Serenity AU Chapter 2
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mal rolled his eyes as he took his cup of coffee and left. He wanted to rewatch the message they had gotten from Badger.


River stopped in front of Jayne as he finished a chord and looked up from Vera.

"What you want?" Jayne asked as he carefully sat Vera down.

"Audition," River said pointing back towards Mal's sign.

"Gotta talk to Mal," Jayne said getting up to go over to the intercom. He opened a line. "Hey, Mal. We got a couple here that need to talk to you."

"Okay," Mal said into the galley's intercom.

Mal hurried to the cargo bay and said, "I'm Captain Mal Reynolds. And you are...?"

"Simon Tam," Simon said putting his bags down and removing his sunglasses. "And this is my sister River."

"Hear you want to audition," Mal said watching River as she looked around the cargo bay.

"Yes, but I need something to play on," Simon said.

"Jayne," Mal said and the big man went and got the keyboard.

It was set up in front of Simon and he checked the sound, finding it to his liking, Simon started off with a few chords. Then from a simple melody, Simon went into a longer song that he knew his sister could accompany him on.

When River started singing Mal was transfixed listening to her. Jayne's ears perked up as well as the music trailed off.

"Well?" Simon asked nervously. This is was the first time he ever had to audition and he had also sold everything he had to get to Persephone. Finding Mal's sign felt like it had been sent by Buddha.

Mal stood nodding his head and finally said, "You're hired and your sister to if she'd like?"

"Stars are right," River said.

"Thank you," Simon said shaking Mal's out-stretched hand. "We accept."

It was over supper that Simon and River met the rest of the crew. Wash the drummer, Book their manager, Inara, Kaylee, and Zoe, Mal's right arm.

As the food was passed around Book asked, "Where were you playing before you landed here son?"

"Around Osiris mostly," Simon answered over his food. It was a mix of protein and vegetables.

"How'd you find our merry little troop?" Wash asked. "Don't think Mal posted the opening anywhere."

"Ah, River was looking at the cortex and picked a planet. She had a feeling that Persephone would be good," Simon said.

Supper rolled on and finally Simon excused himself and River from the galley.

Everyone watched Kaylee's eyes follow Simon as he left. Then she got this huge smile on her face.

Mal rolled his eyes as he took his cup of coffee and left. He wanted to rewatch the message they had gotten from Badger.

Zoe and Wash drifted out after him. Wash was attempting to entice his wife into dancing.

"What are you mooning over girl?" Jayne asked looking at Kaylee's wide smile.

"Nuthin'," Kaylee said casually. "Just thinkin'." She made to get up from the table with her dishes.

"Just thinkin' on "Shiny Shoes" you mean," Jayne said sarcastically referring to Simon.

"You're just jealous cause he's so swai," Kaylee said dreamily as she moved away from the table. It was just the two of them as Inara and Book had also left.

"You see Kaylee's look?" Wash asked his wife.

"You see the Captain's eyeroll?" Zoe asked. "You know how he feels."

"This coming from the woman who married the drummer and did it behind her Captain's back," Wash commented.

"Yes, dear." Zoe kissed him.

Simon went to check on River before she went to sleep.

"Are you okay River?" Simon asked sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Yes," she answered. "Sad."

"Why?" Simon asked.

"Sold. Lost," River said cryptically.

"We can get things back by being here. Even my career," Simon said. "Good night River."

She rolled over to face the wall away from him and he left her room.



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