Merry Catmas!! Part 1
Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Christmas gift to all who have stayed with me through my fanfics...A might be if Cat would stay with Mal and Serenity...their first Christmas...Part one: The crew prepares for the festivities....


based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon ---------------------------------------------

Christmas had come and gone on Serenity for several years now, the crew sharing odd gifts and when the jobs were good, having a canned ham with all the trimmings. This year, though, Mal wanted it to be special, to be perfect, because this year would be Cat's first on his boat and her first period.

Kaylee had tried several times to talk to the woman who not six months back decided to join the crew minus her partner in crime, 'Ski. It had been nice to have her around, both in a fight and in his bed. Even her beast had seem to calm down, not heard from since the fight between her and Falcon. Damn, those memories weren't ones he longed to remember.

"Mal." Jayne stood behind him as he turned, the big man thrusting a brown paper wrapped package into his hand. "Mom says she hopes it's what you wanted."

"I'm sure she knew what I was going for. Make sure to tell her thank you next time you speak." The captain tucked it under his arm as Jayne nodded. "Did you get everything set up?"

"Most of it...Kaylee said somethin' 'bout poppin' corn and string, but you know her and her ideas."

"Where's Cat?"

"Her and River were workin' with those big blades of hers in the cargo bay. Not sure I want that girl knowing how to fight with somethin' that can cut me in half."

"She's better, Jayne. That little girl has been good for her." Kitty had basically become a part of the crew, at least until they figured out where else to put her. Kaylee's folks had said they would take her in, but River had really taken a shine to her and the little girl had really help River. "I got her a bear." Jayne whispered under his breath as he broke Mal's thoughts. "Little girl like her needs a bear. Found it when we were on Whitefall last."

"That was good of you."

"It's not like I like her any. She gets under my feet all the time and eats all the candy, but being it's Christmas..." Jayne shuffled his feet a little before walking away. The big merc had become quite close to Kitty, even though he fought it tooth and nail. Everyone seemed to love her, especially Zoe, who had offered to share her room since the loss of Wash. Mal knew it helped with the loneliness.

The other addition was that of the large black panther, Batha. She had been a harder sell than Kitty since cute blue eyes were easier to get along with than sharp long teeth. Eventually the crew adopted the cat, and Batha had learned to get along with just about everyone, except for Simon, who regularly gave her shots to keep her healthy.

"So, what are you planning?" A pair of warm arms wrapped around him as he slid the package into his coat pocket and turned to face Cat.

"What makes you think I got anything planned?" He kissed her lips softly.

"I'm psychic." She smiled. "Plus, I saw Jayne hand you that package." Cat went to reach in his pocket, but Mal moved.

"Ain't for your eyes, Missy. At least not until later." He kissed her again on the nose and walked away leaving Cat to wonder. * * * *

"Hey, Babe, what you callin' for? Gettin' tired of that ole captain?"

"Hello,'Ski. And, no, she ain't tired of me." Mal shook his head, almost wondering why he had called her old partner, but he remembered that it wasn't for him, but her.

"Didn't expect you to be the one usin' this phone." "Ain't like I wanted to, but this ain't for me and I needed to get a hold of you quick."

"What happened? Beast show up."

"Nothing like that and since you left, we've been beast free." Mal figured it was a valid point, but he couldn't help rubbing it in. "Cat ain't had a Christmas ever and I want her first one perfect."

"So why'd you call me? Seems you got it all planned out."

"We both know for her it wouldn't be perfect without you, no matter how much I hate to admit it."

"Relax, Reynolds, she picked you, but if you want, tell her I was workin' and stood her up." 'Ski growled the last part. As much as he cared about Cat, he didn't want to ruin her Christmas by having him and Mal kill each other.

"Meet us Hancock. We've got word on a job there."

"Didn't ya hear? I'm workin'."

"I did, but you and I both know, you won't disappoint Cat, no matter where the hell you are."

"How far are you out?" He gave up, knowing Mal was right.

"Two days, give or take. Plan on celebrating planet side so that if we all get drunk, no one flies us into a planet."

"Respect that. If I'm there...."

"You'll be there. Like I said, it's for Cat."

"Yup." The phone went dead before either could say another word. It's unclear which hung up first.

* * * *

"So, people give gifts and pig out on food all because some fat man use to climb down the chimney and deliver presents." Cat stretched her long body as she relaxed after her work out.

"Well, that's one belief. God's son is said to be born that day and gifts are given as a symbol of the gift of his son to the earth." Kitty held open a picture of Nativity scene for Cat's inspection.

"Better than the fat man story, but what if we don't have any gifts to give?"

"Well, you can always make something. I painted a picture for Jayne of Vera and made a pillow case out of one of my old dresses for Zoe. Not sure what to do for everyone else." She looked up at Cat with innocent eyes. "We all know what you can get Uncle Mal for Christmas."


"What? River and I've caught you on the bridge and I know you weren't lookin' him over for space ticks. I have an IQ of over 150."

"Still ain't something little girls should talk about." Cat grabbed a towel and wiped her face. “So, a picture of Vera, huh? Really like Jayne, don't ya?”

“He doesn't see me as smart and I like that. He reads to me at night, even though I help him with the hard words. Please don't tell him.” She looked at Cat with worried eyes.

“I won't. And Zoe?”

“We cry at night sometimes together.” The little girl whispered.

“Seems like you got the real important people taken care of.”

“When we get to Hancock, will you go shoppin' with me? Kaylee said she'd take me, but I don't want her to see what I get her and you'll figure it out anyway no matter what I get you.”

“We can arrange something since if this is the big surprise Mal is hiding, I better be prepared. I do believe I still have quite a bit of the Academy's money left.” She smiled and ruffled the girl's hair as Zoe walked in.

“And what might you two be talkin' about?” The dark skinned woman smiled as she sat next to them.

“Going shoppin' for gifts,” Kitty blurted out. “Wanna come with?”

“Figure if us three go, no trouble will befall us.” Cat smiled as Zoe laughed.

“Sure about that. Think between you and me, we got trouble followin' us like a puppy.”

“Only 'cuz we bring Mal along. This is just for girl's only.”

“Yes, but just us three. I need to get gifts for everyone else.” Kitty added.

“She's already got something for you.” Cat whispered as the little girl slapped her on the arm. “Not like I told her what it was.”

“So, you figure out what Mal's been so secretive about.”

“Most of it, but knowing Mal like I do, he's got something big planned.”

“Maybe he plans to get a great big tree with lots of presents.” Kitty jumped up and ran around the room, her hands spread wide. “We could put a tree here and the presents here. Think we can get some candy canes while we're out shoppin'. I read about them in that book Jayne found me.”

“We'll see.” Zoe smiled as she watched the little one dance around singing songs about Santa and trees and a baby named Jesus. “Looks like it's not just you who's havin' their first Christmas.”

“That's all she's talk about since Jayne's mom sent him that book for her. Kind of glad Mal's doing this.” She watched as Kitty ran off, book in hand to Jayne's room. “You have given both of us more than we can ever ask for.”

“Could say the same about you two.” Zoe threw an arm over Cat as they both laughed.

* * * * * *

Serenity had gone quiet as Cat made her way up the stairs to the room Mal and she had been sharing. It was moments like this, in the still of the ship, that confirmed her decision to stay on Serenity instead of going off with 'Ski. God, she missed him, though.

A gruff voice followed by a little snicker made her pause and as she let her eyes fall to the small common area with its sofa and over stuffed chairs, her lips formed a grin. There in one of those chairs, mashed together like it was the only seat in the house, Jayne and Kitty sat with the big red book between them and a black panther asleep at their feet.

“And mamma in her 'kerchief and I in my cap had just settled down for a long winter's nap.” Jayne's voice was calm and almost parental like, but then he stopped. “What the hell is a woman like her wearing a 'kerchief to bed for? If she were my woman, she'd be...”

“She'd be what, Jayne?” Kitty looked up at him with those pretty blues, knowing full well what he would say, but also knowing the big merc wouldn't.

“N'ver mind.” He looked around making sure no one was around. Cat ducked out of the way as not to be seen. “Where was I?”

“Winter' nap,” Kitty smiled and tucked herself tighter against him, pulling up the green blanket so that it covered both of them.

“When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter...” He continued on, Cat's eyes watering slightly. Turning away and using her sleeve to wipe her face, she crept up the rest of the stairs and away from the miracle that was taking place below her. They had all finally found somewhere to belong.

* * * * His arm wrapped around her and she could smell the scent of his body on her skin. “You still awake?”

“Mmm...”he mumbled in her hair, but then whispered. “Not entirely.”

“Did I ever tell you how happy I am being on Serenity? That I appreciate you accepting Batha, Kitty and me without a complaint, even though I know how hard a sell Batha was.”

“Only about a million times.”

“Well, there's a million and one.” She squeezed his arm. “By the way, Kitty is lookin' forward to Christmas.”

“Figured it out, did ya?” Mal sounded a little disappointed, but Cat sighed.

“Not completely. Kitty hasn't been able to shut up about it, even got me and Zoe going out with her shoppin'. Anything you want?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” He laughed, nuzzling against her with his bare body.

“I'm still havin' trouble figurin' out what the big deal is.”

“It's a day to show how much you love the people you call family.”

“Ain't that what we do every day around here, except without a tree and presents.”

“Trust me, Cat. In two days time, you'll understand why I want this Christmas to be one you'll never forget.” He kissed her head and snuggled close to her, as he fell back to sleep. Cat remained awake for a little longer curious as the animal she was named after, about just what Mal could mean by what he had said.


------------------------------------- AN-this does not reflect what is going to happen at the end of the fanfic "Carry his Bullet', but is only a might be.

*Merry Christmas all!! (Post part two on Monday or Tuesday)


Saturday, December 20, 2008 1:30 PM


A Merry Christmas and good time to one and all back! Love this glimpse of domesticity, the image of Jayne and Kitty nestled together while he tells her a story made me smile so much. I love how all their lives have been enriched in some way by the new additions and wanted to hug Mal for contacting 'Ski so he could be in on their celebrations because he loves Cat so much. Would be neat if the next part was up tomorrow so I could read it before driving off to spend the festivities with my family. Good myth, Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, December 22, 2008 12:37 AM


Oh, lovely. I too think the image of Jayne and Kitty, snuggled up together with Batha at their feet, is just wonderful. And a first Christmas ... thank you.


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