Dog Tags and Cat Naps
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Part 50....finally....I know it has been a hard month with school starting and hubby getting new job, but all is well now. So without further ado, thanks for being my riders and for being just awesome....Cat meets bird...


Dog Tags and Cat Naps ------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

Cat had been better. Her ribs still ached from the intrusion of 'Ski's blade and even with the Healing current running on full blast, her body was beginning to express its woes. She had always kept it busy with injuries, being with 'Ski had never been dull, but in less than a week, she had been almost dead twice. Maybe her partner had been right about her 'nine' lives.

Kitty walked beside her, the young girl not even gracing her shoulder in height and already acting more like an adult than most adults. She had been only nine when Cat had escaped for the second time, though they never told her she would need to be drugged to do it. After all, her plan had been to take Batha and Kitty with her. Her mind was still too clouded for her to really remember all that had happened. In fact, if it wasn't for instinct, they would already be lost.

A sound to her left made her snap back to reality. 'Ski had switched shoulders, throwing the long shotgun to the other and rolling his sore joint to get the blood to flow again. He winked at her and she smiled before looking toward the other man in her life.

Mal hadn't ask what had happened, even though she knew he was aching to know. Was her partner really safe? Problem was monsters and Cat went hand in hand. They weren't just drawn to her, she was drawn to them. 'Ski was a Reaver because he couldn't bring her in and therefore, she would fight until the day they both died to keep him from surrendering to it. Plain and simple as that....

A shadow off to the south caused her to reach for the long knife at her side. She could tell Falcon was following them as well as a few others to keep the chase and the fight more interesting. Cat, though, wondered why he waited, anyone will a lick of sense would attack in a hallway where the bullets would do more harm than good and hand to hand combat would prevail. Something that they all might be good at, but not as good as the creatures that followed them.

She at first thought they would pick people off one by one, another tactic that they had been taught and something the animal in them would respond to, but all members were in tact, even the doctor, who had surprised her with his bravery. Cat could smell very little fear in her party, the one she had worried about being Simon. Kitty had been exposed too long to this mess to fear, besides, all here knew she was special and to be left alone by orders of the One.

The One was who Cat was really after and he or she rested on a planet far from here, deep in space that they kept protected. The One, most called Zeus, was the founder and chief biogentisist that was responsible for Cat and the others. Most said Zeus was more than one person, taught and mentored in the way of monster making before the other retired into a normal like. After all. even Dr. Frankenstein didn't live forever.

First, Cat needed to destroy this place and all that it meant before chasing after the big prize. It would require a bit more than the crew she had and more than that, Cat didn't figure she would make it back from that fight. Mal needed time with her, Kitty needed a life outside of this as well as Batha, and Falcon, he just needed to die. She would worry about the other details later.

"You realize we are being followed?" Mal whispered to her. "Since my bout with the Grim Reaper." She tossed a look behind her, the green eyes glowing in the partial lighting. "I can smell Falcon, but also a few more heat sources. In all this mess of heat, it is hard to make out just how many others."

"So be prepared for a fight?"

"That would prove smart. Just be careful. I kind of like you in one piece and not full of holes."

"Could say the same thing 'bout you." He smiled before catching up with Zoe and warning her to be on her guard. A presence beside Cat made her look to her right and where Mal had been, her husband now walked.

"Not sure if we're all going to make it out of here."

"Whatever. We've seen worse."

"You didn't keep your promise, to kill me if I ever became that thing, and in a way, I'm glad you didn't." "Well, guess that makes two of us." She smiled at him. "What do you want say? I can tell something's on your mind."

His hand reached around his neck and came back with a set of tags. "I want you to have these. Of all of us, you've got the balls sort of speak to live and, well, at least then I'll know who to haunt."

"But, they're yours. He was your dog."

"Listen, Babe, I don't do this sentimental shit very well. Just take the damn tags and humor your husband."

She grabbed the tags from his hand, but for a moment, she lingered at his touch. Something had happened to their relationship, be it her close calls with death or the fact that Mal was in her life. Part of her rose with excitement at the thought of home on Serenity, be it they survived the upcoming fight, but another part tore at her. It was that part that warmed to his touch and made her slip the dog tags over her neck. Somehow in the fight and the chaos that ensued over the last few days, she had lost Mal's bullet. It had been on her neck when she had played hide and seek with River and when she had turned Beast, but since that time, it had disappeared. Hopefully, Cat would find it. Her neck felt naked without it and now with 'Ski's tags, it didn't feel nearly as.

“I'm returning them once we're out of here. Got that.” She replied, a little harsher than maybe necessary, but the thought of losing her husband or her lover made her a bit stressed. “If anyone is going to die here, i 'll be me. I seem to know how to come back from it well enough.”

“Hope you're right.” 'Ski rechecked the ammo in his guns and the knife at his side. He could still smell Cat's blood on the blade. Falcon was going to pay...dearly.


The hallway continued to stretch, doors and wires lined them, but Cat knew it was imperative that they get to the training grounds. The large combat room was perfect for a fight. It held places for cover, but most of all, it also had places to hide.

River had taken to walking beside Kitty, both girls engrossed in a conversation and the way it sounded, River was telling her the concept of dancing, something she was sure Kitty had never truly been able to do. In fact, the only toy Kitty had ever had was a rag doll Cat had made her from some bedsheets. Falcon had burnt it shortly after. “Sure you know what you're doing?” Zoe whispered as Cat shuttered at the shadows drawing closer.

“If we can make it down this hall, we won't be safe, but we'll have a better advantage. Right now, if Falcon and I get into it, well, you seen me in that state.”

“Don't know friendlies from enemies.”


“So, let's make sure we get to that room.” Zoe growled and walked a little faster.

“Don't like this.” Jayne replied behind her, more to 'Ski than to her.

“Neither does anyone here.” Her partner responded.

“So care to tell me what happened to Cat and you back there? Know Mal wants to know, but he don't want to anger Cat none so I'm askin'.”

“Not sure how it's your business.”

“Did you stab her?”

“Looked like it, didn't it?”

“Ya. Just makin' sure.”

“Anything else?”

“Nope.” Jayne stated and then moved a bit away from the dark stranger. If he was able to stab and mortally wound his own partner, well, that made things a bit stressed. Whose side was the dark man on anyway?!

Cat stretched as her sharp ears caught noise and then with a leap, dropped Mal to the ground as several small darts flew through the air. 'Ski instinctively grabbed his knife and deflected one of them as River protected herself and Kitty. Unfortunately, both Jayne, Simon, and Zoe weren't as lucky. Each slumped to the floor dead asleep from the drug.

“Well now, just who I figured would still be awake.” A deep voice echoed off the walls. Clapping his hands, Falcon emerged from the shadows and behind him, a group of monsters. Each looked like a cross between a Reaver and Cat's beast.

Mal stood helping Cat up as 'Ski checked on the crew. He noticed that even the large cat Batha had been darted. The man knew what he was doing. Thankfully, 'Ski did, too, but first, he would bide his time.

“Don't worry. If you all survive, your friends will be returned to you. My fight is not with them. Of course, if I and my mates win, well, they are mine to do what I want with.”

“Leave them alone.” Mal growled and even 'Ski was proud of the man. It took guts to stand before a creature that could rip your throat out before you could take another breath.

“Oh, Capt Reynolds, such a brave soul, but never have figured out how to be on the winning side.” Falcon approached them. “I have plans for you and this little group. And, Capt, leaving you alone is not an option.”


I know I'm bad. I promise that it will be only about a week or so for the next chapter.

I have missed you comments and your feedback so please leave some. Cookies for all!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008 7:51 AM


Welcome back! Good chapter, with a lot of tension, and I feel blood about to be spilled.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 2:29 PM


Yay, good to see you back! Enjoyed this part though it seemed a bit short, probably because just as it started to get really interesting you stopped. Looking forward to the next chapter. Have to say Falcon is coming across as nice and dark and creepy. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 2:06 AM


If I was a shark...I'd be smelling blood!! Nice to see to see you back =)

Keep flying ;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 6:09 AM


*whistles* Nice as ever. I loved the expository paragraphs at the beginning - this Zeus character(s) lying ahead, I wonder? Good to see you back in action even when you leave us all dangling from the cliff's edge by our eyebrows. :P

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:35 PM


Fun stuff. Keep it comin.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 11:40 PM


Feel bad that I didn't read this before, but I am glad that I can go right on to the next one without having to wait! :)


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