Quiver With Fear
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Part 47.....thanks to all of you still with me on this long haul. It means the world. Anyway, Cat gets stuck.....


Quiver With Fear ----------------------------------------------

based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon

"Oh my god!" Yup, it was definitely the doctor, his voice carrying over the crew and their gasps of horror and disbelief. Maybe that's why Cat had wanted to go her separate way, to come alone. Even though, it did not hold the title anymore, but she couldn't help the feeling that they were invading her home, her own private sanctuary.

"God had very little to do with this." She rechecked the ammo in her pistols at her sides as her eyes covered the circular room. As much as it appeared prison like, that is exactly what they saw. Cages lined the walls, single cells occupied by abomination after another. Some looked at them licking lips with red eyes craving just a sample of the flesh that had entered their domain. Others seemed fixed on Cat and quivered at the sight of her. Moans and screams echoed down to the bottom of the three story room, each member of her party adding his or her own vocal disbelief to the mix.

Batha growled beside her, the soft black fur rubbing full against her bare leg. Cat almost wished she had brought more clothes, her combat harness rubbing her thighs raw. Goosebumps formed on her upper arms, her mind forgetting just how cold it could be in this hell hole. Brown leather touched her sin as Mal's coat fell over her shoulders. A thought to refuse ran through her mind, but the smell of him and the warmth of the coat stopped her. She smiled and place her hand on his.

Movement caught her eye as shadow darted around them. It was hard to tell if they were guards or creatures, the smell of antiseptic over powering any other scent. She instead reached out with her mind, but found nothing to hold on to, including the young one still weighing heavily on her thoughts.

"Not sure I like this place." Jayne muttered under his breath as Simon seconded it. Cat smiled at them both thinking to herself that she completely agreed with them, even though it was once consider her home.

"We've got a tail or two, Babe." 'Ski whispered to her, his eyes casting down to the coat and then back up to hers.

"I know. Not sure if they are all human or not. Too clean."

"Want me to take care of it?"

"Quietly and don't let the others hear you leave."

"Yes'um, Boss Lady." He grinned at her patting the shot gun.

"Be careful." She muttered as he disappeared into the shadows, the scent of him disappearing, too. “Where's he off to?” Zoe's voice whispered to the left of her, Cat forgetting how the dark woman seemed to always notice everything no matter how discreet.

“Doing what he's best at...” she muttered. “And that is...”

“Getting himself into trouble.”

The warrior woman nodded and then smiled, her white teeth glistening in the overhead lights. “So, like Mal, only with more of a death wish?”

“And less flair. Mal always could put on a good show. 'Ski... depends on his mood.” She smiled at the thought. It didn't last as she watched Zoe eyeballing the brown coat she wore. “I wouldn't have accepted it, if it wasn't so cold in here.”

“I wasn't thinking that, Cat. I was remembering the last time I saw you in that coat and the way you cut through that mob of soldiers. Sarge was afraid it would be covered in blood, but not a drop could be found on it.”

“Does that scare you?”

“No, but I have learned to appreciate the fact you chose our side instead of theirs.” Zoe answered and then walked to stand near Mal. They were all either taking in or looking at her for the next orders.

“We need to locate the child and find info on River. Maybe even undo some of the mess they did.” Cat looked at her little sister and wished her life could have been the one she saw in the dream. She knew in her heart River belonged to dance as much as she belonged to Death. Somethings were just meant to be.

“So we go deeper into hell.” Jayne grumbled. “Swell.” Batha stared up at him, her mind picturing the recklessness of a rhino. Cat received the thought smiling. Jayne caught the cat's stare and shook his head. “What're you looking at?”

*** *** ***

'Ski hated anything that resembled a prison or the building in which they had tortured him, turning him into the flesh eating creature some many feared. He, though, went where she did, mostly because with Cat, there was never a dull moment and truthfully, where else was he going to go. She was where the money was at.

He never did well with people, to him they were nothing more than cattle drug around to appease the Alliance or whatever other power might take over at any given notice. The only problem was if you weren't nice, most wouldn't hire you and that meant no job, no money. Cat, though for reasons he could never figure out, had a way with people. It was like a magic, even convincing him to marry her instead of a handsome reward for turning her in. Could have lived off of that for almost the rest of his life, maybe found a few good whores to keep himself entertained.

A noise to his left made him clear his head and his rough hands fell to the comfort of the large shotgun. Shadows played havoc with his eyes as sounds like no human should ever wail entered his ears. “You can't have her. She belongs to me, Reaver.”

He spun on his heels, the rubber digging into the concrete below him. He spoke to the air around him. “Not sure she'd agree, dumb ass.”

“Doesn't matter. She will understand soon. Besides, she is no more yours than mine. You were not occupying her bed the night I visited her in her dreams.”

“You're right because if I had been, we would not be having this conversation, because I would have found a way to kick your ass then and there. Heard you did find some resistance though.” 'Ski chuckled, the memory of his presence in her mind that night very vivid.

“You are nothing, but a human now, though. And one that I am sure I can easily beat.”

“Why don't face me then, Falcon? Or are you too chicken?”

“All in due time, Reaver, but first, how bout a cocktail to loosen you up?” Something sharp struck 'Ski in the neck and as he reached to pull it out, the floor seemed to drop from him. Looking down, the orange liquid that was left in the dart ran over his finger tips. Darkness flooded his mind as his mouth muttered a simple phrase. “Oh, shit.”


Cat felt something darken over her mind, but she let it flow to the back of her mind as she and her group trudged forward. They had passed cages of animals so savage it was a wonder the metal that held them didn't shatter at the stress. Blood flowed to the floor as Cat ended each of their misery, all the while her tears blending with the mess on the ground. It was too late she knew for them as it was for the others that lived in this place.

Mal held tight to River as she cried out, her mind not yet able to take the sorrow and pain filling it as each creature echoed its savagery. Even Cat stumbled from the awash of pain. Simon and Jayne watched in solemn silence and Zoe tried hard to remain strong for the whole of the group. Mal was the only one who showed no emotion and held tight to those who needed the support. It had been his way and would remain 'til the end of his life.

Cat had seen him only once lose it and it had come as more of a shock to her than anything she had ever seen. Many things in the war had gotten to their happy little squad, but their Sarge made sure he was string for them, except when they had found his cousin, Jack dead.

He buried him without a tear and held his wife and kids tight as the funeral music played. Said his goodbyes with a strong upper lip and a promise of return before they all packed up for Serenity Valley.

It wasn't until everyone was bedded down under the stars that she had heard him, not sobbing, not bawling, but talking to Jack's memory, tears streaming down his face. In the shadows, she had watched him and never once let herself known until he had himself wiped the tears from his eyes. It was in that moment, Cat realized exactly how strong Malcolm Reynolds really was and why she loved him so.

She ran a hand over River's shoulder before venturing first down the next hallway as it triggered the large metal wall, separating her from the rest of her group and bringing her face to face with a very angry and very dangerous Reaver, who she quickly recognized as 'Ski. This was just not her day. ==============================================

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:08 PM


OK, well that was evil leaving us just where things are going to get interesting! I would leave a longer comment, but my computer crashed and I'm sneaking this in at work! :) Good chapter!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:09 PM


read it - enjoyed it - not sure how long the site will work... (rushes off)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:43 PM


So good, so dark ... and now 'Ski's turned Reaver? Let's just hope Cat's feelings for him are enough to make him remember who he is. And the image of Jayne as a reckless rhino? I shall be seeing that every time I watch Firefly now!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:44 PM



Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:48 PM


Whoa! what was thst?? :S ^^^^^

Anyhow what I was gonna say is Jane0904's right. Ski's really gonna need Cat...Big time! Want him back!!

Keep flying ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008 12:18 PM


Things just keep getting worse and now 'Ski has been turned into a Reaver in probably the most aggressive and basic sense Cat looks to have a real fight on her hands. Don't like how she got separated either, it is as if she and the others are on camera which I would imagine is highly likely. Hopefully the others can figure a way to either get to her or put an end to the sick circus about to start. Ali D
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:12 PM


Loved it, as always. Keep it up, love the suspense.


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