AIB 17 'Damned if I Don't"
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angelle and Mal's fight come to a head and we find what her real plans on Whitefall just might be....


Angelle's mine and the rest of the world belongs to Joss as least as far as Firefly is concerned. -----------------------------------------------

Frustration, Irritation, or the polite ways of saying I was seriously PISSED OFF and when I am at that point, I have learned the only effective way to calm my nerves is to shoot the source. Only kidding, but it would fix the problem. You know maybe Patience has the right idea.

Well, thanks to the upbringing of my parents and some very interesting relatives, I didn't shoot Mal. Instead, I walked to my room and kicked the first thing I saw, which happen to be the body size punching bag that hung from the ceiling. My dear sweet aunt always thought of my needs.

It swung widely and came back to me as I delivered another kick, this time sending it sideways. God, did it feel good. Within minutes, the kicks had become punches and I had begun to work up quite a sweat as clothes were shed left and right.

“Still think you have better form when you're not pissed off about a boy.” A voice from behind made me shift from my right foot and pivot. Aunt Lou Lou stood, a long red satin robe draped around her slender figure. Her long red hair, lighter than mine, lay in tresses, slightly wet from an apparent shower or bath.

Smiling, I just looked at her, my short tank top and thin work out shorts the only thing left on. Breathing heavy from the hour or so I had pummeled the bag, I walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. “I'm not mad about a boy, Lou.”

“Really? Then, answer me why I have a very confused looking captain sitting in my parlor.” She walked over to sit beside me and I felt her arm rubbing my back. “Never thought Sam's daughter would get caught by anyone who wasn't long snouted and baring a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.”

“Don't forget the scaly hide.” I grinned rubbing my sore knuckles. “I'm not falling for him.”

“So you're just up here beating that bag like it killed your best friend because you felt like it.” Lou Lou always read through any front I put up, even ones my father couldn't. “Why you with him anyway?”

“Because I needed a ride to Whitefall.”

“No matter how much you talk to Patience, she's not gonna get back with your dad. I told you that the last time we talked about it.”

“I know, but I still want to meet the woman that broke my daddy's heart.” I looked at her.

“You can't kill her, Angelle. Either she loves your daddy or she doesn't. Nothing a bullet is gonna change and I guarantee you your daddy will have a helluva time forgiving you.” She kissed my cheek, the smell of rose and sandalwood filling my nose. “Now, what about this captain in my parlor? It's a bit hard to do business with him watching.”

“Tell him to go see to his Companion.” I bit back harder than I wanted.

“I already told you, she ain't my companion.” His voice made me quiver, part in anger and part in the need of him close. “Now, Angelle, I didn't come here to be yelled at. I'm not really good with this whole womanly urges you all have and I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve the fire pot you've placed me in, but right now, I just want a bed to lay in and maybe some polite conversation.”

“That sounds great to me. You two work out what needs working and I'll call you down when dinner's ready.” Lou Lou smiled and walked out pushing Mal in. Maybe it was just me, but I swore I heard the lock turn as she left.

“You changed clothes.” Mal looked me up and down as I stood ready to go one on one with either the bag or him, whichever angered me first. No bets on who that was.

“Glad you noticed.” I growled throwing a hard strike into the black leather as it swung out from the impact.

“Seems you got your daddy's right hook...” He commented trying to do his best to break the ice. I turned, angry that he didn't understand what he did and furious that I was letting him get to me this much.

“And my mama's temper.” I snarled back, throwing a kick that sent the bag circling me and almost hitting Mal. He put up a hand to stop it.

“What in the gorram hell did I do?” he finally raised his voice and I turned jumping as my left foot cleared his head and hit the bag with enough force to bring it around where I caught it with my arms.

“If you can't bloody well figure it out, then to hell if I'm gonna tell you.”

“Gorram women,” he spoke, “ask 'em a question and get nothing.”

“Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you're a captain and need the damn thing spelled out for you.” I moved so that I was inches from his face. “You're risking your fucking life for a woman who will just turn around and bite your ass again and instead of trusting me to do my job, you insult me by thinking I'd shoot her by mistake.” My hands clenched next to me. “Trust me, Captain Reynolds, if I wanted the bloody bitch dead, I would've carved her heart out with my knife when she called my daddy a barbarian.”

“And you would have been no better than her.” I felt my hand raise to slap him, but he caught it as my other hand came up. Grabbing the other and pulling me to him, I resisted a minute before his lips touched mine. It was an aggressive kiss and one that made me realize just how much he turned me on, but this fight wasn't over.

Using the kiss to free myself, I pushed him hard as the force dropped him to the bed. Straddling him, trying hard to avoid the loaded gun on his side and the knife in his belt, I looked down as he smiled at me. “I'm still mad at you, Reynolds.”

“I can see that.” He reached to touch my sweaty skin as I moved, trying hard not to succumb to the feelings running through my heart.

“You can't just get out of this by making me feel...” He switched to run fingers down the length of my thighs.

“Feel what, bao bei?”

“Oh, no! We're not finished. If this is going to go on, we must get one thing straight. I didn't let you kiss me because I was in need of a good fuck and I'm not playing second fiddle to some high priced whore, who can't pull her head out of her ass enough to realize just what she missed.”

“And I didn't follow you home so you could walk out of my life and return to a swamp full of beasts who really could care if you're on their menu or not and who in the hell ever said you're second fiddle. I told you on that planet of yours that you got nothing to worry about. Thinkin' I'm lyin', Ange?”

“Well, it's not like you're helping with all that talk of savin' her.”

“Inara's crew.” He smiled. “Besides, if it were you, I wouldn't wait until tomorrow to save you.” He finally grabbed me and rolled me so that I was now under him. His lips found mine as the butt of his gun dug into my hip.

“Ouch.” I whined moving under him as he looked at me.

“Wasn't exactly what I expected to hear.”

“Well, ain't anyone told you that coming to bed and climbing on a woman with a gun on your hip ain't too healthy, at least for the woman.” I teased as he stood and unbuckled the holster. Sliding it off and taking the knife out of his pocket, he placed them on a chair near where we would be sleeping.

“Anything else I might need to get rid of?” He turned as I just looked at him.

“Dinner will be in a few hours.” I whispered, but he walked over to sit on the bed next to me.

“That's good because I didn't have those kind of plans just yet, Bao bei.”

“You don't.” I looked at him from where I lay and he looked down at me, running his fingers through my hair.

“No, because the next time I take you, I want it perfect and in a bed.” He leaned and kissed me again gently. It reminded me oddly of the pig gut kiss. Yes, I know that's a dirty thing to call it, but at least, all of us are now on the same page.

He crawled in next to me and pulled me close, my head laying in his chest. I could hear the steady beat of his heart and slowly my eyes began to close. Softly, I felt his fingers running gently through my hair and heard his breathing settle to long deep breaths. It might have been my imagination, but as I fell deeper into the peaceful sleep that his warmth beside me brought on, I swore I heard Mal snoring.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009 12:26 PM


I loved this, so glad Angelle didn't stay mad at Mal and him not apologising but explaining that Inara was simply crew was something I could see fitting his philosophy. I also really liked how he told Angelle that if she had needed rescuing he wouldn't leave it until the next day, which really cements where she is on his list of priorities. But I do agree with Angelle on her thoughts about Inara and as for Aunt Lou Lou, I love her to bits! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, February 5, 2009 7:21 AM


Of course Inara is just crew, but a little jealousy on Angelle's part is to be expected. I like the fight, though, and I too loved Mal's comment about not waiting a day if it was her to be rescued. So, perfect and in bed, huh? Could be interesting!


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