Merry Catmas prt 2
Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry described in part one, this is what could be...I posted it earlier for my friend, AMDOBELL...have a great week and be safe.


Part 2 Christmas Eve afternoon

'Ski ran his hand down Serenity's landing gear smoking his third cigarette. It had been six months and as many times as they had reconnected over the years, this one had to be the most uncomfortable. She had a new home, a new family, and he knew he really didn't belong, even though his heart told him different.

“You gonna come in or just stand there smokin?” Mal stood on the ramp looking down at him, the satisfying look on his face that he had in fact been right about 'Ski.

“Where is she?”

Mal looked at him a moment before shakin' his head. “That's right. You can smell her.” A pause...”Went shoppin' with Kitty and Zoe.”

“Figured you wouldn't want me on your boat without her presence.”

“Been here before without her. Besides, heaven forbid, we might bond.” Mal almost smiled at him before 'Ski flicked the cigarette.

“Better have somethin' stiff than if we're bondin'. For all three of us.” He walked up the ramp and stood in front of Mal. They both shook hands. “Cat see us playin' nice and she might just buy into this Christmas shit.”

“Take it you're not a fan.”

“Nope.” That was it, no explanation, but Mal knew enough of the man to know not to ask.

“Well, I thin Kaylee made some food and something called eggnog. Tastes a bit like protein and has the feel of puke, but there's enough alcohol in it to kill most men.”

“Right up my alley then.” Both he and Mal continued into the ship. “So, saw a pretty interesting burn pattern on the right hull. Wanna tell me about that?”

“Now that' a story. It all started with this job involving a flock of chickens and some tar barrels....” ******

“So are you sure you got everything you need?” Cat asked Kitty as the young girl handed her another small bag.

“That's for Uncle Mal. I could get something just in case 'Ski shows up.”

Cat sighed. “Honey, I think 'Ski's a little busy this year.”

“But, it wouldn't be complete without him. He's family.” She looked up at Cat and then to Zoe who had joined them. “Well, my book says Christmas is about miracles and I for one believe in it so I need to get a gift for 'Ski and you should to. After all, he is still your husband.” The young girl huffed as she walked away, searching the stalls for a present.

“She's been talkin' about him lately, wonderin' why he left in the first place.” Zoe whispered.

“You know why he left, but it's hard to explain it to her. She knows Mal and I are together, but 'Ski and I are married. Bit of a complication when it comes to a ten year old mind, even a smart one.”

“She'll understand when she's older. By then, she may not have to understand.” Zoe looked to her and Cat shrugged.

“Maybe.” Cat whispered, her mind off in some other place. “Just not yet.” ************************

'Where are you, husband?' She reached out to him, the link the only thing that had connected them for the last six months and even though they had used it a lot, both knew it just wasn't the same.

'I'm somewhere.' 'Ski stated, his mood slightly fussy.

'You drunk?'

'A little. Did you know that egg's have nog in them?'


'That little annoyingly cheerful mechanic...what's her name?'


'Yup, that's it. She made eggs with nog in them and lots of alcohol. Think I drank a whole pitcher. Your captain, he's passed out in his chair. We're bonding.'

'You're here?'

'Nope, I'm here. You're there getting gifts for people. By the way, what'd you get me?' 'A kick in the ass for getting' yourselves drunk...I'll be there in a minute.' She let her mind slip as Cat turned to Zoe, but not before one more statement entered her mind,

'Well, that don't sound like a lot of fun....can I have a spankin' instead?'

“Ski's here.” Cat said to Zoe, whispered so that Kitty wouldn't hear.

“Figured Capt'n would get him here.”

“Well, both he and Mal are drunk back at Serenity so why don't you go shoppin' a bit more while I do damage control.”

“Think I can handle that. Should really get something for Jayne.”

“Good luck with that.”

“Get him a knife or somethin' sharp. Maybe just money.”

“Have Kitty pick him out somethin'. Big merc can't resist when she tells him she helped pick it out.”


“That's what I did. She picked him out a shirt that says 'I Don't do mornings'.” Cat laughed. “I didn't ask her why she knew that.”

“Well, we have our missions.” Zoe smiled. “Good luck with yours.”

“Wanna trade?”

“Nope. Those are your men.”

“Please don't remind me.”


As she entered Serenity, Kaylee stood putting the last trimmings on the tree Simon and her had found. It was about four foot tall and it actually looked more like a branch off a bigger tree, but Cat wasn't complaining. With strings of white and shiny little lights, the little mechanic gently placed silver balls and little animal ornaments that she and Kitty had made. Under it already were gifts, wrapped in odd papers, some colored and other just in brown. Cat silently thanked God she had had hers wrapped at the store.

Handing Kaylee her bags, she smiled and Kaylee motioned to the dining area. “So eggs with nog in them?”

“It's called eggnog. My daddy made it for us to get us to sleep through Christmas night. Guess the boys got into it first.”

“That bad, huh?”

“When they went in, I stayed out. Those two are bad voodoo when they get together.”

“Alright, I'll deal with them.” Cat ran up the stairs, but stopped. “Kaylee, the tree...this's awesome.” Her reward was the smile that could launch a thousand ships.


“So, then she walks up to the bartender, the whole fuckin' bar destroyed and blood everywhere, and asks for a drink.” His voice welcomed her and Mal's laugh confirmed that they both had played a very mean trick on her.

“Not funny,” she stated as 'Ski and Mal just laughed.

“Told you it would work. I like alcohol as much as the next person, but even I don't want to eat it.” Her husband lifted his glass and tipped it, the mixture staying inside the cup. “We just figured that we'd get you here quicker if I played drunk and I knew you wouldn't buy it if Mal was awake.”

“We just wanted to see you.” Mal had learned about their link a while back and at first, it angered him, but after a bit, he came to understand why. “Askin'...the ole fashion way works too.” Cat was a bit irritated.

“Yup, but this was lots more fun.”Both of her men laughed and as much as she wanted to slam them both on the ground, it was nice seeing them get along.

“It's nice to see you, 'Ski.”

“Same here.” There was an awkwardness for a moment before her partner stood and wrapped his arms around her. Cat hugged back and smiled.

“Miss me much?”


Christmas Day All gathered 'round the tree

“A slip cover for Vera,” Jayne held up the long gun shaped knitted bag, its rainbow colors enough to send everyone giggling. “Ain't funny. It's just what I needed. Plus it goes with my picture.” He held tight to the small painting Kitty had given him as she, in turn, smiled and hugged her brown bear to her chest, naming him Cobby for apparent reasons.

“So, who's next?” Kaylee smiled, her hands full from all the presents she had gotten. A new pair of coveralls from Mal, a set of tools from Jayne, Zoe, and Kitty, a few new patches from Cat, and a beautiful necklace from Simon. River had helped pick it out. Inara had given her a beautiful set of brushes, which she had given all the women including Kitty. The men she had given expensive cologne.

Zoe had made out like a bandit as well with the pillow case from Kitty and a variety of new knives, a scarf, and some scented oils. Cat had promised a night out with just the two of them on the town. Everyone had gotten so many different things that even Mal had said they needed to clean out Serenity to make room for it all.

Cat sat nestled on the couch, her hand wrapped in Mal's and her feet propped up against 'Ski on her right. She made the excuse that it separated them, but everyone knew it was to be close to them both.

'I found Zeus.' His voice entered her head and she turned slightly. 'The location of your Creator.'

'I know of whom you speak. I just...'

'Thought that's what you wanted. No one can hurt you then,'

'I want that. You know I do, but...' She squeezed Mal's hand before finishing. 'I want a year or so to be with him and Serenity. I want to be happy, think I deserve it.'

'What am I suppose to do until then? Ain't stayin' on his boat?' He shook his head.'What would have me do?'

She faced him this time and place a hand on his leg, the warmth of it soothing and tempting all in the same. Her green eyes glistened in the lights from the trees and as she spoke, she smiled. “Live.”

“So, we have opened all the presents and eaten all the food. Now what?” 'Ski asked, trying hard to figure out just what Cat had meant by her statement.

Kitty coughed a bit and then over to whisper in Jayne's ear. When the big merc shook his head, the cute little girl let her baby blues speak volumes. “Please.”

“Oh, fine.” He caved as Kitty jumped up and went to grabbed the large red book of the table.

Cat watched her go, watched as her family huddled together, each filled with love for the next. Even her boys, their differences more apparent than night and day, but ready to give anything for her happiness. Mal and his perfect Christmas and 'Ski with the location of her nemesis....but that would have to wait. Until then, she would relish in being home.

Jayne cleared his throat, the book spread across his lap and Kitty nestled with Cobby against him and with the same voice he had used the last time she had heard him read it, the big merc began. “Twas the night before Christmas.....”


Christmas Night Epilogue

Cat had said her goodbyes to 'Ski promising him they would see each other again, but not until she had lived her life on Serenity just a little bit more. She had checked Kitty kissing her gently as Batha laid beneath on the couch, the little girl so tuckered out that she had fallen dead asleep while still celebrating. Cat smiled as the soft brown head of Cobby peered out from beneath the blanket. Kitty's arm holding him tight. Leaning over, she kissed the bear as well.

'Merry Christmas, Batha.' Cat thought as the big cat huffed gently, adjusting her large body and falling back to sleep. It was time for her to sleep as well.

The stairs were warm on her cold feet, Serenity's engine gently keeping her family warm as the cold winds blew outside. It smelled as if they would get snow tonight and Cat silently wished for it. As she approached the door to her room, her hand slid the ladder down and her feet carried her to the floor.

It was slightly dark, but with her eyes, she could see that Mal wasn't there, probably at the Bridge looking into where their next job would take them. Slipping off her jeans and red shirt, Cat pulled out the sink to wash her face.

“Have you been a good little girl?” A voice behind her said and she turned to see Mal, naked as the day he was born with a large red knit hat that had a small white fluffy ball on the end of it.

“Need to ask my captain that.” She growled and slid the sink back in before walking toward him. “He says I'm usually quite bad and need to be punished quite severely.” Circling him to get the full effect of the hat and his lack of attire, Cat shed the rest of her garments tossing them to the ground at Mal's feet. “Wanna spank me, Santa Reynolds?”

Mal grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against him, covering her mouth with his. She yelped as he bit her lower lip and he welcomed the growl that escape her throat, lifting her to the bed and letting his tongue explore the bare body before him. Snatching the hat from his head, Cat moaned gently as he found her weakness.

“Merry Christmas, boa bei,” he smiled as Cat tossed the hat in the corner and buried her hips into his because after all, it's an all night affair searching for those pesky space ticks and Cat wasn't gonna give up until she found every last one of them.


And a very Merry Christmas to one and all!!!!


Sunday, December 21, 2008 1:27 PM


Yay, happy dance! I really loved this and thank you so much for hurrying out the second half so I could read it before driving down to my family in the morning. You are a star and this was just perfect Christmas fare. I noted the little ominous bit when 'Ski tells her he has located her nemesis though really was proud of Cat for telling him it could wait a year or so because she wanted to spend time with Mal and her family. Though if 'Ski had been an extra shiny friend he would have done away with the *hundan* and put a pretty bow on the remains as a shiny Christmas gift. Can't help it, I'm a traditionalist at heart! Happy Christmas and a Peaceful Browncoat New Year, Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, December 22, 2008 12:46 AM


Lovely! And I just know you know what I think about Mal wearing nothing but a Santa hat ... thank you for the image that will now be in my mind for at least the next dozen days!

Have a great Christmas, and if I get to have my Christmas wish, make sure Cat chooses Mal in your other story. Please?


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