it was just a good idea.

'Strange men. Travel with.' A dark voice entered her head again, Cat looking toward the panther.

'Yes, they are strange.' She smiled at the animal for which she shared not only her DNA, but also a link. 'Nice to see you alive, Batha.'

The cat seemed to nod before letting her giant paws carry her toward another victim, his screams muffled by Batha's fangs. Mal looked toward the large feline, who had just saved him from being shot and then at his Cat. She shrugged before a host of guards descended upon her, the chains going to work yet again.


The Mule arrived just as the last guard fell and Cat opened the rear gate, her chains now shed, the needle pricks still healing when she tossed them into the transport. They were wonderful weapons, but extremely exhausting on her mind as well as her body. River slid out of the Mule gracefully, the moonlight teasing her hair as she walked over to where Cat was standing. Everyone seemed a bit wary of the large black panther, which could be seen cleaning the blood from its coat.

'Staring. Never seen cat before.' The broken English of Batha echoed in her head as River looked toward Cat and then the panther.

'Not up close unless there was a cage. You are a bit big, my sister.' Cat smiled, as the 400lb feline seemed to regard her and then River,

“She has a voice. I can hear her in my head. How?” River asked. “And why is she so big? Pathera onca only reach 350 lbs and that is in the males. She is also much too large at the shoulders.”

“Batha is unique, Little Sister.” Cat smiled at her. “She is as much my sister as you are. We share DNA. She has some of mine and I have some of hers.”

'Why talk.' Batha interjected, broadcasting it to both women. 'Human mind confusing..'

“She looks like she wants to eat us, is my bet.” Jayne walked by them carrying some dynamite.

“Only you, Jayne,” Mal laughed as he went to unload the Mule.

'Human flesh stringy. Gets caught.' The cat rolled a long pink tongue across its canines. 'Many here, only one trusts like Sister.' 'River knows you won't hurt us. She can read you.'

'Not speak Girl. Speak about mate.'

'Mal? He trusts me so he trusts you.'

'Smart Mal.' The cat nodded and then rose to her feet to stand near Cat. 'Falcon inside, not happy.'

'I know. You have protected me well. If you want to go...'

The large panther gently bit her hand as she shook off the pain and the spit. 'Go where? Home with sister, with you.'

Cat smiled and rubbed a hand against the cat's head all the while thinking of how she would be able to convince Mal that this 400lb cat had just made itself part of his crew. Maybe that was something best left until after the mission.

'Ski, decked out in more weapons than one person should ever carry, walked over and stood near Cat. His eyes fell to hers as she smiled and then he looked toward Batha. “Nice. In less than a day, you have made me ride a horse and now, you expect me to share my partnership with a panther.”

“It's the risks you must take. If you would have read that marriage agreement I gave you...”

“Oh, now you're pulling the wife card on me. I was a little to preoccupied with how the hell are we going to get out of that chapel in one piece to read some paper you wrote. It probably mentioned something about if we ever divorced, you'd get the house, the dog, the kids...” “Fifty percent of your take and the shotgun..”

“Huh? Hey, hold on. No one is taking my shotgun. I mean you be better off taking my balls from me.”

“Could do that, too.” She laughed as her eyes caught Mal and Zoe waving them over. The two continued to argue and the panther just growled and padded behind them. Her mind sent out a message that no one heard, but it was very clear, a single word spoken in an exasperated tone.



*going on vacation so will not be posting for about a week....will miss all of you

please and thank you for the feedback... you all are awesome


Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:50 AM


Fantastic! I love the panther, and I too want to see how Cat persuades Mal that he's just got a feline sister-in-law ... you get a ten.

And have a good vacation!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:59 AM


well this was fast - furoius and funny even:) the wife card - tut tut;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:03 AM


furoius - of course being that famous roman historian whose work yours resembles. honest!;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 7:37 AM


Very exciting and wonderful. I like the repartee especially, the comfortablemess. I like Batha as well!
Excellent chapter!! Miss you while you're on vacay...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:30 AM


Yay, great fight sequences and I really like Batha. Funnily enough I don't think Mal will mind taking Batha as another crew member. He's certainly seen odder things since this fic began. Really glad to see those nasty guards dealt with and happy will be staying with them as they turn their attention to dealing with Falcon. Very good chapter, can't wait for the next one! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:24 PM


Very cool! But now that you have Batha I am almost certain you are channelling David Gemmel!! Hope you have a brilliant holiday, and you know we will be waiting with baited breath!

Saturday, June 28, 2008 5:23 PM


David Gemmel is a possibility, but there are others she could be channelling, huh ange? LOl. Enjoyed the new chapter, hope you enjoy mine when I post it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 8:55 AM


So Batha's on the crew now, eh? Reminds me of a humour story I read once where Kaylee and River tried to convince Mal that the ship was infested with mice so he would get them a cat. Somehow I think he would find this arrangement even less amusing. ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008 3:44 AM


The Alliance is into some crazy shit. Some seriuosly messed up stuff. Looks like we both went away at about the same time!! Gee, my coming back likes like good timing!

Keep it up!



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