Double Double....Part one
Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween with our favorite little stowaway, Kitty. She has Cat convince Mal to let her have a party, but with Kitty, nothing is as it seems.


Based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon -------------------------------------


Cat stretched her length, hooking her long ankles around the supports of the catwalk and letting her long muscular body fall. She then hung suspended from the metal and pulled herself up in a powerful sit up. She could see no one under her, which was unusual since the big merc, Jayne seemed to sense when Cat was half dressed and working out, but today the cargo bay was quiet. Quiet was good for concentration and to let her overactive mind relax for a few minutes, away from the pressure of protection.

The muscles in her legs could feel the hum of the ship's engines even through the mesh floor. Money that they had gathered from the base destroyed only months ago had gotten the Firefly class back to tip top shape as Kaylee would say and even helped with some cosmetics repairs long since needed. Cat had used hers mostly to give her charge new life, toys, and clothes that befit a nine year old, plus the added food to feed the large cat that wandered the ship now.

"Umm....Cat?" A small voice echoed off the bulkheads as her eyes looked down at the ground. Kitty, her brown hair messy and sweaty from god knows what teased her face and blue eyes. Batha sat next to her and almost dwarfed the little girl as much as the leather bound book in her small hands.

"Kitty, I'm busy." She growled, but shook her head when the little one gave her a pair of sad eyes. "What is it?"

"Well, you see...I was looking at that book of holidays and customs that they celebrated on Earth that was...."

A sigh escaped Cat's lips, one that had seemed to proceed every time Kitty mentioned something from that blasted book. It reminded her to thank Inara again for giving it to the curious little girl.

"It's called All Hallows' Eve or Halloween."

Cat resumed her workout so that her muscles wouldn't get stiff. "Yes, I've heard of it, but I'm not thinking Mal is gonna let you hang dead bodies all over his ship, Kid. Might think you're turning inot a Reaver."

"Not that, Silly. I was thinking the later customs. Like dressing up and getting candy door to door."

"You know we're not planning on hitting planet side for another week or so?"

"We've kind of got doors here." Kitty tossed a look behind her and then looked back at Cat.

"I don't think we got much by way of candy and treats. After all, we're heading toward Persphone to resupply."

"I don't need alot. I mean we could even do a costume party where we all dress up. I have a bunch of different things we can do, games we can play."

"And why do you need me? Seems like you got it all worked out."

For a moment, it could quiet and Cat looked down to stare at the little girl. "I haven't asked Uncle Mal, yet and well, I was kind of hoping you would." In a flash, Kitty took off running, her leaving Cat to growl at her. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. ----------------------------

"Cat, have you seen our top sheet for the bed?" Mal called to her as she ran a handful of cold water over her face.

"Not since we took it off to wash it."

"It's not here." He turned to her, bare chest catching the lights from above and shadowing his scars. Some she remembered from the war, others from the stories the crew told, and the rest...seemed only yesterday. Had it been six months already?

"Kitty wants to know if she can plan a party." Cat spoke it out quickly.

"Can't wait until Persophone." He asked, reaching out to pull her toward him.

"It's Kitty. I swear she's taken on your stubborness."

"I'm not stubborn." He smiled at her, raising his eyebrow in a sexy gaze as she laughed.

"Never...bull headed, stiff necked, tenacious...but definitely not stubborn." Cat grinned, her fangs just barely dipping below her lip as his arms snaked around her.

"I've thrown people in my airlock that spoke less munity than that." He teased.

"Way I see it. You toss me out and you'll be sleeping in a very lonely bed."

"More room." "And the comfort that comes with that warm body..."

"I'm a good lookin' guy. Bound to find another woman."

"So, if that be the case, then why in the hell do you put up with me?"

"Been asking myself that same question for a few months now..." Mal smiled and Cat pushed him on to the bed, straddling him. "Though when in this particular position, I remember vaguely the reason."

"Something told me you would." She smiled down at him, shocked at how comfortable she had become with normalcy.

"So what kind of party?"

"Halloween, I guess. Where we all dress up like idiots and walk arounnd playing games of her desire."

"Will there be food and maybe a stiff drink?"

"With Kitty, who knows? Heard her mumble to Batha something about Bob and apples. Not sure where we will meet this Bob fella."

"Ain't want some stranger on our ship, but other than that, I don't care. Crew likes the little one and she's really helped Zoe cope with Wash's death. Plus I think she's found Jayne's inner big brother and that's good enough for me to allow her allowances once in awhile."

"Such a gentlemen you've become." Cat grinned and Mal smiled wickedly.

"Oh, my beautiful Cat, I can also be quite the bad boy." His lips kissed her hard before she could add anything else.


to be concluded before Halloween......


Monday, October 12, 2009 11:51 PM


Love this! Great to have another story up. Bless Kitty and I did laugh at Cat cursing Inara for giving her that book. But like Mal says, having the little one around is good for just about all of his crew and besides, she's family now! Hugs, Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 3:54 AM


Really lovely! I loved Kitty running after asking Cat to ask Mal ... and the end sugar was just wonderfully sweet. Can't wait to read the rest!


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