Mourin' the Fallen Part 2
Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Aftermath of Cat's destruction of the camp...Mal talks to her about her decision and Cat lets him in on her past orders.....(For Jane, who requested this...I hope it meets with your thoughts on the matter. *wink*) Enjoy all!!


He found her about thirty five feet from camp, her long legs dangling from high up in the tallest tree in the area, a feat the few times he had found her there unable to figure out how. She saw him approach, her senses ever so sharp, not even the rustle of some owl got past her. With a few graceful leaps, she dropped in front of him, body ridged and at attention.

"No danger found, Sir." She whispered low, "The Alliance has not found the camp yet."

"Thanks, but that's not why I'm here." He looked toward where the camp was, even the few miles that separated them did not keep the smell of death from traveling on the winds. "What you did was..." His voice stopped unable to find the right words to say. Unlike most, Cat didn't rush to fill in his words, instead she waited, her eyes flipping from him to the area around them. Even before Mal, she was still on high alert.

"Let me start that again. When you kill, what goes through that head of yours?" He asked her as she cocked her head in confusion.

"It's what I am designed to do. So, nothing." She blinked once, her eyes seeming to adjust a bit to the sun that was slowly rising behind them. "You are not happy with what I did. I don't understand. They killed ours and so we kill theirs."

"I respect what you did, but I also value the life of those people you destroyed."

"But, Sir, is this not war?" Cat frowned.

"Yes, it is, but you could have made your point without killing all of them. They had families." Mal looked at her reaching out to touch her shoulder. She stared at his hand for a second before letting her eyes travel back to his. "We are not senseless killers. It's what makes us different. We respect life."

"Respect life." She seemed to roll the words in her mouth as she turned away from him, a sound from far off alerting her. Turning back to him, she nodded. "It's what saved you, 'being different,' from the barrel of my gun."

Something had changed in her as she let her mouth curl in the first real smile he had ever seen in the strange woman. "I promise to watch what I do from now on, Sir. I will try to respect life as you would have me do."

Mal nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Her fingers lightly brushed his arm as she passed him. "Let's just hope that the ones who are killing yours feel the same way because I will protect that which is mine with every 'killing' fiber in my being."

He looked to her as she whispered into the air around them, the darkest returning to her eyes. "After all, Sargent Malcolm Reynolds, not but three weeks ago, it was you who was on my kill list and respect life was the furtherest from my employer's thoughts. In fact, their exact words were eliminate ANYONE who bleeds brown."

"Different, Cat." Mal spoke to her as she nodded, her hands wrapping around the bottom limbs of her tree.

"Yes, Sir." She muttered with her back to him, her fangs glistening in the sunrise and her beautiful green eyes glowing in the shadows of her face. "Different indeed."

========================================== AN- neither of these stories is meant to say whether killing is right or wrong. This is, but a story of a killer desgned for killing and how she learns what it is to be human.


Saturday, March 28, 2009 11:41 AM


Oooh, very good and a little bit spooky. I am certainly glad that Cat spared Mal and didn't carry out those original orders to eliminate anyone who bled brown. Loving this background story, you rock! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, March 29, 2009 6:57 AM


You get a ten! Cat's first tentative steps to being human ... and I am so glad you wrote this! Brilliant.


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