The Green-Eyed Monster
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

part 52.....everyone has a reason for what they do, so with that said.....Cat defends


The Green Eyed Monster ------------------------------------------- based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon He had shot her, his lover and the woman he longed to give his life to and an hour ago, he had pulled the trigger to keep her from, correction, keep it from tearing apart his crew. Mal hurt, his side throbbed from where the Beast's claws had ripped open his skin. The room Falcon had placed him in was no bigger than the storage compartments in Serenity and he had to duck down every time he got up to pace. Why had he shot her?

He remembered her eyes, the fire burning, its sick green hue cutting through the dark like warning signs on a freight train. Her long fangs flashed as they tore into the first one of Falcon's troops and continued as 'Ski fought along side her. It was over before it began and that's when it turned on them. Self sacrifice for a cost made him grab her and plead with her to stop , trying to reach through the depths of rage to find the woman he loved, but that woman was gone. Instead, Mal stared in the face of Murderous power and it didn't care what it had to do to satisfy its lusts. For a second, the glow of raw power mesmerized him, but a head butt brought him back to reality quick. It had been like striking a wall and it took everything in him to keep his grip. Dazed, he felt claws bit into his side and only then did he released her only to watch as 'Ski pulled her toward him.

She growled at her partner and threw herself at him, no longer even recognizing the familiarity of the man she fought now or the one who had tried to save her from the darkness she had surrender to. Mal knew he had lost her completely. This creature, this monster before him was no more his lover than a common rabid dog on the street. It was diseased and ready to tear into anything that had life to take it from them.

He watched as 'Ski got the upper hand slamming the beast to the ground as it struggled underneath. For a moment, her partner's eyes flashed a red hue and she softened, her voice crying to have the struggle end.

Mal watched as they continued to fight, 'Ski's body filled with long gashes much like his own, but more numerous. he had to hand it to the dark man, his will power to subdue and not kill was strong. His hand reached for the pistol at his side, knowing full well if he had to stop her, the only way to was the bullet.

As 'Ski kissed her, Mal felt an ache in his heart. Was there more there than just a camaraderie. He had seen them banter and tease like a pair of old lovers, but she herself had reassured him they were only friends. His mind wandered for a second to the beautiful companion that had graced his boat for so long that sometimes he couldn't remember when he had been without her comforting presence. His feelings for Inara were a confusing mess more times than not and maybe it worked the same for the pair on the floor now.

The kiss, though was not enough as 'Ski finally passed out from the lack of blood. She caught him as he dropped, fangs bared and Mal was sure she was going for his neck. The barrel of the gun barked as he felt the bullet leaving in a fit of smoke. In an instant, he couldn't remember pulling the trigger, but with a sick thud, the slug found its mark slamming into the monster's rib cage as he heard the distinct sound of shattering bones. It was enough strain for her body to knock her unconscious. "Good show, Sergeant Reynolds." Falcon spoke, his hands clapping as he approached the downed pair. "I thought i would have to use something else to subdue them, but you did it so well. To think, Cat here actually thinks you love her."

"I do. Puttin' a bullet in a monster I can live with, havin' the woman I love suffer alone because I didn't, well, that I can't."

"Touching words, Reynolds, but you humans are all the same. You make excuses for killing something you don't understand and then try to make it an honorable endeavor. She is a magnificent creature, one that not only a bullet can kill.”

Falcon walked toward Mal and reached to grab him about the neck. “It's a shame that I must kill you before she even has a chance to watch, but I cannot have you tossing that gun around just because she shows a little teeth.”

The air sliced near both of their faces as 'Ski's knife lay embedded in Falcon's hand, the same one that was inches from Mal's neck. Kitty stood, her small body bent over 'Ski and Cat, chest heaving in rapid breath and hand covered in blood. “He's Cat's, you big Birdie. If she wants to make him pay for what he's done, that's her deal, not yours.”

River stood behind her, like a protective mother guarding her baby. She nodded gently, but what remained in her eyes was something far more sinister. “You are wrong in the head, even more so than any Reaver I have met. For them to believe I would ever mate with you....”

Falcon laughed and pulled the knife, letting it drop with a deafening clang in the silence. Blood pooled below him, but the wound closed fast. River had known he would heal quickly, and had thrown the knife before Kitty could. It had been only a warning, one that it seemed the man had gotten.

“They're both alive.” Kitty responded, her hands covered in red, looking first to River and then to the captain.

“Of course, they are.” Falcon stated, running a now completely healed hand through his dark brown hair. He motioned to more of the shadows around them as creatures surrounded them. “This is not yet even the beginning of my game. It's no fun if all the players are dead, now is it?”


Cat moved to reach for the small lock pick kit 'Ski kept hidden in his boot and jimmied the locks on the chains that bound her partner. With a satisfying pop, they released him as he rubbed at his sore wrists. “You're not that bad at picking a lock, you know.”

She smiled and handed the kit back to him. “True, but don't tell my partner. It's the excuse I use to keep him around.”

“Might have to come up with a better excuse.” He grinned as she helped him stand, his body an inch from hers.

“I could think of a couple.” Her breath stirred the hair on his chest before she allowed herself to move away from him. The emotions that were playing havoc with her heart would just have to wait. Right now, she had a crew to save and a lover to reclaim.

“So where first?”

“We need to find Mal. He'll be useful in a fight and the less Kitty has to be involved the better.”

“Understood. Still think he'll shoot or kiss you when he sees ya?”

“As long as he doesn't have a knife, we're okay.” She stated catching his wounded look. “Things happen and no one, but the one who did it knows the reason why. I reserve judgment until then. Besides, it's my body and my bullet. Makes it mine to deal with, dong ma?”

“Shi Shi.” He frowned. “Not that I like it and not that I won't do anything the next time it happens.”

“There ain't gonna be a next time.” She snarled at him.

“Keep telling yourself that, Babe.” 'Ski pushed open the door and stepped outside. “No guards around.”

“Didn't think there would be. Falcon wouldn't waste men on us. He knows I ain't leaving without our people.”

“Your people...My only people is you and maybe that little girl.” He shifted to look behind them as his hand touched her back. “But, you know me, Babe, where you go. I'm bound to follow so lead the way.”

She let a smile cross her lips as the scent of her captain led her toward the heart of a fight she wasn't all too sure she would survive.


*So now you know the reason, stay tuned for her reaction.....

feedback always wanted and all are awesome...


Tuesday, September 30, 2008 9:39 PM


Cat is so torn ... and I love it! But I think she knows deep down that Mal loves her more, although 'Ski loves her for what she is. And just what is Falcon's plan? You know, these chapters are just too short!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 10:55 PM


Stone walled and willing to sacrafice all for his crew. That's mal, will do what he doesn't want to, what his heart tells him will hurt him, if it's best for them. That's great Ange. Keep it up.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 11:50 PM


What a mangled emotional mess this is. I don't know about Cat being torn I know I am, between wanting her to leave with Ski and just take all her violent weirdness with her or get a grip and control the beast within so she and Mal can have a semblance of a life together but I don't think you plan any happy endings for anyone and Falcon is perhaps the most twisted one of all. - Ali D
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