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Friday, June 26, 2009

Coined 'Mal and Cat:the Early Years' by a very special friend of mine, is the next snippet into their growing relationship. These will all be pretty short, though a couple I have planned might be a might longer. Anyway, enjoy!!


based on the World of Firefly by Joss Whedon ---------------------------------------------

She sat, perched high atop the roof, a neon sign reflecting her green eyes or was it they were glowing all on their own. Stretching her one leg that had been tucked under her for an hour, Cat switched, hand held tight to the long rifle that had basically become her trademark, even though truth be told, she didn't need it. Her belly rumbled as the fumes from the seedy establishment under her poured out the door and into the icy air along with the fragrance of cheap tobacco and liquor.

Sounds around her kept her on high alert; a bumbling old man calling for a woman named Stella; a dog barked a mile off along with a cat's meow it had probably treed; the echoing of laughter coming from inside, her troop enjoying a moment of freedom from the constant bombardment of rounds. The highly advanced weapon didn't understand this part of their journey, nor why her Sargent had allowed his men such foolish abandonment of their mission, drinking something that would make them weak and stupid, like cows ready for the slaughter. Still, something in her warmed at the sound of their laughter.

With her sharp eyes, she watched as a ship took to the air further off and then at a man asking a woman for a cigarette. Her lips turned when the woman told him to go to hell, but frowned when he attacked her. Jumping from her station securing the rifle so it slung over her shoulder, the long body prepared for the hard impact on the concrete, muscles and joints ready to absorb the shock of the landing. Legs answered her and she was running, the woman in need a few blocks from her.

The man struck her again and Cat growled her madness, a sound that echoed off the brick walled alley. Her hand wrapped tight around the knife she held and with a movement more befitting a pounce than a jump, her prey was penned to the ground, strong booted foot grinding into his neck.

"Lemme up, Bitch." He grumbled, but as her treads dug deeper into his windpipe, suddenly the assailant didn't have so much to say.

Cat tilted her head, long fangs dipping down below her lip and she growled, but stopped when the beaten woman screeched at her in fright. "Get lost." She whispered harshly and licked her lips, green eyes glowing.

"Thank you, I think." Running off, the frighten woman looked back just once as her ears heard the man that hit her screaming out in pain. *****

She sat, perched high atop the roof, a neon sign reflecting her green eyes or was it they were glowing all on their own. Her hand cleaned off the blood from her blade and also the bit of guts that had gotten on her jeans. Thankfully, they were black as well as her shirt, which in a way was less to explain. Yawning, the outing had give her some much needed exercise as Cat slid the knife back in its place at her hip.

"Cat. Hey, Cat, where the hell are you?" Someone called from beneath her and looking down, Mal gazed around him, his blue eyes glossy and even up above him, she could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Here, Sir." She called down and he stared up at her.

"How the hell you get up there?" He was probably wondering since there was no fire escapes or steps.

"A question I assure you that you don't want answered." Walking to the end of the roof, she let herself drop again, but this time, instead of letting her legs absorb the entire impact, she rolled and ended up on her feet in front of him.

"You know, Cat," His words slurred as she shifted under a very intense gaze that slid down her body, stopping at all the crucial points. "You are a beautiful woman, strange, creepifying sometimes, but definitely beautiful."

"Thank you, Sir." Her head tilted, a feeling in her gut that hadn't been there before. "I am designed to be easy on the eyes, a distraction so it is only natural for a man such as yourself to find me attractive."

"Ain't that." He leaned toward her and Cat backed up, not quite wanting to be touched, but part of her longing for it. "You afraid of me?"

"Not in the least, but I'm afraid of me." She might have added to her statement had not the sheriff come up behind them.

"You folk might want to get back inside." He was a burly man, one that Cat estimated at around 250 lbs with a pair of black framed glasses on his nose. With a shiny badge on his chest, it puffed out as he saddled up to them.

"There a problem, officer?" Mal turned, alert for fear of Alliance threat or that his men were getting out of line and now there was no sign of the slurred speech. Even Cat was impressed.

"Nothing to concern you and your pretty woman. Just found a mangled body down the block a ways. Looks like some wild animal got into town. Got some men of mine scouring town now."

"Well, my men and I are willing to help where ever you need us. Just say the way and Cat here...." She grabbed to silence him, but something in her pulled him to her lips, kissing him. At first, a shocked look filled her Sargent's face, but then his mouth began to move in time with hers. For a brief second, Cat felt something in her that wasn't suppose to be.

Pulling away, she shook her head to clear it and then looked to both men. "Whatever it is, I'll find it. Bring it back. Kill it if I have to."

Mal, still a bit shaken stared at her a moment, before nodding. Like a shot, she was off, in search of something, anything to blame the attack of the man on and not the monster lurking deep within the shadows of her mind. Her lips licked the taste of him from them and as she ran harder than before, Cat tried hard to forget the warmth creeping up her throat and the ache suddenly evident in her chest.


AN-Up coming is an adventure with our favorite duo Jayne and Kitty so stay tuned...


Saturday, June 27, 2009 3:12 AM


This was fabulous, my friend! Just love how Cat is kind of surprised by her own reactions to Mal, as if she has been so long without human contact as a form of comfort that it is hard for her to recognise it as such. I wonder what poor predator is going to find itself sacrificed on the altar of convenience to throw the scent off her for that *hundan's* death? Great work, Ali D :~)
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