AIB 27: 'Normality and the Like'
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a little shopping by sunset to lighten the mood before Mal tells the crew his news...a bit short, but never are very long...LOL!


Angelle's mine, the rest is Joss'. =============================================== Sunset...the time of day where the sun trades sides of the planet, someone's sunset is another one's sunrise, and a sight to see that makes even the most heartless person remember what God has made. Sunsets and sunrises are some of my favorite times of day, though it could be just that it was when my night patrol began and ended.

We had left the bar, heading back to the ship when Mal grabbed me in his arms and just held me tight kissing my face and lips over and over again. Now, I didn't think the captain was into that kind of display, but then I guess finding out you were gonna marry a swamp princess can change you for a few seconds, you know make you act like a fool, and....oh, hell, I was dancing, too. Hey, once in awhile, it's good to let your hair down.

"When are you going tell the crew?" I asked him, when both of us had settle down enough to breath as well as talk.

"Soon as we get back. Have a staff meeting." He smiled. "Think they'll take it alright. Jayne thinks you're awesome, though might want to refrain from doing those stretches you do to loosen up and usin' my bay as a gym. I know the weights are there, but, Darling, there ain't anyone I've met that is as stretchy as you. I don't think even 'Nara can bend in those positions and it's a might distracting especially for Jayne."

"Is that the reason he always leaves?" I feigned my innocence.

"Now, Angelle, I do believe you know exactly why he leaves. Ain't funny either."

"Well, where else am I suppose to do it? Ain't room enough in my bedroom or yours and muscles like mine need to a run through daily or they're gonna be cramped up left in Serenity for days or weeks at a time." Though I had been kidding earlier, that was true. It took a lot to stay in the shape I was and I couldn't...wouldn't let it go.

"Figure out something, though I think I can help with keepin' you in shape." His blue eyes glittered and I felt his hand on my ass. "I mean it will be hard, time consumin', might even tire me out on occasion, but I think I can make the sacrifice for the sake of your body."

"You're such a gentlemen." I shook my head as his hand found mine and we walked toward the shipyard, passing a crowd that was looking at some beautiful silk.

"I try." He laughed, and stopped as I did, looking at the soft reds, purples, and pinks. "Want some, Bao bei?"

"Actually, I was thinking about some for Inara. We've had our rough patches and well, I was thinking a gift might smooth things over enough, though not for long after you tell her about the engagement."

"I'm engaged. Taken. Wow, that's a mouthful." He grinned as I asked to see a really pretty piece of red that had some gold threaded through it.

"Never thought it would happen, huh?" I laughed, bumping into someone and apologizing.

"Well, not exactly the way it happened, but always figured one day I'd find enough time to start a family, 'sides the one I already got on my boat." His finger pointed to a brilliant purple-red, not quite maroon, it had more purple, and I held it in the disappearing sun. "She'd like that and it would bring out her eyes."

Three hours ago it might have made me jealous, that last statement he had made about her, bringing out her eyes, but now, I was too damn happy to care. He was right though, the deep purple would bring out the rich accent colors of her spellbinding brown eyes. Hey, I may be a man lovin' woman, but I also know how to compliment a gorgeous woman when I see her. Besides, as I have said before, I ain't once saw a homely Companion.

"So think a few yards of this and maybe some of these gold tassels. Could have Cleo do a dress for her when we get back. Woman makes all Lou's."

"Up to you, Ange. I'm not all together sure why you're doing it in the first place, but go on." Mal shook his head. "I'm gonna head up a bit and see what I can find for grub to take back with us. You know, convince them with food."

I smiled and then shook my head at him. "Whatever makes you and your crew happy, Mal."

Buying the silk for Inara, I also bought the red, a real pretty blue, and dark green. That way ifn I did decided to get married in the swamp, which as one would guess, my father will insist on, I would have dresses for the girls. Smiling, I could just see how pretty the green would be on Kaylee, the red draped over Zoe's dark skin, and the beautiful blue wrapping around River. Now, before you get all worried, I was not getting married in a pair of jeans, though trust me, that thought had gone through my head. No, back in a chest in my closet was my dress, one that fit and had been made especially for me...just was to be wed to a different man. Still, it was a good dress and I really had never worn it, plus it showed off my killer midsection. *big grin*

I found Mal later with a big bag in hand and eating what looked to be an iced cone, liken to what some refer to as snow cones. He offered me a bite and as the sweet flavor rolled around in my mouth, I couldn't help but remember the wine from earlier. "Should of gotten a bottle of that wine." I muttered between bites as he nodded.

"Was good, though I'd rather have a cold beer."

"Such a man." I laughed holding up my sack and smiling.

"Damn, woman. Thought you were just buying a few yards, not the whole place."

"Yes, but it wouldn't be fair if I just did one for 'Nara so I got a piece for each of the women. Figure they would have something to wear at the wedding that Dad will insist on us having planet side, or more importantly, swamp side."

"Oh, I figured on that. Which one of them's gonna be your old maid? And no, Angelle Marcs, I ain't havin' no gator named Ole Scar stand beside you." He winked at me and I slapped him causing a bit of the cone to spill on his shoe. "Watch it."

"It's Maid of Honor and I don't know yet. Honestly though, probably Zoe. She's as close as I get to a sister. Still, I don't know how much it would hurt with the death of her husband and all."

"Wash has been gone goin' on a year now, think Zo would be okay with it, but then I ain't her."

"Good thing, too. There are parts of you that make parts of me very happy that I know Zoe don't got."

"Well, she has been accused of..."

"Malcolm Reynolds." I chastised him, even though Zoe wasn't the only one accused of having balls. My father says mine are sometimes bigger than his.

"Just sayin' is all." He grinned wide and I kissed him, mouth cold as well as the tongue that seemed to part my teeth.

"You taste like fruit." I whispered when we separated and he licked his lips.

"And you like heaven. Don't see me complaining." At that moment, had we been anywhere else other than in the middle of a busy market, Malcolm Reynolds would have found out just what being in heaven felt like and I ain't talking the one rumored to be in the sky.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009 4:25 PM


Loved this. Short but very sweet. I'm thinking being in love is mellowing Angelle some. Can't wait for the wedding! Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 2:22 AM


That's better! More passionate, and I love Angelle thinking about the other women as bridesmaids. Can't help the 'gators are going to make a showing at the reception, though ...


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