Deck the Halls
Monday, December 22, 2008

Jayne/OFC. Smut. R/NC17. Jayne gets some at Solstice-tide. Warnings: Jayne behaves...well, like Jayne. Not suitable for kiddies. One off.


Winter, another dirt moon, another handful of credits. After some sniffing around, a less than lawful deal and a lot more credits. Enough to go celebrate Solstice and have plenty left over. So the crew hit the local hot spot and negotiated something of a holiday in exchange for a mixture of credits and hauling some seasonal produce around for a few days.

Jayne took his cut and hit the local bar. He nodded appreciatively. It was better than he expected. Neat, tidy, clean. The décor was pretty classy as well, in shades of brown and cream. Someone was aiming upmarket. The glasses behind the bar were clean and washed. The barkeep served him a pint of beer which was halfway decent. Even the local rot-gut was pretty smooth and slipped down nicely. Then the entertainment started. Some singing and a magic act. Then a goon brought out a dance pole. Jayne grinned; a skin show. He just hoped that the skin would be female and at least vaguely attractive.

His hopes manifest in the shape a tall, masked woman clad in abbreviated Santa gear which was only just this side of indecent. A short red top, corset, mini skirt, sky high heels and red and white striped stockings. He couldn't see her hair at the moment, but she had legs up to her armpits and a nicely stacked rack. As she turned, Jayne was favoured with the sight of a generous, provocatively curve tush. The sort that gave a fella like him immediate thoughts of getting his hands busy with fondling; then bending her over and sliding his length inside, followed by taking her for a nice hard gallop or two. He tipped his hat and grinned at the lady as he made his way closer to the stage. He had the build, height and presence which usually meant that people gave way to him. Jayne found a seat, then settled down to enjoy the show.

Well, Miss Santa knew her stuff. She circled and embraced the pole like a lover, in time with the music. She took off her red gloves, one finger at a time. Then her top came off. Underneath, she was wearing a tight, red waist corset and red pasties on her breasts, which bounced very nicely. Jayne could almost feel the weight of those breasts filling his cupped hands perfectly. She danced and twirled a bit more, then off came the skirt part. Underneath was a tiny, sparkly thong. Then her head turned and she looked over her shoulder right at Jayne as she lowered herself slowly. She spread her legs wider and winked at him, then tilted her hips backwards towards him just as the lights went out. A lot of the men watching made loud noises of protest. Jayne just stood up carefully [he was painfully erect, so discretion was a reasonable plan], with the brief flash of barely veiled paradise still burned onto his retinas. He was looking for options for making his way in the pitch black to get at least one helping of what the lady had offered him, when the main doors of the bar burst open.

Jayne frowned. For a split second he thought this might have been a set-up; but some lights briefly returned, giving him enough time to identify a crowd of nasty Berserkers. His hands were both already full of guns, so he let them speak. Some other guys in the bar moved to help him in the darkness. To his left, he was joined by someone in a long reddish coat who was also making good with fire power. It was difficult to tell exactly what was happening. But Jayne wasn't a crack shot for nothing. He could go on sound and smell alone if he had to. Berserkers just smelled bad. Not as bad as Reavers, but bad enough. Talking of smell, there was a delicious undercurrent of aroused woman somewhere close by, which wasn't helping the erection situation. Well, it was helping in the way that he knew he'd be erect for the rest of the night whether he got lucky or not. The gun fight he was engaged in was just adding fuel to his almost fully awakened libido. Finally, there was a pile of dead Berserkers and the bar lights sputtered back to about quarter power.

A hand tugged his. “Come with me!” Well, the voice was female, so Jayne did. He still had his guns and more than a few bullets to spare. His brain caught up with his sense of smell. He was with 'highly aroused woman'. Well, all right, then! Jayne was pulled willingly into a room nearby and heard the lock catch on the door behind him. He remembered Saffron – or whatever her name was - and stayed alert. “Now just a minute, lady.” She chuckled and hit the lights. They were in some kind of mini apartment. The lady with him was the anonymous exotic dancer, but now she had a long red, neck to ankle length coat on. “Of course; it's the disguise!” She pulled off the Santa hat, revealing long, dead straight, silky looking brown hair. Then the mask was next. She had deep blue eyes. It took Jayne a few seconds, then he recognised her.

“Good gorram! Holly Christmas! Noel's little sister! I used to pull yer pigtails in school!” “Recognised you when you walked in the bar, Jayne. CCTV.” Jayne gently pulled at front of her coat, “Well, Holly. We gonna celebrate the season?” Holly grinned, “You betcha!” She shed the coat. She still had her minuscule stage outfit on; such as it was. Jayne growled and backed her against the wall, “Wanted you when you were fourteen, ya minx!” He stripped off his tee shirt and Holly's hands began caressing him. “I wanted you too!” He peeled off the pasties and began fondling right back. Her breasts filled his hands as sweetly as he'd hoped. “I'd 'a done almost anythin' ta pluck yer cherry back then.” She grinned at him, “I know,” she undid his belt, “You can pluck me all you want, now!”

Jayne let his cargo pants fall and growled eagerly when Holly wrapped both hands around his straining erection. “My, my. Big Jayne Cobb really is big all over!” Jayne suddenly removed her hands and lifted her up. His nostrils flared as he eased her thong to one side and her legs open. “Merciful Buddha, are ya gonna get plucked right now!” Then he slid inside her in one long, delicious glide. Holly was hot, wet and tight around him. He stroked one finger gently right where it would do most good and felt Holly come for him. Then he began thrusting in earnest, helping Holly ride him to glory. His head jerked back as his first climax slammed sweetly into him. After they both descended from the heights to something approaching normality, Holly led him to the couch for a second round, then a third. After that, they just about made it to Holly's bed for round number four.

Morning came eventually. Jayne woke up with a delicious sated ache in his balls and his chest half covered with a drowsy Holly. “Mmm... Mornin', darlin'.” She looked up at him, “Morning, stud!” “Yer a long way from home, Holly Christmas.” “Came here with a fella, then he dumped me and made off with most of my credits. Shopped the hwoon dahn and bin earnin' since then to make the passage home.” Jayne grinned slowly, “Could give ya a ride. Mal – my captain - will likely be a grump 'bout it, but if'n you c'n work yer passage, he'll be okay. I hope.” Holly grinned, “I can make it into a good sob story. An' give ya reason to smile in yer bunk for the trip.” Jayne pulled her closer and nuzzled her neck, “That's what I was hopin'. Mind you, ya'll hafta jump ship when we get there.” Holly grinned, “I know. After that hwoon dahn shafted me in the worst way, I bin playin' the field. But there's good pickings for a woman that can dance and mebbe offer a fella some happy time. An' if yer ever come by, we can celebrate Solstice all over agin.” “Think this might be the best Solstice ever, darlin'. Now about that 'all over again...' D'ya think we might...?” “Yes, please!”

Coda: About 12 hours later.

Mal frowned at Zoe, “Has Jayne been on the rotgut again?” “Think he picked up a good supply of it at the last place, sir.” “He seems unusually happy.” Zoe coughed, “He did say Holly was giving him 'a good regular polish', sir. And she clearly knows what she's doing and knew him about twenty years back. Plus she'll be getting off after Solstice.” Mal's mouth quirked in distaste, “I just wish he wouldn't sing seasonal songs quite so loud.” Neither of them had been paying that much attention to the lyrics.

Down in his bunk, Holly and Jayne were as naked as the day they came crying. Both were covered in a fine sheen of sweat from their exertions. Jayne had Holly bent over, just like in his fantasies, and he was slowly easing into her. He steered her expertly through two orgasms, then began riding her hard and deep. He started to sing lustily. “Deck my balls with lots more Holly!”



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