Bob and Them Apples
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part six in the Halloween story...the conclusion. Party time!!


Kitty walked with a purpose, the tan t-shirt and pants split only by the black holster with play gun and knife strapped to her small waist. She wore a pair of black and brown boots, a metal and leather band on her right arm, plus sitting on her head was a very familiar orange and white hat. Her grin matched her step as she walked up behind her hero.

"Hi, Jayne." She grinned and he turned around sporting a set of fake fangs.

"You must call me Count Cobbula..." He made a flare with his hands before taking in the little girl's outfit. "Who are you suppose to be?" The big merc already knew, but when the words escaped her lips, he was dumbfounded.

"Only the bestest hero ever." She grinned wide and slung her arms around his waist. "Did you like it?"

Jayne wiped a tear from his eye before wrapping his arms around Kitty and rubbing her head. "Yup. In fact, you look so good....I think I might need to suck vour blood." She squealed as he ran after her, almost knocking down Nurse Kaylee and Zombie Simon.

"Stop playin' with it. You look fine." Kaylee, in an old white nurse's outfit slapped Simon's hand away from the soft pliable plastic she had found to make his face look like that of a Reaver.

"It's itchy." He complained, but smiled as River, her long legs peeking out of the very pink tutu. Her feet had ballet shoes, a gift from Inara. It had been hers when she was younger and it seemed to fit the young woman perfectly. "You look pretty, Mei mei."

"It makes me feel light." She smiled, her hands gliding in the air around her and with a few steps, twirled around like the little dancer one would see in a jewelry box.

"Ain't this a right pretty sight." Mal spoke with Zoe on his right, the pair dressed to the hilt in their Independent browns. They looked like something out of the history books, down to the bloodstains on each and powder burns.

"Wow, Mal, you sure you want to be wearing that." Jayne stopped chasing Kitty long enough inspect the uniform. "Suppose to be something you're not."

"Then, explain yours." Mal shook his head pointing at the teeth, "You've been sucking me dry for years."

Zoe smiled and patted Jayne on the arm. "He's just sore because Kaylee had to let out the pants on his uniform by a whole half inch."

"Ain't my fault you all learned to cook so good. Tomorrow I'm changing all our meals to rations." His voice caught in his throat when he turned and noticed Inara at the top of the steps. She was in a beautiful outfit with an open mid rift that exposed her very athletic stomach. In her fingers were some cymbals and with a smile, she made her belly sway like a traditional belly dancer.

"You look beautiful, 'Nara." Kaylee called up as the Companion smiled before starting down the steps.

"Thank you, Kaylee. I see all the outfits everyone got fit alright." She inspected Jayne's cape as well as Kaylee and River.

"Oh, yes, Simon, though, wanted to know if we could keep it for tonight..."

"Kaylee!" Simon groaned and shook his head, turning a brilliant shade of red, even evident under all that paint.

"Where's Cat?" Mal interrupted, casting a glance to everyone that stood ready to make their ways into the mess, where Kitty had gone out of her way to make special.

"Did someone summon a witch?" Jayne smiled as Cat emerged from the stairs, a full length black dress, slit to the thigh and a pointed hat decorating her body. She was still limping slightly, Simon having to remove a splinter earlier they had missed, but it was getting better with each step. Beside her came Batha, the bed sheet wrapped around her neck like some sick wedding trail, an annoyed growl emerging from her throat.

He strolled over and dipped her, kissing her lips as she placed her hands on his chest. "We burn witches on this here boat."

"Well, then I'll just have to be a spell on you." She smiled, his mood changing as he allowed her to stand before pulling her so he could whisper in her ear.

"I've been under that spell for a long time, Cat." He kissed her cheek. "And I ain't looking to break it anytime soon."

She smiled and cast a glance over him. "Still fit it, huh?"

"Told you I could wear it." He turned so she could see it all as Zoe walked up and whispered in her ear.

"Kaylee had to let it out a little and you'd think it was the end of the world."

Cat grinned and whispered back. "Please. I remember when Tracey switched his pants with a size smaller and we all had to eat those nasty rations for a week."

"Well, most of us did." Zoe caught her eye.

"Wasn't my fault I knew how to hunt." She watched as Inara walked over, the coins in her outfit making a small pretty sound as she walked.

"The dress looks very good on you. It was always just a little long on me and would trip me any time I wore it."

"It worked perfect. Thank you, Inara." Cat touched the Companion's arm before staring out over all the other costumes. "For all that you contributed."

"Half those clothes haven't seen the light in over a year. This sounded like so much fun and after all the stress we've been under, well, we all need this, not just Kitty. Her Jayne costume looks perfect."

"Took me forever to make the shirt and play weapons. She wanted Vera too, but there wasn't enough time. Thankfully, we had the pants and boots." Inara went to add something, but a whistle called everyone's attention to Kitty sitting on Jayne's shoulders.

"If everyone is ready...." She called as everyone nodded, Cat moving so she was next to Mal, his hand taking hers and squeezing it. Kitty continued. "In that case...follow me."

Jayne moved forward as the crew followed making their way to the dining area, orange and black paper decorating the ceiling as well as pictures of skeletons, gravestones, and spiders. On the long table sat a barrel with nine red apples floating in some green colored water. Also on the table was a protein cake in the shape of a pumpkin with a very scary smile on it.

"Where's the candy?" Jayne asked, Kitty thumping him on the head.

"Not until after we play the games. Besides, it ain't much. Just some I had left over and Kaylee contributed her secret stash." Kitty slid off Jayne's shoulders to drop beside the barrel.

"Kaylee's got a secret stash?" Jayne looked at the mechanic as she grinned, a finger licking off a snip of icing from the cake.

"And it ain't just candy." She winked as Zoe laughed at the look on the merc's face.

"What's all my apples doin' in this water?" Mal pointed at the metal pan and looked at Kitty, who innocently up at him.

"It's called bobbing for apples." She pulled her hair from her face. "Like this." In went the little girl's head and up it came soaked, but apple less. "Well. you're suppose to grab the apple."

"Why not just get one with your hand?" Jayne went to reach in and Kitty knocked his hand back.

"That ain't the rules." She looked at him, her face twisted in a puppy dog stare. "Let me try, Kitty." Cat smiled and walked over, tipping her head in and pulling out the first apple, stuck by her long fangs. "Hey, that's cheating." Zoe laughed.

Cat let go of the apple and feigned insult. "Said I could use my teeth. Not my fault I have an advantage."

"Showoff." Jayne smiled as everyone else took their turn. Cat moved away and leaned against the wall. She could smell in the air scents from before her time and drew them in like ghosts.

She belonged here. It was as if someone had give her a new lease on life, a new place to be and to live as the person instead of the monster. Still, there was something else that lingered and even she couldn't ignore it.

A pair of strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her into him as they both leaned against the counter. Mal kissed her head, nuzzling her neck with his semi wet hair. "You didn't have to bob for apples. I know how you and Zoe feel about fruit."

"It was for Kitty. Probably won't ever do it again, but...I can't stand to see that girl cry. Makes me soft." He sighed.

"Soft isn't always bad."

"Is when you got a reputation to protect. 'Fore that little girl, my crew knew ma as a mean old man. Now, I've got green hair trying to get a gorram apple with my teeth." Cat turned and smiled. Sure enough, the dye had given his hair a slight green hue.

"Be glad she didn't use purple." Cat smiled as Mal shuddered.

"Don't even tease about that." He took the moment to kiss her, this time with more passion since everyone else was busy with other things.

"You trying to get me to come home with you, Solider?"

"Well, ma'am, it has been a long time since I've had the warmth of a woman in my arms." He shot her a sideways grin before raising an eyebrow. "Think they'd notice if we disappeared?"

"If they did, I think everyone would figure out just where we went to."

"And where would that be?"

"Our bunk since I don't think we could find a bunker or foxhole in time." Cat grinned as Mal took her hand leading her out before anyone could stop them.


By midnight, everyone had fallen to sleep, the ship an eerie silence as Cat wandered her deck. She held tight to the small silver transmitter, the only she used to talk to him. It was the first Halloween they had spent apart and though, she never truly celebrated it with him, he always knew it was her favorite.

The transmitter buzzed in her hand and as she drew it to her ear knowing who it was before answering, Ski's voice spoke gently. "Happy Halloween, Babe."


Have a safe and happy Halloween from Cat and I!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009 12:08 AM


Good and happy Halloween, thank goodness! No real ghouls appearing out of the Black to blight their festivities. I liked how Mal couldn't say no to Kitty and fears he is going soft. Cat at the end with that transmitter and Ski wishing her a Happy Halloween reminded me she is really married to two men. At least she has found her home though on Serenity. Thanks for a very shiny story, *bao bei*. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 3:43 AM


Great ending. Still worrisome though about Cat and 'Ski, although the image of Batha with the sheet wrapped around her, and sulking as only a huge black panther can do, made up for it! And Kitty having her party after all ... lovely stuff.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 1:34 PM


I too enjoyed Batha in a bed sheet, and I was wondering...

*low growl*

Okay, okay, I won't hug the giant panther.


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