Reason # One: Patience is Patient
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The beginning of a series of shorts called "10 reasons you should listen to Cat." A nice little romp as Cat makes herself useful....familiar characters throughout....


based on the world of Firefly by Whedon ------------------------------------------

"She's shot you, twice." Jayne commented as Mal shook his head looking at the map of Whitefall in his hand. A job had come up and one that needed doing if they were going to stay in the air. It was good paying and seemed easy enough. There was always a catch though.

"She'll think again after what we did to her the last time our paths crossed. Shot her men up pretty good." He grumbled taking a bite of bread from his plate, it growing a bit hard as he took his time eating it. A shadow blocked the light and as he cast his blue eyes up, there was a pair of green ones staring back. "Plus we have something that will slid things to our advantage."

"I hope you're not talking about me because last time I dealt with that craggy old woman she was happy to see me gone." Her hand grabbed for the shiny apple laying in the wooden bowl and without cutting into it, took a healthy bite. "Besides, I don't like getting shot. Yes, I heal, but it hurts like hell and I like to avoid it whenever possible."

"And you're with him..." Jayne pointed a thumb at Mal and shook his head. "Cuz avoiding gunfire with Mal's...well...impossible." He laughed as the captain gave him a dirty look.

"We need the money and the job's solid. Just need to step softly around certain people's all."

"And we can do that?" Cat smiled as Zoe walked in taking the other apple.

"We still talking about that job on Whitefall, the one both Cat and I said was a bad idea?" The dark woman sat in the chair opposite Mal and looked down at the map. "Take it as a yes."

"Patience won't be a problem. We pick up the supplies from Badger on Persephone and then deliver them to Whitefall. That's it. Cash will be traded once we drop the supplies." He sat the map down leaning back and looking at the women in front of him. "Ain't, but a small trip back and forth."

"Wait, hold on. You never said nothing about Badger being in on this. Starting to think like the womenfolk. Easy money ain't ever easy when it comes to us." The big merc pulled up a chair, straddling it with a bowl of dry soup mix waiting for the water to boil behind him.

"We've never had Cat." He pointed again to her and she guffawed.

"Why is it I suddenly feel like that secret weapon the mercs pull out when their asses are up against a wall. Let's just pull out Cat."

"Well, you are pretty handy in a fight. Especially with that healing thing you got." Jayne smiled.

"Don't worry. He does it to all of us." Zoe glared at Mal, who gave his 'what?' expression.

"We need the money and this is my boat. I say what we do and not do. More mouths to feed means more food and Kaylee Bird ain't getting’ any lighter with that baby on the way. She and Inara are gonna stay on Persephone while we do the job. Think Kitty might want to too, just for safety sake and getting under people's feet."

"Already talked it over with her." Cat replied, her foot bumping into the big panther who had decided at that time to walk in. "Batha will stay, though. She's a good fighter and scares horses. Might come in handy if we run into Patience."

"Agreed. The good doctor and his sister plan on coming with. He don't like it much leaving Kaylee behind, but I promised no more than a week. Should be enough time to get and get out. Need him here in case we get caught in a situation we're not planning on."

"Never had that happen before." Jayne's words dripped with sarcasm as he stood reaching for the teakettle, its whistle causing everyone to turn. “Plenty of water for anyone else wanting it.”

Cat ran a hand down Batha’s back before sliding around to the cupboard. “Are we sure that’s all Badger wants us to do?”

“Badger ain’t trustworthy, but he’s good when it comes to business.” Mal looked at her as she grabbed a cup for tea.

“I know who Badger is, Mal. He’s my damn husband’s best friend. We go back far enough.” She didn’t add to it, didn’t think she had to. Everyone knew of whom she spoke and though her feelings had made it clear where she belonged, Cat couldn’t help but worry that this might not be such a good idea.

“Well, that should make things easier for us.” Jayne grumbled through now hydrated noodles as Cat dipped the tea bag into a cup wafting with steam.

“Said he was Ski’s best friend. Badger and I…we’re a bit like Patience and Mal, only last time we met, I was the one who promised him a bullet in the head.”

“Money’s money, Cat.” Her captain looked at her and she nodded, knowing Mal well enough that no matter what she said, the job was going to happen. Sometimes, though, just once she wished he’d listen to her.

“Now, ain’t too much between Persephone and Whitefall, but there has been a couple Reaver ships spotted in the area." He tossed a look to the three before and watched the expression on all their faces. What had once driven fear into any man, woman, or child that heard the name spoke had now become almost an annoyance to the crew. Funny, each of them knew that the one that truly needed fearing was standing in the room...her and the other creations they had yet to find.

"Reavers ain't nothing to Cat." Jayne spoke through a mouthful of dried noodles, a few hanging off his lips as if they were tentacles of a dying creature opposed to being eaten.

"Not trying to put a damper on your little 'Cat is the ultimate answer', but as we all know, I ain't that lucky and we all seem to get our respective asses into all kinds of mischief without adding to the mix. Yes, I am well verse at takin' care of Reavers, but the danger of that encounter is far greater. You play with the other half of me and..." She stopped, looked down at the steaming cup of tea, and downed it. Her green eyes looked at Mal and she sighed. "Whatever you want to do, Captain, I'll back you up as best I can. You know've always known that."

Batha, the lights from above reflecting off her rippling muscles and sheer black coat followed her mistress out as Jayne looked up from another bite. "Woman's been with us almost a year now and I still ain't got her down yet."

Zoe sat in silence for a second staring at Mal. "She's right. We're playing with fire."

"That's the problem, Zo. No one tries just believin in Cat. Woman's held our lives in her hands how many times and we still breathe." He shook his head standing up. "We do the job and then we'll finish this discussion."

"Yes, Sir." She frowned and watched him head out tossing a look at Jayne.


"You're worried." River slid around the corner, almost as quiet as a shadow save for the slow swish of her skirt. Mal shifted on the metal box he had taken a seat on and shook his head.

"Mind ain't for you to be lookin' it, Albatross."

"See it on your face, not inside."

"Guess it's hard to hide from you." He reached out and touched her face. "Wish you would stay with Kaylee and Inara. Safer that way and at least then, I'd feel safe leavin them."

"You're funny." Her lips curled into a grin and the long brown hair fell into her face.

"Why's that?"

"You never ask. Tell, but never ask. Might get farther with honey." She then turned on her feet and skipped away.

"You think so, too, don't you?" He had felt her presence even before noticing the extra shadow on the cargo bay floor.

"A Captain is not suppose to ask," Her back leaned against his as Mal drew in the scent of vanilla and something else he could only describe as Cat.

"There are days I feel like one and then there are days I feel...." He let the words run off, not completing his statement.

"This job worth that much."

"Enough to keep us flying for another month or two with a worry and if it goes smooth, Badger said he'd get us in with the buyer for another couple of drops. Be steady work at least for awhile. Serenity's becoming a family vessel with the baby on the way and our way of life ain't gonna be enough."

"You are worried, but not about the job."

"Boat ain't a life for a baby, not ours anyway. And 'fore you say anything, Kitty's an exception. She's seen too much for a ten year old as is...."

"She's eleven now." Cat smiled and reached around to place a hand on Mal's leg. "Baby will have more family on this boat than he'll know what to do with."

"All of us wanted in some way or another."

"Look at it this way. He's got one very famous family." She laughed and he couldn't help, but chuckle. "We're not much, Mal, but kids don't need much more than love and a home. Way I see it, he's the luckiest kid in the world because on Serenity, he's got both."


Wednesday, April 7, 2010 6:46 AM


I enjoyed this but can't help wishing Mal could find work from a more worthy sorce like maybe Lord Warwich Harrow or somesuch. Glad he has taken the precaution to make sure Kaylee and her impending baby will be safe and with Cat at his side it should be interesting. Don't remember Badger being Ski's best friend. And here I was thinking Ski was smart. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 8:00 AM


You know, Amdie brings up a point I've thought over myself a few times. "Badger has it out for Mal and crew, judging by his willingness to turn on them, twice, in Those Left Behind, so why are the crew always scrabbling back to lick his boots?"

And then it occurred to me, the second half of the Sir Warrick Harrow deal. I imagine Sir Warrick wasn't too happy about his men getting shot up on Jian Yin, and not being keen on working with the crew again. So Badger's still their only option on Persephone, unless Mal finds a way to expand his contacts. And he's somewhat inclined to hit slavers with pool cubes, dampens his options somewhat.


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