Cake, Candles, and A Double Barrel Shotgun Prt 2
Monday, July 19, 2010

Wow...the finish of a plot bunny for Jane0904...sorry it took so tied up in my own things, but anyway, Kaylee plans and Mal stalls...


based on the world of Firefly by J Whedon ===========================================

It was an old gun, pump action with groves scratched on its wooden handle. Her fingers brushed them, knowing that four of them where from her claws. She stroked the barrel fondly as the smell of gun powder and the scent of him wafted from it. One year ago...that's how long it had been. Since he walked away and she year ago.

Soft footsteps came up behind me, the smell of the war and the subtle scent of her own covering his freshly showered body. A sigh escaped his lips as he admired her beauty, but stopped when he saw her stroking the gun. "You miss him, don't you?"

Turning, her green eyes caught his blue ones. "Yes, but not the way you think. I miss the life I had with him. The 'Verse was our playground and I didn't need to worry about my other half going wild on my family. Hell, 'Ski would just find a herd of cattle and let me tear into them. Not a pretty picture, but I didn't kill anyone. Now," Cat's eyes shifted over the room he had given her, to keep her things, to have a place to store the research they found, and just to have something to call her own. "I have so much more to lose."

"Boa bei." He whispered, walking over to take her into her arms, sitting the shotgun to the bed. "If I thought you were a danger to me and mine, I'd have turn you away. You use to tussle with the boys from my unit...Bo, Tracey...even Jacob. Never once did you hurt any of them, unless they needed it."

She smiled, warm in his embrace. "Pups needed a bit of training and to know who was better."

"Miss them, don't you?"

"Always miss members of my pack. Just because I'm not completely human doesn't mean I don't share some of your feelings." She didn't mean for it to sound harsh, but it did. Mal flinched at her words and Cat sighed. "Yes, I miss everyone that I cared about that's gone. Only one left beside you and Zoe is Bo, I've heard."

"If you can say he's still himself. Academy did a good number on him. Almost as crazy as you." He winked at her, bracing as she slapped him. "Had him here for awhile. Known what I do now, would have let him stay. Give you someone who understands."

"Two ship...ya, I don't see any problems coming from that." A smirk on her face..."Bo was a good kid, but whoever he me, he's not any longer and it's just a matter of time before he snaps."

"Sayin it like that almost makes me believe you know more than you're lettin on." His eyes looked into hers and something dark clouded them before she took a breath,

"Why do I smell strawberries and chocolate?" Whatever had been there was gone replaced by her curious nature.

"Just ignore that. Probably something outside that's wafting through the vents." He had been told to keep her away as Kaylee finished up her preparations, but somehow, that wasn't as easy as it looked. Slipping from his grip, Cat took a deep breath.

"Too strong to just be coming from outside...this is in the ship." Her legs carried her toward the door as Mal caught her hand and pulled her into him.

"Maybe you should just ignore it and pay attention to what really matters." His mouth closed on hers.

"You're hiding something." The first words out of her mouth when he released her lips and he glared at her.

"Because I kissed you? Must be hidin' lots of somethings."

"No, because you're blocking my way to the door."

"You know I'm no good at this secret stuff." He ran a hand through her hair. "But, it's for Kaylee." His finger slid down to caress her jawline. A rumble ensued from her throat as the beautiful green eyes closed. "So, stay here with me until she's ready to come get us."

"Is that an order?" she purred, folding into his arms.

"No." He leaned to kiss her neck, her cheek, and then her ear. "It's a request, but if you need some more incentive to stay."

"You're resourceful, Mal. I'm sure you can come up with something." A smile as he slid the door closed and proceeded to drop her to the bed, before sitting the shotgun in the corner.


"Happy One Year With Us Anniversary." Kaylee called out, the smile on her face bright enough to light the entire room. A cake stood on the long wooden table, dark rich brown icing causing Cat's mouth to water. More so, when she spotted the scarlet colored fruits on the end.

"Where did you find strawberries?" she asked, Jayne looking at the spread and looking back at her pleading to be able to eat. She ignored him for the moment. "I didn't. Cap'n went out and found them. Got to ask him." The bright little mechanic pointed at Mal as she walked over to light the single candle on top of the cake. Cat looked to Mal, who smiled that crooked little grin of his that either meant she'd owe him one or and most likely, he did it because he loved her. "So, why are you lighting the cake on fire? Thought it was already baked."

"It's a tradition and it's only the candle on top. You blow it out and make a wish."

"And does this wish ever come true?" She was confused as was her darker side.

"Not always." Kaylee looked to Zoe for help as River took a swipe at the icing, Simon slapping her hand away.

"Then why do it?"

"Cat, gorram it, Girl, just blow out the damn candle so we can eat, k?" Jayne was impatient and she growled at him.

"Fine." She retorted and leaned over with a quick huff just to be done with it. Still, there was a moment in her head where she could swear a voice whispered...'For's hopin' you're okay, kid.'

"So, who wants the first piece?" Kaylee smiled as Cat moved back, allowing her new pack to eat. Kitty got first, though shared a fork full with Jayne while he tried not so patiently for his piece. A presence behind her and as his arm came around her shoulders, Mal held a strawberry out to her.

"Berry for your thoughts?" he smiled as she took a bite of it, the sweet juices bursting in her mouth.

"That I'm lucky to have this." Cat leaned against him watching as Jayne finally got a piece, the rich cake causing his eyes to roll in back of his head.

"Hoping for another few years of this."

"I will stay until you die, kick me off, or I become too much danger to the crew."

"That's all I ask...well, mostly ask....okay, so i ask a lot of you, but you understand."

"Yes, my captain. I understand well." She nuzzled into him as Kaylee held up two slices. "Guess it's time to have our cake...."

"And eat it too." Mal finished as he momentarily watched Cat head toward his crew, her sway more feline like than anything. It was a good time to be aboard his ship. Families were starting, jobs were going fairly smoothly, and no one planned to leave any time soon. Inara smiled as Cat sat next to her and then laughed as she passed the strawberries. Yes, life was good. "'Bout damn time we got both." =================================

AN; Jane, sorry for the delay...please forgive...hope this is what you were thinking... ;)


Monday, July 19, 2010 11:58 PM


Whoohoo! Fun stuff. I... yeah Bo needs to get in touch with Mal doesn't he? Just to let him know. Hmmmm.... hehhehheh.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:41 AM


This is a wonderful combination of sweetness, humour, with just a touch of darkness to come. Pretty much like the cake, in fact! Thank you so much for this, and it was more than I hoped, far more. Thank you.

Oh, and the image of Cat tearing into a herd of cattle ... thanks for that too! Just about made up for by Mal distracting her ...

Monday, August 30, 2010 7:26 AM


Yep, is about time they got both. Nice to have a happy little ending and how could you go wrong with chocolate, strawberries AND Cat and Mal? Yum. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"


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