The DUPLICITY Series: 68. "Family"
Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Kaylee proves to Simon just how insatiable she can be. The Captain approaches a full recovery stunned to find that Inara isn't leaving. Regan is bitter while Gabriel wants to make amends but can't."


TITLE: "FAMILY" AUTHOR: Alison M. DOBELL FANDOM: "FIREFLY" PAIRING: Zoe/Wash. Kaylee/Simon. Mal/Inara. RATING: NC-17. STATUS: Sequel to "PROMISES TO KEEP". ARCHIVE: Yes. Just let me know where. FEEDBACK: Welcomed. EMAIL: WEBSITE: None. All Firefly stories archived at

SUMMARY: "Kaylee proves to Simon just how insatiable she can be. The Captain approaches a full recovery stunned to find that Inara isn't leaving. Regan is bitter while Gabriel wants to make amends but can't." The usual disclaimers apply. The characters and 'Firefly' are the property and gift of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No infringement of copyright is intended.


"Firefly" story

Written by Alison M. DOBELL

* * * * *

"Kaylee, I should..."

"Cap'n's fine. Sleepin', *jide*?"

Simon lay on his back, his words trailing off into an extenuated moan, Kaylee swallowing his protests as she eased herself down on top of him using one hand to guide him inside and the other to prop herself up while dragging another moan out of him as she slowly slid down his shaft. When she broke off the kiss to lick at the perspiration on his face he found just enough strength to speak.

"*Wode ma*, Kaylee. You're going to be the death of me."

Her grin was wicked knowing Simon had not fully recovered from their last bout of love making. "Don't just lie back there Simon, I'm not doin' all the work *dong ma*?"

He would have laughed had he the strength. Simon had never known such a sexually active woman as Kaylee Frye. Not that he was complaining but sometimes he wondered how in *diyu* he was going to keep up. Really. The woman was insatiable. "What...what do you want me to do?"

Kaylee rolled her eyes. "If I gotta draw ya a diagram..."

Reddening, Simon hurried to explain. "No, not that, I mean..."

"Put your hands here, on my hips. That's right. Now..." Kaylee moaned, deep and low and sexy as anything, her own hands guiding Simon's to lift her so that she was riding up his shaft with him taking most of her weight. Not as quickly as he wanted her to, oh no, but a slow exquisite drag that had him almost crying with the intensity of it. "Oh yeah, that's it, now you've got the rythym."

Not bothering to answer, Simon used his medical knowledge to hit all the right spots then rolled them over so he was now on top, his mouth hungrily finding first one breast then the other, his teeth catching on a nipple and massaging and rolling it in his mouth with his tongue as he added suction until it was pebble hard and all but weeping in his mouth. His hips gyrating then pumping deep inside her now slick walls. Hearing Kaylee gasp and moan almost brought him over the edge but Simon was in good shape and able to hold off his orgasm, sliding a hand down between them so that he could bring her to the edge as he shifted angle slightly to get even deeper penetration. Neither of them heard the hatch open, River's face shining as she tried not to moan with them her eyes wide and curious, staring with great intensity as if she was taking mental notes. Her face bright with excitement, River hurried quietly down the ladder.

Dropping to her knees, River shuffled closer, dipping her head to see how the two bodies joined and exactly what they were doing. She couldn't believe how in sych they were, the excitement as they rapidly built towards coitus making her own juices flow, her mind filled with their heightened emotions and the heat of their bodies flowing through her own. Gorramit, why couldn't she have someone to share this with? Fortunately River didn't act on the thought but stuffed a hand in her mouth as Kaylee and Simon joined in orgasm, Simon shouting out and Kaylee moaning just short of crying her release, Simon's name shuddering like something broken on her lips. River's eyes bulged, her own cry stiffled as the front of her panties dampened. Shocked, she took her hand from her mouth and looked down at the front of her thin dress. Nothing showed but that didn't mean a thing.

As Simon slumped over Kaylee, he opened his eyes to gaze lovingly into her sweaty face, both of them glowing and shining as if they had been oiled. Simon kissed her wearily and rolled onto his side to take his weight off of her. As Kaylee turned her head to nibble on his ear she startled at the sight of River staring back at her, mouth open and panting. Simon felt his *ai ren* stiffen in his arms and turned to see what was wrong and stared in shock at his sister.

"River, what are you doing here? Haven't you heard of privacy?"

Her look was innocent, impressed even, as she got herself back under control. "I didn't know you could do that, Simon."

The doctor flushed so red that it made Kaylee laugh, her own initial embarassment quickly fading. It was no secret that she wasn't shy about sex but having someone watch was not her idea of a romantic evening. "Simon's real good when he gets goin', *fengmi*. Just gotta wind him up a little is all."

River shook her head. "I didn't mean that."

They both looked at her, Simon pulled the sheet up to give them some semblance of privacy not that River took any notice. River glanced down again at the front of her dress then looked up with a bright, happy smile of accomplishment. "I came too."

Horrified, Simon went bright red, stuttered then buried his face in Kaylee's shoulder. River smiled, thanked them, then skipped up the ladder of Kaylee's room shutting the hatch behind her. Rocking Simon in her arms Kaylee threw back her head and laughed and laughed and laughed. Still in hiding, Simon was sure it really was possible to die from shame.

* * * * *

General Franks never asked for details and Gabriel Tam never gave any but once the *goushi* hit the fan there wasn't anyone with a cortex screen who wasn't aware of the 'terrorist attack on Parliament'. He almost choked on the news, his wife mistaking his reaction for shock that such a terrible thing could happen in this modern age. Naturally, he was recalled early and imagined the flurry of activity rippling out across the whole of the Alliance. Never mind that a full scale war iniated against those who wanted to be Independent hadn't caused half as much panic and consternation, this was Parliament. The civilian elite who were their self styled rulers. The seat of Alliance power. When violence landed on their own doorstep it was like watching wasps after their nest was attacked. The fury and outrage unmatched.

What shook the General was not that Gabriel had pulled it off but that the collatoral damage was so high. So many dead, all to ensure the death of one man.

Miles away, two different households were watching the same news bulletin. Mary Shair watched in grim satisfaction, her eyes glinting with unshed tears, her look adamantine. Something hard and unyielding inside her finding ease though nothing, not time nor retribution, could mend the sorrow of a broken heart. Fortunately, children didn't wait for a heart to heal, they just got on with the job of living, loving and demanding unconditional love in return and who was she to deny them? His cup frozen between saucer and lip, Captain John Foster stared in numb disbelief at the scene. The news anchor was grimly relaying details of the attack, in the background a clean up crew was bringing out bagged bodies on stretchers. Then the announcement that the perpetrator had been caught. It was all too cut and dried. Simple. Sterile almost. Foster didn't believe it. He recognised a patsy when he saw one. Only when the names of the dead were read out did a small tight smile settle on his face. So. That monster Jacob Rosenbaum was dead? Good riddance but that raised another worry. A lesser one but still. Rosenbaum had been a very visible threat to all that was good and decent in men, whether Alliance or Independent. He dreaded to think what new monsters would now be in the making and what bland faces they would present before the turning of the worlds. Would they be recognised for what they were or would they grow and fester like an unchecked cancer in the body politic? It was a sobering thought but not one to worry about today. There would be time enough to sift through the fallout in more sober mood once all the details were known.

The Captain finally took a long sip of his tea and decided to savour the one good thing to come out of this little piece of mayhem. Minister Rosenbaum was dead. As he finished his cup and placed it back on the saucer, for the first time in a long while a genuine smile spread across his face.

* * * * *

It had been difficult to accept but Regan Tam found a modicom of peace in the sanctuary of the monastery. Tending the garden soothed her, the monks not plying her with questions or unwanted conversation but content to let her speak when she chose and be silent the rest of the time. Their quiet ways were a balm to her pained soul, her wounded heart still aching from her husband's unexpected betrayal. Her children were lost to her and now her husband was gone as well. She regretted the former and was coming to be glad of the latter.

* * * * *

Everybody was in a rare festive mood. Inara enjoyed seeing her friends happy knowing that the Captain being back on his feet was a large part of the celebratory mood. The other part was her doing. Wash couldn't stop smiling and plying her with questions about the Winter Fair. Laughing she told him just enough to be polite but not enough to spoil what promised to be a wonderful surprise for them all. Then Wash was off to find Zoe, happily plotting and planning and possibly scheming. Slow but deliberate footfalls behind her had Inara turning with a welcome on her lips. Serenity's Captain was ruddy faced from the exertion of being up and about, the braces no longer needed on his legs and his head pretty much healed by his shiny doctor. Simon had left out the exact nature of what the hands of blue had done to him. Mal only knew that once again Simon Tam had saved his life.

"You look like the cat that got the gorram cream."

"I thought that was you."

Mal raised his eyebrows. "Did ya now?"

For a moment the Captain just looked at her as if he was still doubting the evidence of his eyes that she was not only standing there, on his ship, but smiling at him all happy-like. It was enough to make a heart of stone fit to burst. Inara's smile dulled just a mite. "*Shenme shi*?"

"*Mei shi*." The Captain smiled and took her hand, startling Inara with the unexpected familiarity of it. Although Mal had a habit of touching her things when he was in her shuttle he never touched her. Always kept a careful distance, too careful if she was being truthsome. But how could she blame him when she was often skittish of letting him get too close? And now, what was this? She did not want to name this new feeling of freedom, this delicious frission of electricity between them that seemed to wash away much of the pain and awkwardness that had defined so much of their relationship. Inara was too hopeful that it might lead to something better, magical even, that she did not want to jinx it by examining it too closely.

"Why do you always think something is wrong?" She asked softly.

Mal flushed not having realised she had worked out what that look on his face had meant and glanced down, not raising his head until he had himself back under control again. The beginnings of a smile back in place. It amazed her that he could blush so easily, glimpses of the little boy still dancing around inside the oft' times grim reality of the grown man made her heart light. She would grieve if that part of him ever disappeared. "Not used to things goin' right. Least for me."

Inara's eyes sparkled. "And are they?"

The Captain surprised her by raising her hand to his lips and kissing it as if it was the most natural thing in the 'verse. Out there, on the catwalk, where anyone could see. Inara caught her breath and felt her face warm as Mal chuckled softly, the sound delighting her ear. "Better than. Never thought you'd come back yet here you are, *xin gan*."

Inara closed the last few inches between them, the Captain's eyes widening a little but waiting for her to say her piece. "I had several days with my brother. It was time well spent, Mal. Sendhil helped me to see more clearly. You were right, I was running away."

It was on the tip of his tongue to say 'from me' but his better angels held his tongue. Inara dipped her head so she could whisper in his ear.

"What am I going to do with you, Malcolm Reynolds?"

A shiver of want rippled through him making his skin tingle. He could not hide the huskiness in his voice as he answered. "Anythin' you want, darlin'."

For a moment they stared into each other's eyes and it seemed that they saw a different version of each other, one stripped of all artifice and false assumptions. It was like the bible said about seeing through a glass darkly only now that glass was clear and what a sight it was. The moment was broken as River ran along the catwalk, bright laughter bouncing off the walls of the ship and echoing as she clattered in her boots, her thin dress flapping around her legs, hair flying behind her and Jayne Cobb belowing at her. Mal stepped back to let River pass but the contrary girl turned mid flight and halted between them, her eyes shining, pure happiness and mischief making a potent mix.

"River, you give it back right now, *dong ma*?" Jayne shouted.

The Captain tilted his head as he looked at the girl, noticing her heightened colour and the sparkle in her eyes. He could feel the vibration through the catwalk as Jayne hurried to get to River. Mal turned his head and shifted his body just enough to block the mercenary from passing. "What did she take?"

Jayne wasn't looking at the Captain or Inara, his eyes drilling holes into River. Full of accusation and irritation. "She knows. Now give it the *diyu* back!"

"Have to catch me first."

Before Mal had an idea what was going through her mind, River launched herself off the railing. Inara covered her mouth in shock, the Captain twisted to try to catch her but she was too far away. Jayne swore, turned and ran back the way he had come, his feet thundering down the metal staircase. Above their heads, River swung from a metal beam, her face wreathed in a smile so big it threatened to split her head in two. Grinning and looking inordinately pleased with herself, River held up her prize. Mal was surprised to see it was a capture and wondered what in the nine hells Jayne had on it that had the big man in such a lather.

Wash and Zoe came running from the bridge. Zoe paused beside the Captain and Inara. "What's goin' on, sir?"

"River stole a capture from Jayne."

Wash looked from the crazy girl now hanging upside down from one of the metal girders spanning the top of the ship down to the even crazier mercenary glaring up at her from the cargo bay, his eyes widening as he took in the scene. "How're we gonna get her down?"

"We ain't."

Inara, Zoe and Wash stared at the Captain. Just then Simon's panicked voice added to the commotion, the poor man looked about ready to have a heart attack as he came to see what all the racket was about. The Captain sighed. It had been such a promising day too. The deep rumble of Shepherd Book's voice as he tried to talk River down added to the beginnings of a goodly headache. Inara noticed him rubbing his forehead and frowned, worried that maybe Simon had missed something. Catching her look of concern, Mal took his hand away. "Just a headache, no need to fuss."

"We have to do something, Mal."

The Captain flicked a glance at River, noticed how comfortable and at ease she looked. The girl was clearly enjoying the exasperation and alarm she was causing, being the center of attention and enjoying it. He knew it would not last but was reluctant to ruin her fun unless imminent death or destruction was likely. Still. Wasn't doing his headache any good letting things continue. "River, you've had your *haowanr*. Best you come on down now, *dong ma*?"

River was hanging down, knees bent around the metal beam, scrolling gleefully through the capture with an odd fascination. "Haven't seen them all yet, Captain."

Wash frowned. "All what?"

Mal had a horrible moment of revelation. If the images were what he thought they were he didn't want to see them or have them being passed among his crew. *Diyu*, he didn't want River seeing them but it was too late for that. Had enough trouble with unbridled libedoes with his mechanic and doc. "River, best hand it back."

The change in tone was enough to catch her attention. River paused and looked at the Captain for a minute, shrugged then opened her hands. Jayne sprinted in an impressive burst of speed to catch the capture before it could hit the ground then stomped off to his bunk cursing and swearing about moon-brained girls having free run of the ship. Simon edged his way along the catwalk trying to get closer to his sister. The Captain shook his head and turned away, Inara surprised when he didn't try to get the girl to come down. Seeing her look he smiled. "Girl'll come down when she's good an' ready, not before."

"Unless she falls down." Quipped Wash.

The Captain paused and looked at Wash. "Unless she falls down."

Wash watched the Captain go, Inara following. Behind him he could hear the Preacher and Simon begging and cajoling River to come down. "Should I be concerned that no one seems worried she might fall?"

Zoe patted his hand. "I think Simon's worried enough for all of us, *zhangfu*."

Just then River swung herself and let go, sailing back over the railing and into Simon's arms causing him to stumble. Shepherd Book gave the girl a disapproving look but couldn't stay stern when she smiled back at him, so full of happiness and clearly unharmed that it would be a sin to admonish her. Down in the cargo bay Paul and Natalie ignored the ruckus above. Heads together they were obviously lost in their own little world. Kaylee came out on to the catwalk and stared at everyone. "Did I miss something?"

Simon sighed, River laughed and Zoe tugged at Wash and passed Kaylee as they made their way back to the bridge. At Kaylee's look of confusion the Shepherd spoke up. "Nothing to worry about, River was just having some fun with Jayne."

Kaylee nodded. "Oh, good."

The doctor didn't smile. River prised herself clear of him, gave Kaylee a bright happy smile which made Kaylee blush, forever grateful when she just danced away carrying her mischief making with her. Kaylee looked at Simon and saw that he was trying not to flush either. The Shepherd gave them both a thoughtful look.

"Best I go start the evenin' meal."

"Where we headed?"

Book shook his head. "No idea Kaylee, apparently Inara wants it to be a surprise. We won't make planetfall for another six hours."

"I should go and check on the Captain."

"Cap'n's fine." Kaylee drawled, waiting until the Shepherd was out of sight before sliding a hand down Simon's chest to cup him. At least he didn't shy away this time, just gasped softly.

"Kaylee Frye you are a wicked, wanton woman."

Grinning, she leaned her forehead against his and let her hand flex a couple of times to make him squirm. "Ya don't know the half of it, Simon Tam."

A grumpy voice grated behind them making them spring apart. "Don't you two think of nothin' but sexin'?"

Then Jayne was gone, his mood and direction taking him towards his weight bench. Simon gently untangled himself from Kaylee with a look of regret. "Really, I do need to check on him. Mal almost died."

Kaylee nodded. "Yeah but you saved him an' I got a feelin' he an' Inara'll be a mite upset you interrupt them now."

It was fun watching Simon's face as what she meant slowly dawned. Kaylee nodded happily and grabbed his hand.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?"

Her eyes twinkled. "Gotta see to my baby."

"We're going to the engine room?"

Her grin lit up her face like a Chinese lantern. "Engines make me hot."

Flushing, Simon let himself be half dragged and half led to the heart of Serenity. The girl was insatiable. Really.

* * * * *

General Franks arrived home to find he was already expected. The General noted the emotional state of his visitor and let him in without a word. Only when they were inside did he relax a mite, offering his guest a drink before leading them through to his study. When Gabriel Tam finished speaking the General stared at him, not sure what his friend wanted him to say but knowing this: there was no going back. However painful the road, no matter how the heart might grieve, actions had been taken that could not be undone.

"I still love her." He whispered. His voice so soft and agonised it was heart breaking.

"Then do this one thing for her."

Red rimmed eyes lifted to meet his. "It was the only way to keep her safe. Keep THEM safe, *dong ma*?"

General Franks nodded. "*Wo zhidao*, but you knew the risk, Gabriel."

"*Aiya*, to know is one thing, to experience it is another." He gave a long deep heart felt sigh and straightened his posture in an effort to pull himself together. If his eyes glittered a little more than normal the General made no comment on it. Anyone in Gabriel Tam's position would be upset, it was only natural. "Perhaps if I sent a message?"

It was obvious Gabriel was grasping at straws. It fell to his friend the General to play Devil's Advocat. "Best to let a little time pass. In time Regan may be more forgiving."

"And my children?"

Dominic Franks crouched down in front of Gabriel's chair. It was a comfortable but modest estate with all the modern conveniences tastefully incorporated with the more classical. Franks though married had no offspring and in a stroke of unintended good fortune his wife was currently away visiting her family. "Gabriel, why did you do what you did?"

Before Gabriel could answer, the General held up a hand to stop him.

"Just think on that, old friend."

For a moment neither spoke then Gabriel Tam dropped his head.

"Take comfort in knowing that you succeeded in your mission, Gabriel. In time, when everything settles politically and you are thinking more clearly it may be possible to make tentative overtures. You will have to use an intermediary, of course, but slowly you can create a road back - *if* you are willing to be patient and brutally honest with them when you do so. If you are caught in one little lie, Gabriel - and I emphasise this as strongly as possible - you will lose everything. They will never trust you again."

Gabriel knew he was right. Had no illusions about some of the terrible things he had done, decisions that should never have been considered let alone taken, and now the past was exacting its' revenge. Payment for past mistakes. Well. So be it. He just hoped that one day he would be able to reunite the family he had broken apart and heal the wounds he had helped create. If, God willing, he lived long enough to do that he did not care if he spent the rest of Eternity in every one of the nine hells.

* * * * *

CHINESE GLOSSARY: (Mandarin - Pinyin)

*jide* = remember *wode ma* = mother of God *dong ma* = understand? *diyu* = hell *ai ren*/*xin gan* = sweetheart *fengmi* = honey *goushi* = crap/dog shit *shenme shi* = what's the matter? *haowanr* = fun *mei shi* = it doesn't matter *zhangfu* = husband *wo zhidao* = I know *aiya* = my goodness (expressing surprise)


Saturday, June 27, 2009 3:57 AM


Kaylee...Kaylee....Kaylee...when will that woman ever have enough....LOL! That was quite a good scene there, but to have your sister in a mental three way...WOW!!

And I just loved fun with Jayne. Poor man is going be driven crazy from River's playing.

As for Gabriel, one can only wonder how he will ever dig himself out and come back to his family.

Good chapter, my Friend!! More please and thank you.....

Monday, June 29, 2009 2:58 AM


What's the 25th century equivalent of the little blue pill, because I can see Simon having to self-medicate. As for River ... someone's going to have to have a talk with that girl. Maybe it could be Inara? She isn't shy of sex. But then, neither is Kaylee ...

Monday, June 29, 2009 1:09 PM


I don't think Kaylee will ever have enough, Angellemarcs. As for Jayne I wouldn't be surprised if he secretly liked all the teasing from River. And Simon self medicating made me chuckle, Jane0904. I'm not sure anyone talking to River will make a bit of difference as she is so often on a diffent wavelength to everyone else. Thanks for the comments! Ali D :~)
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