Toil and Trouble Part Two
Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween party plans as Kitty races to get everyone ready as something lingers that will make this Halloween one to remember.


based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon -----------------------------------

"Batha, hold still." Kitty tossed the bed sheet back over the big cat, who again sidestepped so it fell down beside her. The young girl huffed again, scissors in hand. "Don't you want to dress up like the rest of us?"

'No.' The big cat thought, her long pink tongue running over the large left paw and then to her face.

"But, think about how fun it will be." Kitty put the sheet over herself, its length dragging mostly on the floor of the ship. "See, you can be a ghost."

'I already am.' The cat chimed back, a harsh purr echoing off her thoughts. 'I smell Mal and Cat.'

"It's their sheet. Found it in the laundry folded after being washed. They won't miss it....much." Kitty shook her cloth adorned head. "So, if not a ghost, what are you going to be?"

'A 500 lb black'd think twice if I crossed your path.' Her mind chuckled as the big panther finished her bath and walked away, toward where she and Cat tended to think. It was also a great place to be free of everyone.

"You're no fun." Kitty shouted at the long tail as it disappeared from view.

"Hey, munchkin." Jayne spoke behind her and then stopped. "That is you, right?"

She giggled as he tickled her sides, causing the big sheet to wrap even further around her. "Yeessss..."

"What are you doing with Mal's sheet over you?" Helping her find a way out, Jayne smiled as she brushed her hair from her face.

"I was tryin to convince Batha to be a ghost for my party." She grinned wide and then yelled over the general direction the panther had gone. "But, she's being a spoiled sport."

"Let's not yell at something that can eat you," Jayne smiled, still a little nervous around the large feline, even though it seemed to shadow the little one's movements like that of a mother.

"Batha is just a big pussy cat, Jayne. I already told you that." "Ain't a pussy cat I saw when she tore through those creepifying things we found when rescuing you."

"But that's only if you mean bad things. She actually likes you, I think." Kitty made a face and Jayne looked at her funny before tickling her again.

"So, Mal tells me we're having some sort of party. Got to dress up."

"Well, not exactly dress up like all fancy, but as something you're not. I was trying to get Batha to be a ghost."

"So, what you think I should be? Besides, my cunnin' self..." The merc puffed out his chest as Kitty tossed the sheet over his head. "A clown." She laughed as he grabbed her about the waist and spun her around, the young one screaming in glee.

"You two best calm down before the Captain comes down here and see you with his sheet. He already jumped on Simon about letting it get out of his sight. Guess the good doctor was on laundry duty." Zoe walked past them, hand wrapped tight around a cup, steam rising from it like smoke from a fire. Her long dark legs carried her to the common room couch as Kitty looked to Jayne smiling.

"So, Zoe, what are you going as?" Jayne grinned slyly, but received a look of death from the warrior woman.

"We already have our costumes picked out." Kitty commented from his shoulder as he dropped her gently on the couch next to Zoe, careful not to dump any of the tea on her hands. Taking the seat in the chair next to them, the big merc smiled.

"And that is?"

"A secret." Zoe winked as Kitty whispered. "But, I promise they will be awesome."

"Right." Jayne seemed to look a bit put out at being on the other side of Kitty's secret, usually always in the know when it came to the little girl.

Kitty, sensing that she had hurt her large friend's feelings, climbed into his lap. "I promise you will be the first to see him when they are done." Her beautiful eyes stared at him and he couldn't help but forgive her.

"First viewing, though," He smiled as she kissed his cheek and took off, sheet trailing behind her like a tacky flag.

"You'd make a good dad, Jayne." Zoe muttered between drinks, grabbing the green blanket that draped over one of the arms and tossing it over her sock covered feet.

"Nah, I like being the friend, big brother type. Me and my pa always had issues growing up. Like Kitty thinking of maybe Mal that way."

"Captain does have that way about him."

"Can't wait to see his face when that sheet pops up draped over Cat's panther." Jayne huffed a good laugh, Zoe's joining in shortly after.


Cat moved quietly through the ship, not because she needed to, but it was just the way she was. Something behind her made her turn as River's shadow fell over the metal deck. "Can dress up, but still we are who we are."

"I know, but for Kitty, it's about bringing us together."

"In the end, it will save us." Her brown eyes caught Cat's and she knew there was something more there.

"United we are stronger than alone." Cat smiled.

"Most of us, but not all." River walked past her, but stopped to place a hand on her shoulder before disappearing, allowing Cat another view of her haunting eyes. Somehow, there was more to this party than everyone realized and that girl knew more than she was telling.

"Batha, come back and put this on." Kitty's voice called over the silence as a very big cat slid past her, a little girl with sheet bellowing in her wake chasing after.

"Damn it." Cat cussed, spinning to run after and hoping that the little one didn't cross paths with her lover and Captain. One thing Mal hated more than yelling at Kitty was having to apologize to Simon. &&&&&

Meanwhile somewhere in the Black, a buckled and pitted ship moved silently as its leaking core lit a path behind it. A noise from its monitors made spiny hands type a new heading, one that would make it intercept a Firefly class on its way to Persephone. Dark eyes stared out into the star filled sky as hissing erupted behind, each of them knowing soon they would feast on flesh. _________________

AN: Will be four parts, ending with the last line of the famous poem from Hamlet. Thanks for reading and have a safe Halloween.


Thursday, October 15, 2009 10:55 AM


Gorramit, Reavers in BOTH your stories! That has to be a first. Very creepifying final image in this one. I had to laugh at little Kitty, what a sweetheart and Jayne getting hurt when he realised Kitty had a secret and he wasn't in on it. Loved how she got round that, that is one clever little lady. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Friday, October 16, 2009 12:00 PM


I've always liked the big brother relationship between Jayne & Kitty... keep up the good work.

Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:16 PM


Zoe's right, though - Jayne would make a good Dad. Not having any brothers myself, I'd hazard a guess that being a good big brother is pretty much the same technique. And the picture you've conjured of Kitty chasing Batha with a bedsheet ... thank you! Oh, and Reavers? Who invited them to the party?


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