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When Kaylee gets to tinkerin’, there’s no telling what she’s up to. Jayne’s feeling neglected… at first. Oneshot. R, and I mean it. Not workplace friendly.


Rating: R Characters: Jayne, Kaylee Pairing: Jayne/Kaylee (het) Warning: Adult sexuality Spoilers/Timeline: Post BDM AU, where Wash and Book are still on board. Disclaimer: All belong to Joss. I got nada.

Author's Note: If you read and enjoy this, please take a minute to let me know. Hover for translation. X-posted from my LiveJournal.



“Jayne? You down there?” Kaylee’s voice rang out through the cargo bay.

“Yeah. Lemme finish up this set.” With a series of noisy huffs, the big mercenary powered through half a dozen chin-ups, his biceps bulging with each one. Satisfied he’d completed enough for the moment, he ducked out from beneath the stair landing and looked up at his girl. “Whatcha need, darlin’?”

Kaylee used the back of her wrist to wipe the sweat from her ruddy face. Clearly, she’d been working hard on some project. “Think you could do some welding for me? You always get a better join than I do and this’n needs to be strong.”

He shrugged. “Sure. You need it done right now? ’Cause Mal just asked me to run an inventory on munitions before dinner.”

Kaylee looked a little crestfallen. “No, that’s OK. You can get it later.”


Jayne had worked his way through about half of the ammo boxes stored in the forward weapons locker and was scribbling down the count from the latest on a clipboard when he heard the sound of Kaylee’s flip-flops. The girl bounded down the aft stairs and over to the workbench at the rear of the hold. He could hear her humming contentedly to herself and jerking open the drawers where the small parts, bolts and miscellaneous fittings were cached. When Kaylee got all caught up in her ‘projects’ she went at them with remarkable focus and ingenuity.

“Perfect!” she pronounced and scampered back up the stairs with several objects clutched in her grubby little hands.

The mercenary chuckled to himself. Who’d have ever thought tinkerin’ could make a woman so happy?


The crew finished with dinner and Zoe and the captain headed up to the bridge to go over plans for their next job. Over at the small galley sink, Simon and River were washing up. At the table, Jayne poured over a mercenary magazine.

Kaylee leaned close and rested her hand on his beefy forearm. “Done with your inventory?” she asked.

“Yeah. I gave it to Mal afore supper.”

“Then how ’bout doin’ that little bit of weldin’ I asked you about earlier?” She batted her eyelashes at him. “Won’t take you but a few minutes.”

Her wiles were so transparent that the big man just laughed. “So where’s your little project?” he asked.

“It’s up in the engine room.” Kaylee’s smile was apologetic. The cart that held the welding torch with its tanks of oxygen and acetylene was heavy and also presently stored down in the cargo bay. “I know – it’s way the hell on the other end of the ship, but…” She looked at him hopefully.

“Alright, babygirl, I’ll go get the rig.” Simple enough thing to do, really, ’specially if it made his girl happy. In a short while, he hefted the weighty cart over the hatch threshold and into the engine room. “What’s broke?” he asked, looking around.

Kaylee braced her hand on her hips and smiled at him. It was a might cute little smile that promised all sorts of rewards. “Ain't nothin’ broke, honey. I just need you to weld this to the ceiling right up there.” She handed him a heavy steel bolt bent into the shape of a ‘U’ and pointed up at a spot on the ceiling of the engine room over an open space on the decking.

He looked at her curiously. Must be some damn fool mechanical thing she was working on. Experience had taught him that it was better not to ask. That would only result in a flood of technical terms that meant absolutely nothing to him. After studying the surroundings for a moment he asked, “Will it hurt anything if I was to brace my feet there – ” he pointed, “— and there?”

“Nah. Climb away,” she told him.

Jayne clambered up onto part of the engine cowling and braced his other boot on an angle of metal that stuck out from the bulkhead a couple of feet away. He flipped down the dark protective glasses he’d slipped on. “Pass me up the torch and striker,” he asked.

In just a few minutes, he was done, the steel ‘U’ neatly welded to the ceiling plate back in the starboard corner of the engine room. Just a loop hanging down from the ceiling – a mighty little thing for all the hassle to do it. “Was that it?” he asked.

“Yep.” She bent and picked up a heavy set of pliers. “By the way, I’ll probably be late tonight, so don’t wait up for me. And thanks, ai ren.” She stood on tiptoes and smooched his cheek in a preoccupied sorta way.

Damn, he thought in frustration. That ain't the kinda thanks I was hopin’ to get…

He turned to lug the torch cart back down to the hold and Kaylee called after him, “We got any wide nylon webbing to spare?”

Jayne’s brow knotted as he pondered the question for a minute. “Well, there’s part of that tore up cargo net you could cannibalize. I think it’s in the locker with the new one. That work?”

She gave him a million-credit smile. “Perfect”


Over the next several days, Kaylee was notably absorbed in whatever she was tinkerin’ on back in the engine room. She missed several mealtimes and often didn’t come clambering down into the bunk until late into the night cycle.

After a few days with no loving, the dry spell was starting to get to Jayne. He finally made a grab at her one morning as she rolled out of bed. “How’s about a little tussle, babygirl?” he asked, hopefully. He cocked an eyebrow at her in a lascivious sort of way, just to make his point.

“Can’t. Got stuff I gotta do…” She wiggled away from him and quickly stepped into her coveralls. “Maybe later,” she offered over her shoulder as she quick-footed up the rungs and out of the bunk.

Jayne crossed his arms over his chest and scowled, then shook his head in frustration. His delight in Kaylee’s tinkerin’ was running thin.

“Well, shit…” he muttered, then took matters in hand.


When Kaylee failed to show up for dinner the third night in a row, Mal pulled Jayne aside and asked whether something was wrong. “You two ain't had another fight, have you?” he challenged, staring his merc in the eye.

“Hell, Mal, I got no idea what she’s up to, but she’s sure enough up to somethin’.” Jayne glanced toward the engine room. “All I know is she’s tinkerin’ again. You know how she gets.”

“But no fight?” Mal pushed.

“No fight.”

“Guess she’ll get done with it sooner or later.”

Jayne snorted. “I’d rather go with sooner, myself.”


“Wash?” Kaylee’s voice came over the bridge comm unit from the engine room.

The pilot picked up the mike. “What’s up?”

“Can you page Jayne for me? I think he’s down in the lounge playin’ Tall Card with Simon, Cap and the Shepherd. Tell him I need his help up in the engine room.”

“Will do,” Wash acknowledged and switched the comm link to the unit adjacent to the medbay lounge area.

“Jayne, you down there?”

There was a brief pause before the mercenary replied, “Yeah.”

“Kaylee needs you for something in the engine room.”


The timing couldn’t have been worse, with a great run of cards sweetly nestled in the big man’s hand. Mal and Book glanced knowingly at one another, sensing the cause of Jayne’s reluctance.

“That’s what she said, man. Sorry.”

The comm clicked off. “This better be gorram important,” he huffed. Flinging down his cards in disgust, the merc stormed off toward the aft stairs.

Simon turned the discarded hand over and raised an eyebrow. “Well, gentlemen, it looks like Jayne’s loss is our gain.”


While Jayne’s love for Kaylee was never at doubt, he was presently less than happy with the girl. Her recent preoccupation had put him out of sorts and the specific timing of her request for assistance just served to tick him off even more. This was readily apparent in his resounding bootsteps as he ascended the stairwell and then stomped down the corridor toward the engine room.

The heavy pressurized door into the engine room was pushed nearly closed. “That’s odd,” Jayne murmured to himself and slid it open. That gorram girl was nowhere in site. She’s up to somethin’, he thought.

“Kay? You in here?” he called out, suspiciously.

“Back here, ai ren,” came the reply from the starboard corner of the engine room, accompanied by a quickly suppressed giggle.

He hesitated, then stepped around the end of the engine cowling to have a clearer view of just what kind of trick Kaylee might be playing. He stopped and stared, his jaw dropped open and his ji ba began to rise.

Kaylee sat in a harness arrangement, suspended from the loop Jayne had welded to the ceiling by a length of sturdy chain and a heavy-duty spring.

“Damn, girl, you’re… you’re naked!” he finally managed to say.

“Sure am,” she chirped back with a smug, sultry grin. “Only one problem with the gorram thing – now I got myself up here, I ain't got no way to get down.” She pointed at the step stool that had rolled out of reach. Her suggestive tone of voice made clear that she was exactly where she’d wanted Jayne to find her.

Jayne crossed his arms over his chest and leaned into the engine cowling, tilted his head and studied the sight before him. It was a most enticing image, to be sure. Hell, if he tried hard enough, he could probably see clean to Boros, the way that harness pulled Kaylee’s thighs apart.

“Huh. So yer stuck, are ya?” He shook his head at her ‘unfortunate’ situation, his face taking on a rakish smirk. “Real shame that. Gal gets herself into such a situation, no tellin’ who might come along to take advantage of her.” He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. “Might be some big ol’ fella as likes takin’ advantage of li’l girls.”

Although she was shaking her head ‘no’, Kaylee’s grin got bigger. “And I couldn’t do nothin’ about it,” she observed in mock despair.

Jayne took a few steps closer, close enough to smell her. His eyes glazed over just a little and he licked his lips. “Gal in a predicament like that better hope whoever came along had a merciful streak to him. I mean, seein’ as she’d be pretty nigh helpless, strung up like that and all…” He managed to extricate his erection from his trousers and started to absentmindedly stroke himself as his eyes devoured the luscious vision before him.

“Yeah, she’d be real helpless…” Kaylee brought her fingers to her mouth and then slipped the moistened digits through the already damp curls shadowing her nethers to circle her swollen clit. Her eyes fell shut momentarily, popping open again as Jayne stepped closer.

He looked down at her hand, watching intently as her fingertips circled her slick, rosy nub. God, she looked so hot. Reluctantly, he tore his eyes away from the hypnotic image and looked up at her flushed face. His breathing accelerated and he began to pull at his cock more forcefully. “Looks like you been workin’ yourself for awhile already? Can’t ya get off, sugar?”

Kaylee shrugged. “You know well as me you gotta have the right tool for the job. That was why I asked Wash to call you up.” She shivered and leaned back into the sling, presenting herself wantonly to him.

At this point it occurred to Jayne that his girl was at exactly the right height for him to… Well, that was Kaylee – always resourceful.

“Well, here I am,” he said, crouching before her. He grasped at the straps that encircled her thighs and brought her to him. At first, he pursed his lips to blow across her engorged clit, smiling as Kaylee shuddered. Her position exposed her core utterly, so he began to suckle and lap at her, first gently and then with increasing intensity.

Kaylee acknowledged Jayne’s ministrations with a building spiral of keening cries. “Shi wo gao chao!” she begged him, arching against his mouth.

“All in due time, babygirl,” he advised her before returning to his work, stopping at intervals to suck on her swollen labia or plunge his tongue as far into her ni yin as he could. This was heaven – to have his face buried in her, to feel her contractions as she responded to his caresses. He could feel her trembling and knew she was close. He wrapped his lips around her clit and began to suck rhythmically. Kaylee rewarded him with a crowning shriek as she came against his face.

When she had stopped, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled to himself. Bet they heard that all the way downstairs, he thought smugly. “Big boom, huh?” he asked as he rose on shaky knees to slip an arm around her back and draw her close.

“Yeah,” she managed to sigh blissfully, her eyes striving to focus.

“You up for more or do I need to get you outta that gorram contraption?” He looked down at her sweaty face, knowing his erection was pressed between them.

Kaylee just smiled. Her smile was a bit lopsided but Jayne understood. He spat into his palm and lubricated his ji ba before easing himself into her body. Damn if the height of her ‘swing’ wasn’t perfect. As he slid into the hot and wet of her, the possibilities of her contraption began to become even clearer. He braced his boots and began to use the harness to leverage her up and down on his cock. The spring in the rig made it seem almost as if she was weightless and they both laughed in delight.

Kaylee hooked her fingers into the back of his shoulders to steady herself and then just let Jayne drive.

Drive he did, pushing himself deeply into her and tugging almost out, only to bury himself again. The pleasure was nearly overwhelming. His erect nipples protruded under his T-shirt and Kaylee skimmed her hand up his side to pinch and tease at one of them. She knew how sensitive they were. A low, hoarse growl emerged from the back of his throat as he struggled not to come. He smacked at her hand. “You stop that, ‘lessen you want this party to be over too ruttin’ quick.”

Kaylee smirked and bent to nibble at the angle of his jaw. She wanted him closer and hooked her heels just above his hips. “You’re a hard man to surprise, Jayne Cobb,” she scolded him playfully, deliberately contracting her inner muscles to squeeze him.

Ai ya, girl, you’re so gorram clever,” he panted, “and there I was, all pissed off at you for makin’ yourself so scarce.” Jayne’s eyes flared wide. “Next time you get to tinkerin’, I’m more inclined to leave you be,” he panted.

“Just don’t wait too long, honey,” she moaned, the wave of her orgasm overtaking her.

Wise enough not to argue with his woman, Jayne thrust deep and happily spilled into her depths.


A short time later, Kaylee was back into her overalls and Jayne was busy zipping up his pants. “You gonna leave that gizmo up there?” he asked.

“Why not? We can always play some more later,” Kaylee pointed out.

Jayne studied the contraption skeptically. “Ain't Mal likely to ask about it?”

Kaylee Frye placed both hands on her hips and grinned. “Well, he’ll only ask the once,” she replied impishly. “Besides, I made us a perfectly good maintenance harness. Oughtta work just shiny next time somebody needs to work on the outside of the ship or up in the cargo bay.”

“Or inside his mechanic,” Jayne added.




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A nice hunk of pwp and kudos particularly on the hover translations.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 9:46 PM


You know, folks need to be careful with harnesses like that ... they could get stuck! And I can't help visualising Mal in the 'maintenance harness' outside the boat, and Jayne laughing his head off!


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