AIB 22 "Pretty Little Angry Girl"
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angelle and company head off to the party where anything that could go wrong....does.


Angelle's mine. All else is Joss'.


Emotions...something that as an assassin, you learn to control or at least hope you control so as to not let the enemy know what you're thinking. In the assassin rule book, it's close to the top and one would think it is also a priority to most Companions, dealing with the people they have to deal with, but someone sure as hell hadn't told Inara.

With Atherton busy acting like an arrogant asshole, oh, wait, he ain't acting, Inara pushed her way over to us, her beautiful royal blue and white lace dress hugging her thin waist as it belled around her fragile glass slippers. As I looked at her, I couldn't help but think about a bed time story my mother once told me. She smiled, her soft mocha colored lips parting to show her clean pearly teeth. Black, soft hair dropped over her shoulders like curly cascades of silk. Her voice was as smooth as her get up, its sultry sound almost blending with the soothing music instead of carrying over it. All in all, you could say I felt a bit like the homely mocking bird standing next to a colorful song bird.

"Mal, I am so glad you could come." Still playing the part of good little Companion, she made small talk or as my daddy liked to call it 'bullshittin'. Most small talk, he said, was actually a way to get in and then asked the real question on your mind. It also tended to make you drop your guard long enough to make you say yes. Daddy said it was one of my specialties. Honestly, I've got no idea what he's talkin about.

"We were in the area and it gives a chance for Kaylee bird to get dressed in her finery. Paid a lot for that dress to see it hangin' in her room." They both glanced over at the precious redhead, her arms almost elbow deep in strawberries, chocolate, and the occasional piece of imported fudge. Me, at this moment, really just wanted a swig of whiskey or moonshine, though the latter wasn't quick as ladylike.

"Captain Reynolds, how good to see you...again." Atherton Wing strolled up behind them as I seemed to ghost my way back into the crowd. I wasn't really wanting him to know I was there and what he didn't know could later turn around to bite him in the ass. Oh, that would be my other specialty.

"Atherton," Mal spoke, and I can honestly tell you that the last time I heard a voice that pissed, yet that sexy was earlier when he had gotten mad at me for attacking Niska's men alone.

"Who invited..." Wing started, but a sweet voice behind him stopped the statement.

"Mr. Wing, I see you have met my guest, Captain Reynolds, and his first officer, Zoe Washburne." Aunt Lou Lou, with her impeccable timing and almost magic way to soothe even the most awkward of situations, strolled up with Zoe on one arm and Jayne on the other. "Oh, and have you met my date, Mr. Cobb?"

Jayne seemed to smile big and leaned to me, standing behind them all so if something happened, I could deal with it accordingly. "Like it when she calls me Mister."

My eyebrow furled as I thought of the other times she might have done so and then faked throwing up. There are somethings in life that are best left not concentrating on. A hand on my arm pulled me in front and center, which was somewhere this assassin didn't like being, unless I had a gun in my hand and a knife in the other. "And this is my lovely niece, Angelle."

Atherton looked at me with all the regard of a bull does for a pill bug, though he did seem to enjoy looking at the curves of my body, wrapped in the black silk of my dress. His hand reached for mine and barely hovered over the knuckle of my middle finger, as he bowed to me and kissed it. I fought the urge to flip him off. "Any family of Madam Blackthorne's is welcome at this party."

Now, I really wanted to puke, and after wash my hand with the strongest of soaps. Still, like the good little rich girl want to be I was suppose to be playing, I dipped in a perfect curtsy, a smile on my face so fake that it made the boobs on the line dancers look real. Seriously, when they are bigger than your head and you are skinnier than a toothpick, EVERYONE knows they ain't real.

"Mr. Wing, it is a pleasure to meet you." I chimed through my gritted teeth as I felt the warm hand of someone on my back. When I turned, Jasmine smiled at me, her slanted almond colored eyes reminding me of how much my Aunt loved diversity. She grinned gently, reading my emotions like the empath she was.

"Ni hao, Jas." I smiled. "I was just saying hi to Mr. Wing. Do you know him?" I made a sweeping motion with my hand and in it, a silent eye plead to keep my emotional state a secret.

"Ni hao, Lao pung yo. Yes, I have had the pleasure of meeting Xian Sheng Wing." She walked over, silk flowing with the appearance of ice over a waterfall. Jasmine had the most beautiful hair that could be styled around her like a dress, long, shiny and super soft. Right now though, it was wrapped in a very complicated weave on her head, chopsticks the color of ivory sticking out from its raven nest.

She bowed low to him and I watched his eyes dip to follow her cleavage. Suddenly, the dress I was wearing made me feel just a wee bit naked. Smiling, he also kissed her hand and I could see my aunt shaking her head in almost anger. Jasmine was her girl, almost like Jayne was her man and yes, I mean in the Biblical sense. I can assure you of one thing right now, the big merc probably got more than just my aunt last night. Might be the reason he had a smile on his big old maw now.

Jasmine moved away, her lips just brushing my aunt's cheek before heading off to look for more people to greet. She was also my aunt's recruiter and the best advertisement her business could find. She was friendly and could read lonely a mile away. Maybe it was the reason of all the women Lou had in her possession, Jas was the one who never ever missed a party.

“Quite a beauty you got there, Madam. She is exquisite in every way.” Wing grinned like a wolf who had just found the prettiest lamb in the group. "And how much?" Wing joked, never once looking at Inara, who even though held captive by Wing, glared at him. My aunt, on the other hand, was extremely vocal.

“You son of a bitch.” She screamed, loudly as people turned to look in our direction. Grabbing my aunt's arm before she had a chance to slam her hand into Atheron's face, I pulled her toward the bathroom. Zoe followed, hopefully getting the distinct idea I might need just a bit of help calming her down. There are very few things that Lou finds unforgivable, beating on her girls and forgetting your place in the scheme of things. Atheron Wing had done both.

Inside the ornate bathroom, Chinese curse words flowed from her mouth and I almost blushed at them. Not because of the fact they were said, trust me, you live in a swamp long enough with a whole bunch of ex-soldiers you're bond to hear much worse, but surely, not coming from a woman as beautiful as my aunt. Me, oh yes, but then I don't pride myself on being pretty.

"That piece of worm ridden cow humping son of a gorram bitch." She shifted to English as a few of the more respectable women of the party left the bathroom in quite a hurry. I could hear the rumors now.

"Aunt Lou, settle down." I commanded, but she turned to me and Zoe eyes glaring.

"Why didn't you kill him? You said you would kill that..."

I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder. "And I will, but not in the middle of a room filled with people. You know I ain't like that." "Not to mention, Lou Lou," Zoe added. "It would endanger every one of your girls." She smiled at me, and I mouthed a thank you. Taking a very deep breath, I could tell Lou was calming down and with her bit of a tantrum, I remembered why she and my dad were so alike.

"I'm sorry, Girls." She smiled reaching out to hug me and then touched Zoe's arm. "I just can't stand that scoundrel."

"You're not the only one who feels that way." I spoke. "Come on. Let's powder your nose and get your beautiful figure back into the party."

She smiled and kissed my cheek. "My sweet dear, I'm not the only beauty here." Her eyes went to Zoe as well. Reaching in the small catch in her hand, she withdrew her compact and buffed her glossy face before turning to us. "Alright, my girls, let's go play nice with old Mr. Atheron 'the ass' Wing."

I laughed and took her arm as Zoe the other. Walking out, the images in front of me stopped all of us in our tracks. On the stage that once held the sultry fake boobed girls was a man in a red bandanna. All around the crowd were about thirty more that were dressed pretty much like him and they were removing the guns, jewels, and money from the party goers. With a loud booming voice, the mastermind on the stage grinned.

"Ladies, no screamin' or faintin' and Gents, no one try bein' a hero. Just put the weapons and the pretty pretties in my colleagues hands and I swear no one will get hurt."

"Ai ya. Women wanle." I heard Zoe comment beside me and as I reached down to feel the small knife under my dress, I suddenly wished for the 44 I left at Lou's.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009 2:15 PM


I really like Aunt Lou Lou and though Angelle left her 44 at Lou's I'm betting Jayne has some of his girls hidden about his person. If there's any gunplay let's hope the first shots shoot Atherton Wing right in his wedding tackle. That should put a smile on EVERYONE's face! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 12:29 AM


Wouldn't be the BDH's if something didn't get mucked up...

Eagerly awaiting more.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009 2:29 AM


Nice chapter! I took think Lou Lou is great (right up Jayne's alley - if that didn't bring a particularly disgusting image to mind), and Atherton is as slimy as usual. But who are the new arrivals? Waiting for more ...


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