Fire Burn Prt 3
Monday, October 19, 2009

Prt three of the Halloween story...Reavers are on the move and somehow they might just ruin little Kitty's plans.


based on the world of Firefly by Joss Whedon

prt three of 'Double, Double' and 'Toil and Trouble' --------------------------------------------

River walked the ship, her bare legs just covered by her knee length skirt. She could feel evil coming, but when she reached out to touch it with her mind, there wasn't a clear picture. As much as she wanted to warn the captain, even River had to admit that evil was all over and the sense could be nothing. It would still be something to keep her eyes on.

Jayne watched her, his eyes catching the hint of a thigh as she strolled across the catwalk. Normally, he would ignore the little beauty, but a really good dream the night before had him in a mood, one needing to be satisfied before it made him ache in the pants, sort of speak.

"Ain't right." A cool voice spoke at his shoulder making him jump as he noticed Cat standing not inches from him.

"Ain't no harm in wishin'." He could feel a swell in his pants that even he couldn't ignore and caught a look from Cat when he reached down to absentmindedly stroke it through his khaki's. "Haven't done nothin' with her."

"Thoughts are enough to make wheels turn." She growled.

"Girl's old enough."

"True, but we both know you could almost be her daddy."

The big merc guffawed at her accusation. "Ain't that old, Cat!"

"Well, how would you feel if Simon made eyes at Kitty?" She raised an eyebrow, a quirk she had gotten from her time with Mal.

"Point taken." Jayne grumbled before walking off, but stopped short to admire another older and more sensual ass.

"Goodbye, Jayne." Cat could feel his eyes admiring as the merc grinned evil like before heading off to deal with the urges she could smell and feel on him. Problem with being near him was it rubbed off on her and that was dangerous. Not that she would ever be unfaithful to Mal, but as the captain had once put it, they couldn't spend their entire time in bed, no matter how much they both might want to. Of course, she had pointed out that they weren't always in bed, which was met with a rather odd look from Zoe as she walked by and a rather stern glare followed by his trademark smile from Mal.

Instead, she turned her stare to River, who had tried to tell her something earlier, but Kitty had kind of interrupted her. Still, usually if River had something important to tell her, the young girl made it a point to seek the bigger sister out or tell Simon, who in turn would come back to Cat for a translation. Neither had happened yet.

A pair of warm arms wrapped around her as she let herself lean into Mal, his nose breathing in her scent. "You smell like vanilla ice cream?"

"Inara made it for me. Said she thought you'd like it, which is a bit disturbing coming from her." Cat smiled as he kissed the base of her neck.

"Still jealous, huh?" He laughed.

"Aren't you when Ski comes to visit?" She could feel the tension in his hands when she mentioned her husband's name. "So, getting away from that subject, what, pray tell, are you gonna be for little Kitty's party?"

The pressure disappeared as he spoke, "I thought I'd take us back in time and put on my old war uniform. Haven't worn it in about seven or more seven years."

"Oh, so you'll wear it for her, but not for me." She smiled as he laughed in her ear.

"Well, I figured you could help me with that part after the party. Be like old times."

"Sure you can still fit it?"

"Trying to say I've gained weight." He let go of her as she turned to see him, the gorgeous fit body still as perfect as the day she had met him.

"I"d never say anything like that." She smiled sliding her hands between his arms and pulling him to her. "And might I add, I am looking forward to seeing you in said uniform, but don't expect me to obey your every word."

"Would I ever do something like." Mal grinned, but it turned to a frown when Kitty raced through the Cargo bay, sheet still wrapped around her like a cape. "Ain't that our bed sheet?"

"Where?" Cat played coy as Kitty disappeared into the corridor.

"Don't even." He put a finger in her face as she flashed him a sideways grin. It would have gone further had not a loud beeping alert them. "That's the proximity alarm."

Cat turned to see River look at her with the ghostly white eyes she had seen once before and headed toward her as Mal made a break for the bridge. Somehow, Kitty's party was gonna have to be put on hold.

****************** "I'm sure it's a Reaver vessel. Look at the core, Sir." Zoe had taken the helm since she had learned a bit from her husband and they all tended to help out when times were slow, well, everyone, but Jayne...heaven knows where Serenity would end up with the sex driven merc at the helm.

"I can see that, Zoe. Ain't blind you know." Mal spoke from the other chair, running his fingers over dials and lit buttons to see what could be done.

"Ain't gonna be able to outrun 'em, Cap'n. Serenity's in no shape until we get to Persephone." Kaylee's hand was wrapped tight around Simon's as they stood barely in the doorway.

"Just don't get too worry yet, Kaylee bird. They haven't made any move to board us. Hopefully, we caught them on the return voyage."

"Not so lucky this time." River whispered from Simon's side, coming up in her usual quiet manner. "They smelled us from very far off."

"What do we do, Sir?" Zoe looked to Mal for guidance, but the captain didn't have much to say.

"Take a page from Book..." He frowned as his eyes met each of the crew before him. "And pray."


Cat sensed Kitty even before the little one stepped into the guest quarters she used to stretch out. Mal had designed it to give her plenty of room to let her enhanced body work out the kinks of a long days in space and it was another spot she could be alone for awhile. Unless of course, pursued by a little girl.

"I'm not gonna get my party, am I?" As most little ones are concerned, dying isn't something that goes through their minds like adults. Might be the reason they are always up for the most dangerous things.

"It's on hold for the moment, killer, but trust me, Mal will still let you have it. Just got something else to deal with now."

"I'm gonna have to hide again, huh?"

"Yes, but Kaylee will be with you." Cat leaned down so she was eye to eye with the little girl. "And I need you to protect her with your life. She's got a baby on the way. One she isn't sure she has herself yet."

"I know. I felt it when she did my hair this morning." Kitty laughed.

"You need to be the big sister here and make sure she and the babe stay safe."

"Okay. You keep everyone else safe. You and Batha..." The big panther slid in between them and purred.

'They are approaching fast.' The smoothness of the cat's mental voice reminded Cat of what a feline should sound like, raspy, but with the subtle hints of soft silk.

"I know. River is sure they will board us. Serenity is too under power to out run and since our last 'job', ammo is pretty low as well."

"It's too dangerous to let your beast out here." Kitty, even though a child, still spoke with the knowledge of a grown up at times.

"Somehow, Kitty, I'm not sure we've got much of a choice." Cat frowned as the sound of approaching footsteps alerted her.

"Cat," It was Jayne and he looked like hell. "The Reaver ship is trying to connect. Mal wants to know how long we need."

"Tell him it's now or never." She growled and looked to Kitty, who with a quick hug for both Jayne and Cat ran off to find Kaylee.

------------------- AN: thanks for reading


Monday, October 19, 2009 12:01 PM


Holy *goushi*, I'm thinkin' that even if River could sort her thoughts out quick enough to actually warn them BEFORE trouble found them, with Serenity in the shape you're implying it wouldn't do any good. I'm gonna have my heart in my mouth until the spat with the Reavers is done and dusted. Who needs Halloween when you have Reavers? Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 5:31 AM


So Kaylee's pregnant, and Kitty is going to protect her? I can imagine her claws, let alone Cat's! And I love Mal seeing Kitty with the bedsheet still wrapped around her!


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