AIB 33: "Things to Do"
Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angelle has some things to do and Mal comes along for the trip. A little fluff, a little angst, a little laughter, a little sorrow. Enjoy!


Angelle is mine. All else belongs to Whedon. ------------------------------------------- Dads...God's way of telling little girls that they will never ever get to grow up no matter how long or how old they get. They are our shoulder to cry on, our hug when a boy breaks our hearts, the constant shadow that hovers over us when we are in the midst of doing something we may or may not regret, always there when we need them, and currently the man holding the gun at my fiancé.

"Sam, you gave me permission." Mal stated nervously, my father holding tight to the shotgun and shaking his head.

"Ain't thinkin' you'd be fool enough to ask her." He grimaced at the weight of the barrel in his hands and I walked over to relieve him of the heavy gun. "Back off, Stix. Me and Mal are havin' a discussion. Get to you in a minute." I took an audible gulp.

"Listen, Sam, I love her and you know how hard it is for me to admit feelings of that nature." He ran a hand through his slightly wet hair. "Now, you can go around pointin' that gun at me all you want. Ain't gonna change the fact, though I was kind of hoping for your blessin'."

My dad smiled and then dropped the gun next to him on the bed. " 'Swhat I wanted to hear."

"Huh? Sam, ain't nice threatenin' a man with a gun."

"Had to be sure you weren't just playin' wit my Stix' emotions." He reached out as I smiled and grabbed my daddy's hand. "You takin' her away from theconly home she's known. Had to make sure you wouldn't just leave her in the black somewhere."

"You know me better than that, Sam."

"Different with your own flesh and blood, Mal. You should know that. Only kid I got left." He wiped a tear from his face. "Damn meds makin' me all emotional."

"Want me to take Annabelle and put her up somewhere?" I reached for the double barreled beast.

"Annabelle?" Mal seemed to question and then grin wide. "Men and their guns..."

"You named your ship, Angelle named those beasts out there that protect us from the Alliance or anything else that comes around...what's the problem with me naming my hardware?"

"Nothing, Sam." I could see a strange look come over Mal's face, as if he understood and that he had dealt with something like this before. No rewards for guessin' who else tended to name their hardware. *wink wink*

"Mal, would you run and get me some more pain killer from Needles? Side's starting to hurt again."

"You bet." "I can do that, Daddy. Easier for me since I know exactly where I'm going."

"Think I can manage, Ange." My future husband looked at me and then at my father, suddenly the light going on in my head.

"Just remember. It's the building with the yellowish sign." I leaned over and kissed him. "Try to stay dry."

"But, if I get all wet, you can towel me off." He whispered in my ear as Mal walked off, the door closing as I heard him leaving. Rain pounded the roof as my dad and I stood in silence for a few minutes.

"I remember when you use to be afraid of the storms." He finally spoke, patting the bed for me to sit.

"Wasn't I was afraid of them. Just hated 'em because mom never let us go out in it. Think she was the one who was afraid." I sat and felt his hand on my back.

"Or tired of you tracking mud and rain into her clean house every time you wanted to warm up."

"Well, that, too." A sigh escaped my lips. "You okay with this? Me and Mal?"

"Stix, ain't no man ever gonna be good enough for my swamp princess, but if there was ever one close, well, it'd be Malcolm Reynolds."

"Why'd you say yes? Did you say it because you knew I'd say no?"

"Absolutely not, though I will say this...never quite figured Mal be brave enough to ask you." He laughed. "Though if any man could handle you, it would be Reynolds."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I growled at him turning so that the rings around my neck freed themselves from my shirt. My father reached out and took them in his fingers.

"Still miss him, don't you?"

"More sometimes than others. When I need someone to talk to, who isn't related to me." I smiled.

"Mal should be back soon. If you want to head to bed, I can tell him where you've gone." His hand touched my face as I smiled.

"I still have a few things left to do. Just tell him I'll meet him there." I leaned to kiss my father's cheek and headed out the door, but before I did, I turned back. "I love you, Swamp King and I'm so proud to have you as my dad." It might have been the light, but I swore a single tear slid down his face.


"I didn't mean what I said, Aunt Lou." I stood barely in her doorway as my beautiful aunt sat on her small chair staring into her mirror.

"Of course you did. One thing us Marcs girls do well is tell the truth." She slid off her long golden chain which held her reading glasses.

"Okay, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings...again." I took a tentative step inside watching her hand. Once I came in too quick and had to dodge a very large perfume bottle. Still hit my foot and shattered. Smelled of lavender for weeks after.

"I forget that these are your people."

"They're just as much mine as they are yours, Lou. Or have you forgotten how you afforded that plush little palace in Fairyland?" I sat on the king size bed, her gorgeous eyes looking at me through the mirror. "And if hadn't been for Needles and everything he taught you, well, I know many of your girls who wouldn't have made it through the night."

"I know." She spoke harshly, then calmed down. "I know what these people did for me. I just forget how to act when I come here. It's all so...."

"Honest?" I spoke and Lou slid around to nod at me.

"Yes. Honest. Here I can't lie, can't pretend I'm some fancy lady with power and prestige Here, I'm just Swamp King's Sister."

I laughed. "Now you know how I feel all my life." I walked over and knelt down to face her. "But to the people who matter, me, Daddy, and Jayne, you are the prettiest princess in the kingdom."

"Oh, Angelle baby, what in the hell did I do to deserve you?" She hugged me.

"I don't know, but don't do it again. World can take only one of me." I smiled as her robust laughter echoed off the red and gold wallpapered walls.

"Your daddy doing okay?" Lou asked letting me go finally.

"Okay enough to threaten Mal with Annabelle." I grinned.

"Man could be dying and still want that shotgun near. Your future husband straighten him out?"

"Actually, he did. Was pretty proud of him."

"Good. Now, when you gonna go toe to toe with that Companion?"

"Lou? She's Mal's crew. I can't just over step his boundaries."

'Way I see it, Kitten, she's in your space now. Not his." She kissed my cheek and smiled. "And if you don't nip it in the bud now, well, ain't been a whore for twenty years without learning something."

"You're not a whore."

"Oh, my sweet girl, yes, I am and proud to be such."

I shook my head. "Crazy woman."

"Ain't the one with my dead lover's rings still around my neck?" She slid her fingers under the dark pieces and smiled. "You sure you're ready to walk up that aisle and give your whole heart to Malcolm Reynolds."

"Yes, Aunt Lou Lou. I am ready." I pulled the chain away and slid them into my shirt.

"Are you sure, Kitten?"

"Stop calling me Kitten." I looked at her. "Listen, I still have something else to do. I love you and will see in the morning. Try not to wear Jayne out too much."

"What are you talking about? He's over sleeping at Needles."

"Aunt Lou Lou, I can smell him and hear his heavy breathing." I stood and tossed open the closet as Jayne fell to the ground out of breath.

"Gorram, Woman, got 'nough clothes?" I laughed and waved at them both as they began to lovingly bicker and if you don't know what that means, you definitely have never been in love.


It had been four months since my last visit and already the vines were overgrown. An hour with my knife and finally, I had a place to sit as I stared down at my old friend. "I really have missed you."

My fingers brushed the hard stone as I kissed them and ran it fondly over the engraved name, Nickolaus Liverpool. We had laughed so many times at the thought of me going from Marcs to Liverpool, but then now soon, I'd go from Marcs to Reynolds, a change my whole body was ready for. "Funny, I never figured I would have this conversation with you, but here goes. I met someone...I know, I told you three years ago I'd die pining for you, but well, hey, you're in a better place. Maybe it's time I am too. Anyway, you'd like him. He's a Browncoat, served in the war with daddy. In fact, was his commanding officer and before you ask, no, he's much younger than daddy, but old enough to take care of me. Owns this awesome ship, Serenity. Firefly class and a really beauty, and has a really good crew. And before you ask, yes, he's good for me, and Daddy completely, well, I love him."

I took a breath, wiping a tear from my eye. "It took me so long to imagine my life without you, to learn to live without your voice waking me up every morning, and singing me to sleep every night. But, Mal, he's so much like you, a fighter, but knows when to turn it into love, a leader born into a tough world, but hasn't forgotten its softer side, a protector of the weak and anyone lost without a home or in need...and God, do I love him."

"Sounds like you've found yourself a pretty good man?" A voice behind me startled me, but as warm arms wrapped around my middle, I just melted into them.

"He gets by. Doesn't like being called hero." I grinned as he breathed in my hair, the rain now nothing more than a steady light drizzle.

"Well, my mother told me never argue with someone prettier than you. It's bad luck." I could hear him laugh. "So who are you talking to?"

"Malcolm the other man in my life, Nick Liverpool." I motioned to the grave marker. "He, like you, once wanted to marry me, at least, until a gator decided to eat him."

"Oh, Baby, I'm sorry." His arms got tighter, but I shook my head.

"Was several years ago before the war even ended. Believe me, I've cried more tears over this grave than the rains will ever produce." I reached up and undid the chain holding my rings. "I was actually just comin' to give these back to him and to say goodbye. Think it's about time that I buried my past and looked toward my future." Sliding out of his arms, I went to place the necklace on the stone. "Goodbye, my Nick. I will never forget best friend."

Walking back to Mal, I looked at him. "Are you ready to go back home?"

"You head in. I want to talk to Nick here for a minute, in private. Need to get those secrets us men always share about you women folk." He grinned, kissing me.

"Okay, but don't be long. Rain's gonna get harder soon." I walked past him heading for the lights of the village.

"I won't." He called to me.


"Mirror, Mirror, on my stand, who's the fairest in the land?" I whispered, brushing the rain water from my hair. Smiling, I answered back in a sing song voice. "Well, my dear, it's plan to see...Lou Lou the queen is more fair than thee."

I heard the door close behind me and then a pair of strong wet arms circled my neck kissing my head. Suddenly, a cold wet metal touch fell between my robe clad chest, my dark rings were back where they had been. "I don't understand."

"Way I see it...we own two things in life that are ours and ours alone...our pasts and our futures...Nick isn't just some old boyfriend whose rings you're keepin' in hopes he'll show up again and make an honest woman out of ya. You keep them to remember him by. Much like the war stuff I still have. They don't bother me because he ain't coming back to claim you."

I stood up to face him, his body soaked with water. Slowly, my hands began to peel of the layers and within minutes, he stood before me almost naked. Sliding the robe from mine, I slid my arms around him, kissing his lips tenderly. "Thank you. You would like Nick, though he'd have been in your way as far as marrying me."

"You loved him a lot, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Know what it's like to lose people you love and I can only imagine what life would be like without you."

My hand went to his mouth. "Don't please. Not tonight, not right now. You spoke of my future and it being mine. All I want to know is that you will always be in it."

"Ange, you know..."

"Say it. Lie if you have to, but tell me you will always be there." I pressed hard into him as he took my face in his hands, wiping the tears in my eyes.

"My sweet Angelle, I will always be here when you need me." My lips fell to his as his arms engulfed me and then picking me up, my future husband and the new owner of my heart carried me to bed.


Thursday, July 9, 2009 11:03 PM


Oh Wow, I just love this to itty bitty pieces! Gorramit, think I've melted too. And I loved you calling her daddy Swamp King to his face, and holding that shotgun on Mal until he was sure Mal loved his baby girl enough. I also agree with Lou Lou that it is time for Angelle to deal with Inara. At the end, where Mal returns Nick's rings to Angelle, that was very touching and poignant and probably the best indiction of how deeply he loves and understands her. Brilliant, my friend! Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Friday, July 10, 2009 12:11 AM


>"I've cried more tears over this than the rains will ever produce."

Fantastic line. And I knew Mal was going to bring back the rings to her. It shows how much he's grown, how much he loves, and how much he knows he is loved. Good stuff, Ange.


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