AIB 37: Cold
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Angelle comes back to a place she hoped she'd never see as things get rather nasty. (dedicated to the two who are always reading and commenting...Jane, know who you are) Love you both!!


Angelle's mine. All else is Whedon's. ------------------------------------------

Cold...a word that could be used to describe the weather, the feel of an object, or the heart of someone who just is down right though, it describes what I woke up to...a cold hard metal floor.

My head hurt, more so than when I had nursed a hangover or when I had spilled my guts into a pail in front of my future husband...oh, the memories. No, this was like someone had literally struck my head with the back of something hard...wait...damn it, it wasn't a bad dream.

I opened my eyes to be faced with the dark metal of an Alliance brig. If I told you how I knew what they looked like, well, I'd have to kill you. Might just tell Mal this wasn't the first time I had gotten myself locked up. Of course, Gunner still had friendly contacts in Purple Belly central. Something told me we had exhausted those long ago.

I hated Alliance cruisers. Unlike Serenity, they were so cold. You couldn't feel the engine through the plates under your feet and they were always so clean. Dust didn't settle for fear of the consequences. Of course, in my personal opinion, I always thought dust kept better company anyhow.

Something moving behind me made me turn, and get unsteadily to my feet. "A..a..angelle? Is that you?" It was Inara, about as unsteady as me, rubbing at the bump I am sure was on the back of her head as well.

"Yup." I commented, moving to sit on the small silver bench to our left. "How's your head?"

"Could use some of that root tea you keep talking about, but otherwise, I think I'm fine." She joined me, the helm of her dress still torn. Neither of us had thought of changing after Suga's assault. "Mal is going to kill you for coming after me."

"Please. I got caught same as you. There was just too many of them." I lied to her, didn't want her feelin' bad for my own protective nature, but I wasn't gonna let the Companion end up here alone. Must be my Daddy in me.

"Well, when you tell Mal, make sure you lie a bit better. He's good at seeing through them." She smiled and I shook my head. We both knew I was free and could have made a clean get away with Old Scar doing his thing. I wonder just how many purple lost their lives to that gator.

"You ever been on one of these before?" I changed the subject as she stare out the blue dazzling forcefield.

"Once or twice awhile ago. Never before I met Mal and Serenity, though."

"Did he promise you'd see new and exciting things in his brochure?"

Inara laughed at my comment and smiled. "If he did, I must have skipped that page."

"Didn't your mama teach you to read everything before you sign it?" I chastised her, but in a good way. It beat acting like a pair of caged animals.

"They'll interview us. Ask us questions about our lives and about Mal and the crew."

"Figured they would. Want to know what they are dealing with. Ain't the first time I've been on this ride. Last time, I just had a safety net below me." I stood walking to the edge of where the forcefield held us. Taking my fingers and lightly brushing it, the sparkling display looked like stars. It was actually quite beautiful.

"See you have woken up." A voice coming from the right of me made me ignore the sparkles and look over. Commander Jarvis moved toward me, the brightly lit hallway casting a shadow of him before I could actually see him. Made me smile to see him limp.

"See Old Scar took a bite out of you." I joked as he frowned.

"Only his tail...Would have killed him, but he went back in the water before we had the chance. Lost twenty of my men to that creature."

"Well, honestly, you've lost about a hundred since he's been born, but who's counting?" I shrugged as his frown deepened. "The secret is the crunching sound you all's bones make when he bites them."

"That's enough." He sounded mad, and I couldn't imagine why. After all, I was only telling the gods honest truth.

"Which one of you wants to be interviewed first?" He growled at me and Inara cleared her throat.

"I'll go." I muttered before Inara could. At least, if I knew what they were asking, I could warn the Companion on what was to come. Besides, I could tell she was still a bit dazed by the strike to her head.

"Step back please." He commanded, adding the please just for merit, I could tell he didn't mean it in the least. Still, I did as he beckoned, knowing that there was no way for either of us to take on this size of a ship.

The forcefield dropped and his hand brought out a pair of metal handcuffs. He snapped them on with enough force to break my wrist and I almost yelped at the pain it caused. "Easy there, Jarvis. Might have to speak to management at the way you treat your guests."

"You're not a guest." His voice growled, pulling me out before slapping down on the button for the forcefield. It set him off balance and I used my body to steady him. I know a little too nice, but one thing I didn't want to do today was fall on top of a man that wasn't my future husband and definitely not one wearing purple.

"I should thank you." He whispered leading me down the hallway and away from Inara and our cell.

"But, you won't." I responded back, receiving a rather odd look from him before he drew me closer, our path leading out into the hub of the large spaceship. People moved, a sea of shades of purple moving like the waves as they hit the beach, some going one way...some going the other. In the middle of the ceiling though was the biggest window I had ever seen and there I could see so many stars, it was unreal."Pretty place you got here. It's a wonder anyone get anything done. I would be the one standing here staring up all day long."

"Alliance personnel knows their jobs. We don't have time to lallygag."

"Wow. Stiff neck and a stiff back." I muttered as he moved toward a large conference room filled with two other men. It had another window, but this one showed out into the ship, a way to show their 'troops' just how traitors were dealt with.

"In here please." Yup, there it was again. A please that wasn't meant, but shown so that if I ever escape or was released, I could say they treated me well. Sadly, I would give them maybe three out of five stars. Haven't had dinner yet.

“Come sit down, Miss Marcs.” A voice like that of warm honey caused me to cast a look at the man sitting in the head chair. I did as he said, taking up a chair as one of the others undid my cuffs. Rubbing my wrists, honey voice motioned for one of his lackeys to pour me a drink of something red. My first thought was the blood of the people you bleed dry. “My name is Admiral Garnett. You are presently on the IAV Du-Khang, named after...”

“A battle fought in the Unification war.” I calmly stated.

“I heard you were familiar with the war.”

“My daddy was wounded in that battle, Sir...protecting his friends from your troops.” I almost spat, but instead remained neutral. To show my feelings was a stupid move and one that the man before me was hoping for.

“Your daddy was Lt. Samuel Harvey Marcs, correct?” He had pulled out a file and laid it before him, pictures of my family displayed for all to see, including my brother.

“Yes, Sir, but you best not let him hear you calling him Harvey. Even his comrades didn't know his middle name.” Hell, I didn't and I was his daughter...Harvey? I was gonna tease him like there was no tomorrow when I got back swamp side.

“Says here your mama and brother both died.”

“You're the one reading it so I guess that's what it says.”

“Mom killed herself.” He said it so matter of fact I wanted to rip his throat out.

“After you get your son back in a body bag because some Alliance whores think it's fun to experiment....see what kind of number it does to you.” I hissed, tossing him a look that could kill.

“Says here he died from drugs, Miss Marcs, not from anything to do with us.”

“You keep telling yourself that.” I growled. “Suppose you all are still denying the Reaver mess as well.”

“I should warn you that this interview is being recorded.” One of his lackeys commented next to me and I just laughed like a hyena ready to tear into a gazelle's throat. “What's so funny?”

“The idea that you all think I give a shit.” My hands grabbed the drink and I tossed the contents over my file before sitting back down in my chair. “I'm done talking until you have something real to talk to me about.”

“Where's Malcolm Reynolds?” He growled, trying desperate to wipe clear the liquid staining the clear plastic.

“Who?” I questioned as a knock on the glass door interrupted us. Motioning to the one who had knocked, a young cadet leaned in.

“Admiral, there is a small ship requesting to dock.”

“Does it look like a threat?” I could tell he was annoyed at the kid's interruption over something so stupid. “We offer our services to all in need.”

“Pfft.” I huffed, but received a look from Jarvis to be quiet or he'd snap the cuffs back on.

“No, sir. Right away, sir.” He saluted before heading back out the way he came as the Admiral smiled to me.

“Something you'd like to add, Miss Marcs?”


“The crew of Firefly class Serenity?”

“Never heard of her.”

“The ship parked on your planet?”

'That's the good ship Lollipop.” I grinned as he muttered a few choice words in Chinese.

“She's not going to talk. Bring me the Companion.” He stood and turned his back to me as I felt the cuffs slap down on my wrists again.

“I'll tell you this before I leave, Admiral.” His eyes turned to look into mine. “I surely hope when my gators feast on your entrails...that you're fully alive and savoring every terrifying moment.”

“Get her out of here!” What he had hoped to get to me turned on him as I was pulled away. Secretly though, as much as I wanted to bask in the moment, I had to wonder...just what little ship was pulling into the space dock.


Friday, October 23, 2009 12:11 AM


Uh oh, I'm thinking Serenity has come to get her back, flying right into the gorram Lion's Den. Dammit. Did smile though at Angelle riling Commander Jarvis. There is something extra creepifying about being interrogated by someone acting as if they are just having a civilised conversation. I always thought that was what made the Operative so chilling. Another great chapter, can't wait for the next part! I'm thinking this will end in a purple gator stew... Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Friday, October 23, 2009 2:13 AM


Oh, I agree about the Operative. Even when he's holding a sword below a falling man ...

I think it's a shuttle, not Serenity. But probably fully loaded for bear. Or gators. Or purple-bellies. I can't wait for the fun!


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