Reason # 2: It involves Badger (Ain't that reason enough)
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Number two in ten reasons to listen to Cat and Zoe as we meet an old 'friend' and a new development


Based on the world of Firefly by J. Whedon -------------------------------------------

He saw her and had to double take. Her features were the same as the first time they had met...had it been nearly four years ago now. Her red hair was a bit shorter, her attire somewhat modest and familiar. but the part he noticed most was her company. Last time, there had been only one and that one spoke volumes when hooked up with the beautiful assassin.

He fiddled with his hat again pulling it down a bit over his mousy face. As much as he knew she would recognize him just from his smelll...woman was weird like that...he wasn't sure he wanted her companions to...not yet, anyway. Not until he had time to process this mystery.

It definitely explained the situation with his friend the last time they had spoken, the gruffness, out of place anger that had seemed to wane when the enchantress graced his arm. Man was still deadly beyond any thought, but at least with her, there was a bit of leash to hold him from fucking the whole 'Verse to hell.

Her green eyes found his and he nodded, not sure if that was as smart an idea, but figured it was either that or piss off the other way ignoring her completely. She looked so out of place with the group, so not where she needed be, even for him and he wasn't one to judge.

Maybe there had been a fight, but then hadn't he said the last time that she was hooked up with Reynolds somehow. God, why had he drank so much that night? Probably because if he hadn't. Ole Ski would have wondered what was wrong with him. Still, if he had only paid attention to him instead of that little pretty thing down at the pub, her rump a shaking, inviting anyone to have a go, well, then maybe he wouldn't be as confused.

Something behind him made him turn and standing there was the beautiful woman, her ways of sneaking had all but astounding him the first time she lay a knife to his neck after a comment on her assets. Ski had warned him to, but then if you don't tempt the tiger a biut, you never see what the damn thing can do. Her green eyes, electric and full of light meeting dark stared at him and he knew why the old man thought she was so beautiful.

"Never figured you one for Reynolds." He spoke quietly casting a glance to see if the others had come with her, but even he knew better than to think that. Only two people in the 'Verse could get past his bodyguards and live to kiss their asses.

"And who did you figure me for?" She growled low, a utteral sound that always made him want to either piss himsellf or tear her clothes off, though the latter would probably be very stupid especially if her survived because Ski would make him eat lead.

"Don think I need to answer that, do you?" He relaxed a bit knowing if she wanted him dead, she wouldn't have bothered speaking. Ski and she had that part in common.

"Well, guess it's a right good thing it ain't any of your concern." She slashed back at him with the fiery tongue he had forgotten.

"Does the good Captain know of our business relationship?" He inclined his head to her as she shook the red hair falling over her face.

"The one that almost landed Ski and I in Alliance, I failed to mention that."

"Wasn't like that, Cat. They had my faimily."

"Badger, what family you do have ain't stupid enough to get caught." Her fingers brushed her hair out of her face. "Just how can I trust you when I know you would turn in your best friend for a profit."

"I didn't think he was dumb enough to stick around. Said he married ya. Didn't think he was serious." Something flashed in his face and he tried to cover it up, but Cat was faster.

"You're actually sorry that Ski almost got caught. That was actual guilt there. By the stars, the Sad Little King does have emotions." The name she used sent a look of surprise over his face. "Only two people ever called me that. You...on more than one occassion and that little girl that travels with Reynolds. Maybe it was one of the reason I liked her." "She had an ass and she was young. Don't butter up to me, Badger. You know damn well why I call you that."

"Remains that way," A look of fear passed over his eyes as he thrusted a finger in her face. "You hear me."

"No surprises for Serenity. You pay Mal what you promised and it remains that way."

"Might be a slight problem with that."

"And that is?"

"He came to me. Battered and bruised. Threatened my family, my friends...even my business. Told me I would make some high friends if I helped him. Things tend to get dark around here and well, don't like going hungry."

"What the hell did you do, Badger?"

"Man wants Reynold's blood and ain't nothing gonna stop him from gettin' it. Go back to doing what you best at and leave this to the gods to decide."

"Any man wanting blood off Serenity or her crew needs to come through me. Need a name, you sad little man, and you got ten seconds before I rip it out of you." She moved toward him as he hissed.

"Adelai Niska. And if Serenity don't show, he'll take out everyone on Whitefall."


Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:09 AM


Oh ****. Niska. And Badger's friends with Cat? What a wonderful idea! But how it must hurt him to warn Mal, even in such a roundabout way. Great stuff!

Monday, August 30, 2010 6:34 AM


Gorramit, it just had to be Niska! That *tamade hundan* still sends shivers down my gorram spine. Great chapter as always. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"


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