Peaches n Strawberries
Friday, September 24, 2010

Fresh Fruit is a rare treat on Serenity.


Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns it all. Mine is 1.50 in a coffeecup. And all the typos I want...

This is so not betaed... (slightly worked over from my original post on Lj)


Zoe, Inara and Kaylee were all curled up on Inara's big bed, swapping stories and cosmetic tips, having a Girl's night. River had already fallen asleep. Their storytelling had come full circle back to the men on the ship. Kaylee took another cookie and bit into it, careful to catch any crumbs in her hands. Swallowing she said: "Honestly, have you ever watched Jayne eat fruit?" Inara shuddered. "I try not to watch Jayne do anything." Kaylee grinned. "Sometimes you should, 'Nara. Like when he's working out..." She took another bite. "No, really. Like the apples, or when we had the oranges, he got for Christmas for us? He always sniffs them first before taking the first bite. And the oranges, I know he likes to keep the peel for a bit. Or when we had the strawberries, it took him longer to eat them than even me." Zoe looked intrigued. "I think I remember that. He looked like a little boy..."

Peaches were an extra-special treat and every once in a while they found their way on Serenity's Dinner table. The girls all watched Jayne take one from the bowl and hold it up to his nose, taking a breath. Instead of taking a bite, he touched the fuzzy skin lightly to his lips then took another breath inhaling the sweet scent. His fingertips ran over the thin seam on the side of the fruit, skimmed over the navel where the stem had been nestled and all but caressed the curves of the fruit. It WAS rather sensuous... Kaylee popped up from her seat. "Uhm... I'll be in my bunk!" She hurried out and Zoe exchanged a knowing smile with Inara. Zoe turned to Wash. "Husband, how about we take dessert somewhere more private?" Wash beamed. Inara watched a moment longer how the big Mercenary enjoyed himself with his treat. Walking past him towards her shuttle, she stopped a moment and said: "Thank you for the pleasure, Jayne." He paused in finally cutting a slice from the peach and looked up, a bit puzzled. "Huh? Ah, anytime, Inara..." He put the slice in his mouth, savoring that very first taste. Just then the Cap'n walked in, refilling his coffee. "Jayne, you through playin' with your food, there's work to be done." He looked around.

"Where's the girls?"

Jayne put another slice of peach in his mouth. "In their bunks." he said.

(Oh, I got a mighty hankering for peaches right now....)


Simon nervously shoved his hands in his pockets. Clearing his throat, he said: "Uh... Jayne? I was wondering... Have... have you got any of those Strawberries left?" Jayne turned towards him, pausing in fixing a bowl of dry-soup. "Might. Why?" "Well, I'd love to have some for Kaylee?" Jayne poured boiling water in his bowl and stirred vigorously. Sniffing at the scent of broth and Veggies, he said "That'll cost ya, though. Ain't giving them up for free!" Simon tugged on his earlobe, murmuring under his breath. "Would have shocked me, if you did." Out loud he said: "Only fair, I guess. Just... don't make it... too... painful." Jayne took a small bowl of strawberries from the cooler, sat down at the table with his soup and the fruit and grinned at the young Doctor. "I'll be gentle, sunshine." Just then Kaylee bounced in. "Hi, guys! Oooh, Strawberries!! Jayne, can I have some?" He pushed the bowl towards her. "Sure, help yourself!" She beamed at him and carefully selected one. Closing her eyes, she took a reverent bite. Little sounds of pleasure escaped. Jayne watching her, dribbled soup onto his shirt without noticing, having forgotten about the spoon in his hand. "I don't believe it." murmured Simon. Kaylee finished the first berry and reached for another. Jayne threw the spoon onto the table with a clatter and popped out of his chair. "I'll be in my bunk," he said. Simon hurried after him. "You charge me for the same fruit you're giving to Kaylee for free?" Jayne paused. "Yeah. Got a problem with that?" Simon huffed. "Yes, somewhat! Why?" Jayne shrugged. "You ain't her." He kicked the door to his bunk open. "Now, excuse me, got some...pressing business I gotta take care of." As the door clanged shut, Simon once again had the feeling he'd taken a wrong turn somewhere.....


Friday, September 24, 2010 12:39 PM


My formatting so sux... :P

Friday, September 24, 2010 2:37 PM


While the layout's not perfect, the content is definitely all kinds of shiny, BardofShadow! I was so busting a gut at the hilarity of the ladies of Serenity finding please from watching Jayne eat fruit and Kaylee enjoy strawberries :D

Friday, September 24, 2010 4:37 PM


Aw, did my private message not get through? Well, glad to see your story made it here anyway. I too found this most enjoyable. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010 9:53 PM


Your format is fine and I really enjoyed this! The last part was like Jayne would say...Hi-larious xD

Friday, October 1, 2010 6:19 AM


I could so see this and Jayne would absolutely not charge Kaylee for strawberries but have fun making Simon pay. Ali D :~)
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