Early Years: Bullet Proof Part 1
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Continuing with a series of stories with Cat, Zoe, and Mal in the war....part 1 of 2


based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon -------------------------------------------------

It had been hard blaming the killing of the abusive man on the rabid dog, but then law would require it to be brought down anyway and as far as Cat was concerned, it would get the monster of the streets and put it out of its misery. That night had come and gone, plus a few more before she found herself again sitting on another log on another hill keeping an eye on the soldiers and keeping herself away from their hearts.

Maybe it was easier that way, or somehow easier for her as the last few days had made her question not only her programming, but also her purpose as well. In a way, as much as she knew it would never happen, the darker half of her demanded she free herself from the hole she was in. Going from hunter to protector wasn't what she had been designed for, well, not at least at this juncture. In reality, it was for a darker purpose, one that hadn't quite become an issue yet, though as Cat knew eventually things were bound to happen not even her Creators could control.

A movement caught her eye and then another, her green eyes honing in on four, no, make that five Alliance scouts, each bearing state of the art sniper rifles, each one positioning themselves to take aim.

Like a guard dog meant to protect her owner, Cat's long legs responded in a flat run as the closest sniper took his shot at the camp. Luckily, it missed, but behind her, she could hear Mal ordering his men to get down. He hadn't been fast enough to order her and that was a good thing. It took seconds before she pounced on the first enemy, his mouth still open as the knife slit his throat. At first, she went to toss the gun, but thought better of it. Searching him, she lay the ammo and the rifle on the ground, mentally making a note of just where it lay.

Another shot rang out and it stirred up dust beside Mal and Zoe, Cat's sharp eyes seeing it and growling. What worried her was her Sargent. Otherwise, the rest meant nothing, at least as far as her predator mind was concerned. He was the leader, the reason she had spare the group, but without him, and they were just lambs for the slaughter.

Cat was on the man who took the shot before another could be issued and she growled loudly. "Mine." Wrapping the strap of the long gun around the man's neck, she smiled in satisfaction as the neck bones popped in her ears. Again she placed the firearm done where she would remember it, the weapons far more advanced than what Mal and his men had. She had seen Zoe use the rifle Cat had brought with her and even though the dark woman didn't really like her, Cat had to admit the woman was a damn good shot.

Dirt rose up around her and she turned to see one of the scouts shooting at her. Rolling so that the next shot would miss, Cat was amazed when she saw the man's head cease to be. Zoe, Cat's long rifle at her shoulder, looked at her and nodded. Cat returned it, but caught something out of the corner of her eye Zoe hadn't.

With a quick burst of speed, Cat felt the bullet meant for Zoe hit her in the side, pain exploding in her mind as she felt her beautiful enhanced muscles tear and rip. A rib snapped digging hard into her lung and she stumbled, but only for a second as she spotted the man with the gun. Reaching to her side, her finger touched steel and her hand wrapped tight around the long blade. It caught the afternoon sun as its song would be the last thing the scout would hear as the metal lodged itself between his eyes.

Stumbling, she searched for the last scout, her body already beginning its repair on the wound. Mal called to her, but she chose to ignore him, not because she was mad or trying to be disobedient, but because the threat to him wasn't taken care of yet, and....Her mind paused as she replayed what had just happened. The bullet now in her wasn't meant for Mal at all, in fact, had it continued on its would have hit Zoe.

Green eyes scoured the area, but her thoughts raced on overdrive. She had protected the woman who hated her and the one who stood in the way of Cat being number two, or at least number two in the eyes of Mal. Wait...what?! Where was the logic here. She wasn't suppose to be jealous or suppose to care what others thought of her. Cat was there to protect and serve, it didn't matter what they truly thought of her or did it?

A shot fired and hit the log she was sitting on earlier, the one Mal and Zoe were hiding behind. Cat focused on where it had come from, but still no luck. This guy was good, but she was better. Her side throbbed, but already the feeling was ebbing, another bullet biting into the dust as she ran. A head popped up and then a barrel as the scout gave away his hiding spot. He ran as she approached, body slamming into him as blood from her wound dropped on him. She growled as his voice cried out. "Please...please let me live. I beg you."

"Beg me?" She tilted her head looking down at him.

"Show mercy. I was only following orders." He shook under her looking around to see if any of his comrades were left.

"And so am I. Mine are to protect those you are trying to kill and not even giving them a fair fight. Instead, you pick them off like crickets under a boot." Fangs flashed at him and he scooted away, but a boot to the chest stopped him. "I don't think so."

"Cat." Mal's voice stopped her from doing anything rash, but she turned away so that her Sargeant won't see the bullet wound on her side, the one almost completely closed.

"Yes, Sir." She replied and looked at him, his hand motioning to let her prey up. Reluctantly, she did.

"What's your name?"

"Officer Sam Drayden, Alliance scout." The man replied, saluting Mal and then staring at him. "What are you going to do with me?"

"Well, first, I'm going to remove your weapons so you don't try anything stupid and then maybe if you're good, give you a cup of coffee. If not, I'm gonna let Cat here have her way with you and trust me, it ain't as good as it sounds." Mal laughed and then addressed his shoulder. "Zoe, why don't you see that our guest feels right at home?"

"Yes, Sir." She responded taking the scout's arm, but cast a look at Cat nodding a silent thank you. Cat didn't know how to answer her back. Truly, in her mind, it wasn't suppose to happen, but then something about the man before her had changed her into something she was not.

"Cat?" Mal asked, and then again as she came back from her thoughts. "I asked if you were okay."

"I'm fine." She smiled weakly, not sure how to field that question.

"We saw the bullet hit you. Are you sure you're okay?" He moved to touch her and something in his eyes made her stay where she was instead of back away, a worry that wasn't liken to the one he use to give her.

"Must of hit the dirt beside me." She lied, her hand pulling from her shirt. "This is blood for the enemy." Another lie...

"Let's see, Cat." He moved to touch her again, but she stepped back before allowing his fingers to brush where the wound use to be. It was warm and goosebumps spread over her arms. "Huh?"

"I told you I was fine." Her voice stated, but his hand remained on her skin, gently sliding around to her back pulling her into him. At first, her mind begged for her to resist, but something deeper asked her to remain there, remain in his touch for just a few seconds longer.

"Yes, Cat, yes, you are." His eyes were gentle, yet hard filled with courage and brave stupidity, but was that not the reason she had spared his life. His fingers carressed the small of her back and every fiber of her screamed to get away, but her feet remained firm.

"Sarge?" A voice behind them broke both their spells and Mal turned releasing Cat who backed up a bit, catching something that fell from her shirt. "Yes, Simmons." She could hear something in Mal's voice, exasperation or be it disappointment, as he addressed the young kid in front of him.

"The scout wants to have an audience with you, Sir."

"An audience? What? Are we all in finishin' school or something?" He huffed and shook his head, walking toward camp, but turned after a few feet. "You comin, Cat?"

"Need to secure the enemies' weapons, Sir." She stated as he smiled, a twist in her stomach knotting itself as he did. Smiling back, even though it was unlike her, Cat faced away from them and opened her hand. In it, still in mostly one piece was the bullet that had hit her, the only evidence that it had made an impact was the blood remaining, the damage long since healed.


Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:46 AM


Oh Wow, loved this to bits. The way you craft Cat, revealing her bit by bit is so satisfying and it is almost as if Mal has an intuition about her. And that whole self healing part, with the bullet evacuating her body as the wound healed? Very neat. No. Literally. Very cool, my friend. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Monday, June 29, 2009 6:34 AM


I loved this, particularly Cat seeing Mal as the pack leader. She would, only now that pack has grown a little. Besides, she wouldn't have thought about keeping the weapons if it wasn't best for the pack.

And Mal knew, didn't he? He has an inkling that she's not quite human.


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