Monster May I
Monday, August 11, 2008

part has been a very fun and fast few weeks so forgive me for the long wait between chapts...thanks all for the support and a special thanks to Upperson for your sweet note wondering how I was...It made my day....anyway, Cat meets Monster


Monster May I ------------------------------------------------- based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon

She had only seen her partner one other time as the monster before her and Cat firmly decided that one time had been more than enough. Red eyes, more bloodshot than anything, looked at her with the lust of five men and four hungry zombies. He wanted to rape her and then eat her, which wouldn't have been so bad, but she kind of had a promise to keep.

The Reaver circled her, looking at her as if she were a t-bone wearing a black Teddie, which made her grip the brown coat even firmer around her body. His voice cracked, sounding as though he swallowed gravel. "Smell familiar.”

“You bet I do. Last time, though, there were kids involved. This time, not so much.” Her beast growled inside of her, though she was unsure if the serum would cause it to stay dormant or not. A lend of a little of its power would be a great help.

“This time I will enjoy watching you scream and then I will take your eyes while you still breathe. Trophy.”

“Who would have thought Reavers were so articulate?”

“I still have full use of my tongue, but not for long. First, I will dispose of you and then finish what you stopped me from long ago.”

“You can't have him.” She growled. “You may be part of him now, but to hell, if I am going to let you rule.”

“Don't think it's your choice, Babe.” The creature had dug deep for that comment, mimicking her partner's voice, though with a hiss at the end. Her beast stirred beneath the skin, her fangs rubbing at her bottom lip, but Cat subdued it. If she allowed both of them to battle, neither would make it out alive and if one did, god knows what would happen to the crew after.

“Don't do that.” She whispered, a harsh sound filling his ears as he grinned. He had found her weakness.

“People say how stupid us, Reavers are. How we are just animals going after prey, but in essence, we are the ultimate predator. After all, even animals are known to be quite clever.” She could feel him circle her, knowing the effects of the serum had not been enough to drive him completely Reaver. No, he was in a sick kind of limbo and that frightened her even more.

“I would never dream of calling you stupid and those who think you are, well, they're just that.” She tightened her grip on her other half, it wanting nothing more than to go toe to toe with the threat before her.

“Both beautiful and smart...raping and killing you may prove more pleasurable than I thought. Plus you and I both know this shell means something to you and killing it would be next to impossible.”

“As fucked up as your race was already, they just had to give you the benefit of a brain.” Her fingers reached into her long red head, held up by three purple vials of serum, in case her beast decided to get antsy. Maybe, just maybe, it would work on 'Ski's monster as well.

“What are you going to do with that?” he growled, his muscles flexing in the dim lights.

“Make you see the light.” She smiled, her fangs exposing in challenge.

“Somehow, I thought you liked the dark.”

“I do.” She approached him, her body speaking volumes. “But, most things that roam the dark are scared of me.”

“Must suck for you.” He fiddled with the long knife at his side, the thoughts of cuts and bloods pouring over his lips and mouth creating almost an orgasmic thought.

Cat only smiled as she palmed the long dark needle she had filled with serum as they talked. It had to go directly into the neck or the process would take longer than she had time for. So, she had one shot and it had to hit its mark.

A silver flash caught her eye, 'Ski's knife held fast in the hand of the demon he had become. It had to be now and if something happened, she would weigh those consequences then. Letting her mind go, she allowed her genetically altered body do the rest as her sharp ears heard something that only her nightmares would allow. The metal door keeping her loved ones safe was moving.

Spinning on her heels, she ran full tilt at the Reaver driving the needle deep within his neck and pushing the plunger down. 'Ski's eye began to clear almost immediately as he realized what he had become and ultimately, what he had just done.

Cat had felt relief before the long hunting knife caught in her rib cage, the sharp blade finding its way to the right side of her heart and lung. It was a matter of time before she either drowned on her blood or the damage of her heart caused it to stop.

'Ski looked into her eyes, her body still strong enough to remain standing with the knife still embedded in her ribs. He looked at her, her mouth curling in a smile as she finally fell, his hand letting go of the knife to catch her. After all the shit they had been through, even he knew if the knife was removed, she was a goner.

“Why, Cat? You could have just killed me from a far and been done with it.” He whispered to her as they slowly fell to the ground.

“No, I couldn't. You see, I still love you and leaving without is not an option I want to take.” Her smiled faded as the wound took its toll, the door finally coming open as the crew and Batha rushed in.

“What the hell?” Jayne spoke as Mal rushed to Cat's side, his hand running over her as he examined the wound.

“Shouldn't remove the knife. She's already lost a good deal of blood.” He didn't even ask what happened and 'Ski was still too shock to say. His hands trembled as 'Ski looked toward Mal nodding.

“Reaver.” River whispered and only 'Ski heard it, his eyes looking toward the weird girl, her gave as piercing as that of a hawk. His mind was invaded by not only her, but also the cat beside him.

'This stinks of you.' The panther sniffed the air and then stared at him.

'Back off, Puss.' he shot at it as Batha snarled at him.

'Watch your mouth, Human. I haven't eaten yet.' Simon leaned over Cat, feeling the wound as 'Ski and Mal both looked on. For the first time in his life with her, the man she had called husband felt a twinge of jealousy over the young man's probing and even for the captain that sat a few inches from him.

“So?” Mal asked Simon.

The young doctor shook his head. “If she can heal herself as she claims, I hope it is fast enough. Once we remove the knife, she'll have about three minutes.”

'Not enough time.' The dark feline replied.

'Ski voiced her response. “The big cat says she's a goner.”

“We've seen her pull out of worse.” Mal smiled.

“Been with her quite awhile and never seen her pull out of something this bad.” 'Ski replied.

“Your knife, ain't it?” Mal spoke softly, recognizing the black and brown carved handle. He had seen the dark man using it in the battle earlier.

“Ya.” 'Ski replied, one word, but one that spoke volumes.

“Me and you, we need to talk after this. Especially if she doesn't make it.”

“Figured as much.”

“Excuse me.” A small voice said behind them, belonging to an equally small child. “May I take a look at her?”


*Feedback would be great as it makes me all warm and fuzzy, plus I know who all is still riding on this roller coaster :)


Monday, August 11, 2008 3:59 PM


Ah - the welcome visceral mix of laughs and shudders and, er, inventively violent kill-offs!:)

Monday, August 11, 2008 9:58 PM


Lots of tension in this one and great to have you back writing. One thing, did you mean to repeat a couple of sections? It is disconcerting and I wasn't sure if you were aiming for an effect or if it was an error. Keep Flyin', Ali D L:~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, August 11, 2008 10:59 PM


If I suffer a heart attack... the doctor's bill's on ya *winks* Well done!

Keep flying ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 2:10 AM


Apart from the slight problem with repeat of a couple of sections, really good stuff!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 2:53 AM


Awesome little story Angelle I’m thinking the flashback are alternative angles of the story or maybe different points of view as seen by a character. Anyhoo I really like the way you have the mixture of interaction along with individual thought in your stories. Gives us so much depth to the people.

Glad to have you back writing, Z

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:17 PM


Ack! Don't kill off my friend, or my opponent, whichever we're labeling them as at the moment. Lol. Great job ange. keep up the awesome work.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 2:55 PM


It was worth waiting for. I love it when you go for the literal and proverbially guts. I'mm off to read the next chapter. Kick ass, woman!

Saturday, August 16, 2008 10:38 PM


You're back!! And there are two chapters up! Yippee. this was really good, creepy and violent but still some humour. Thx for the mention - and don't mention it!! LOL


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