The Big Goodbye
Friday, June 5, 2009

Chapter 61....and the final chapter in this little fanfic....hope you all enjoy and be prepared for more adventures in the coming months...thnx for riding....


The Big Goodbye based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon ---------------------------------------

"So you leaving us?" Mal asked as he watched 'Ski pack his bags.

"Don't act like it breaks your heart, Reynolds. She might be yours now, but she is still my wife." 'Ski growled, but then just shook his head. " We can fight about her until we kill each other, but Babe will pick who she wants. Simple as that and just so you know, she plans on riding with you for at least awhile."

"I know."

"Good. By the way, I see how you look at that Companion. May not be any of my business, but you and Cat is. You want to get freaky with Inara, then so be it, but break Cat's heart in the process...and even the Devil won't stop me from sending you to hell."

"Brave words for someone leaving her behind."

"I'm leaving her here because she wants to be here and if I don't leave, she will eventually end up in my arms and then in my bed."

Mal tensed and frowned at his remark.

"Relax. As for as I am concerned, she has kept faithful to you, not that we haven't had our close calls. Truthfully, she wants to be in one place for awhile or at least have a home. Me? I'm not sure what I really want."

"You'll know when the time comes. Might even go the way of a ship's captain. You are one helluva pilot."

“ Maybe. Not that I’m thinkin’ about settlin’ mind you. But should I get bored of hitching around the ‘Verse one day.” ‘Ski explained.

“ 'Ski, not just any boat can become a home.” Mal explained “She’s gotta be special.”

“So how do you know?”

The Captain seemed to think about it for a moment, and then chuckled to himself. “Can’t rightly say. But you’ll know it when it happens. You’ll see her, and not be able to live without her.”

"Strange..." 'Ski grabbed his duffel bag and tossed it over his shoulder. "Think I know just what you mean." He frowned, bumping Mal as he walked out the door. 'Ski needed to find Cat.


She stood with her back to her new home and facing the smoke that could be seen coming from over the mountains. Cat knew where it came from and was almost glad that it did. A feeling though eluded her, something that was still out there and still hunting her. Maybe it was just how she was built.

A sound behind her made her turn, the long red hair catching the wind as her partner walked up to take his place beside her. This was where they would part company for a while, this was where she felt herself being ripped in two.

“He's dead, Babe. No one can survive something like that. Not even you.” 'Ski stood inching from her side, the warmth from her driving him crazy.

“Don't underestimate him, 'Ski.” She shook her head, the long red hair falling in front of her face as he leaned over to push it back. "Not sure how well I can trust these people. It'll be hard without you. Think I'm doing the right thing?"

“Nope, but then neither was trusting me.”

“You haven't stabbed me in the back.” She looked at him, her green eyes spoke volumes. “Not once, even when you could of for a lot of money.”

“Money was never the issue, Babe. You knew that and the other reason, well, with you to back me up, I got more revenge than I could of with you on display.”

“But, you married me.”

“I did. Regretted it ever since.” He chuckled as she smiled. “Got to admit there is no one like me in your life.”

“I hope you will always my life.” She let her hand fall to his gently squeezing it and as she went to let go, 'Ski wrapped his hand around hers.

“You still plan on staying here, huh?” He asked finally, knowing her answer before she could speak it into existence.

“I still love Mal, even though he'll never be...” She stopped.

“Never be what, Lao Puo?” His voice soothed her, but stirred her up as well. Instead of answering him, her lips fell to his as she kissed him with all the passion she could muster. Taking a gulp afterwards and licking her lips to taste the flavor of cigarettes and just him, she whispered.

“, Lao Gohn.”

Strange how he had imagined this moment, not really because he wanted it to happen, mostly just a passing thought as the two would drink themselves stupid and end up in the same bed passed out, but suddenly here it was. For a minute, he was jealous of Mal, but then her words came back to him. Cat loved him and for an odd reason, he was okay with it.

“Hope that Captain of yours knows what he's getting...” he smiled, 'and what I'm not.'

'I can hear you, Husband. We just swapped spit and some very raw emotions.'

'Could swap something else if you want.' He flooded her mind with the images of them together in the thralls of passion.

“God, I'm gonna miss you.”

“Answer me this. Why him? I mean he's a good man, gives good advice, and is an all around decent human being. All the things we're not.”

“Because you are the only one that understands me and still loves me no matter what. You have been there for me when everyone else has left.”

“Help me here with these reasons again. 'Cuz where I'm sitting, these are reasons to stay with me.”

“Says the man who can't love." She shook her head. "It's time for you to have a life and with Mal here to protect me, you can."

'Ski grabbed up her wrist and held it tightly, but not enough to hurt her. His eyes were like fire as he spoke, the words in harsh whispered tone. "No one can protect you like I can. I don't care how much you claim to love that ship's captain back there, but we will get this straight before I leave you, YOU LOVE ME. Your mouth says it, your body says it, fuck, your mind says it and, Cat," He used her name, the one he hated to use because it was not what she was. "..your heart says it, too."

His hand fell to her chest as their hearts beat for a second as one. "I will go along with your little game for now. There are things I want to do with my life that can be done without you, maybe find me a girl I can say I love and fuck all the while thinking on you." She winced, he could feel its sting, but somehow also knew it was truth he spoke. "But, one day soon, I will make you an offer. When I do, if you chose him over me again, it's over. No marriage, no calls for help, nothing, Babe. I WILL walk away from you and nothing you or my conscience says will bring me back."

"That will be an interesting day, Husband." Her lips moved, but he heard her voice echoing in his head. 'You're right about me, Declan, but I can't leave, not yet..'

"Yes, it will be. Well, I've got places to go, cargo to lift, people to shoot." He slipped back into the old 'Ski, the one she knew better than anyone ever would.

"I've got a crew to be part of and a ship to call...." She almost said home, but even Cat knew it would never be that, not without the man that stood before her now. "...A place to stay for now."

"Not too poetic there, Babe." He grinned at her as they began to walk toward Serenity. "You call if you need me."

"Always. You do the same." She smiled. 'How far does this head thing reach?'

'As long as you dream and want me there, I'll be there no matter how far you fly away.'

'Good.' Stopping about 100 yards away, he turned to her. He would lie to prevent himself from having to return to the boat and the man who was taking her away. 'Ski had spoked to her captain, but at this moment, the rest of the crew he could care less. "Already made my peace with the crew and Mal. Not sure I can face him again right now."

"I understand." They stood for about a minute each not really caring what the other would say. "Take care of yourself, Werzbowski."

"You, too, Cat. See you around." He reached to shake her hand, but she grabbed it pulling him in to hug her one last time. She drew in a deep breath, drawing in his scent.

When they finally separated, Cat wiped a tear from her eye and began to walk away, his words playing in her mind as she did. She reached Serenity and walked up the ramp stopping to turn and look back at 'Ski, her husband, something he would forever be. How long she had before the beast took over, Cat knew not, but one thing was for sure, she'd always have someone there for her.

With a smile, she turned and her eye caught a flash, something hidden in the groove of the ramp's hydraulics. Her thin fingers slipped to reach for it and as she brought up the leather cord connected to it, Mal's bullet stared at her.

The bullet, she thought, that started it all as she let it fall across her neck and join Max's tags 'Ski had given her. It was the bullet meant for Mal, but maybe just maybe it was not his bullet she was carrying, but hers. She smiled as her captain wrapped his arms around, encompassing her in the love that she knew would keep her sane for just a little longer.

Cat had made it back to where she belonged, back to him and all that he had meant to her. The past was dead and here was her future, the place by his side where she had belonged since the day she had dropped their gun to pick up his.

Along the way though, she had found a love in a shadow she would not have expected, but would never give up and though it saddened her that he was not by her side, Cat knew eventually she would need of him again. It was their way and maybe it was the way they let their love be known, not in words but in actions. And one day, that love would give her a choice and that choice would alter her world forever. Either way, life would be quite interesting from now on.

and maybe somewhere in the rubble they had just left, a clawed hand reached through the ruins of his home and felt cold, clean air on his outstretched arm.....


Friday, June 5, 2009 1:19 PM


This has been a good story with lots of action and some really wrenching emotional moments too. I feel sorry for Ski and Mal, both of them in love with Cat but knowing they can only have part of her. For now she is with Mal but one day she will leave him and go back to Ski. I really feel sad she is made that way as it isn't fair to any of them and that includes Cat herself. As for Falcon, I can't help thinking he isn't actually dead just gone away to lick his wounds and plot an even nastier kind of revenge. Thanks for a rollercoaster ride, my friend. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Sunday, June 7, 2009 2:34 AM


I agree with Amdobell - this isn't fair on any of them, least of all Mal. Although she's with him right now, he must know there's a part of her that will never be his, and until she sorts that out, he doesn't have the one whole person he needs in the 'verse. I see sequels ... Good stuff, Ange, and here's to more!


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