Firefly AU- Chapter 5 Repost
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

"Is Vera in tune?" Mal asked as he got his chopsticks out. "Yeah Mal. She's ready to go," Jayne answered taking a huge helping of the stir fried vegetables and sausages.


Inara walked through the common area and saw Kaylee and River. Kaylee was teaching River some of the moves they used to accompany the singing and the music.

"Are River and Simon alright?" Book asked when he saw Inara.

"They're both settling in fine," Inara answered.

They were in the area of crew's quarters when they heard a boom, boom, boom.

"I hear Jayne had Vera out," Inara said speaking louder to be heard over the din.

"So, it would seem," Book said. "Think I am heading to the galley. I won't be able to do anything while that is going on."

Book loved the crew but Jayne and his bass could stress him out. Especially when he wanted to sleep.

The next morning Serenity arrived at Greenleaf. Mal sent a wave to the organizers of this celebration.

A man by the name of Richard Chow answered.

"Mr. Chow this here is Malcolm Reynolds of the band, "Captain Mal and the Browncoats," Mal said.

"Oh yes. Badger let us know that you were taking the job," said Chow. "You are still taking the job?"

"Yes, we are. We're just entering atmo. You got us a place to land?"

Yup. A nice, flat spot just outside of town," Chow answered.


"We'll see you there," said Mr. Chow then the screen went blank.

A half hour later Serenity landed in the field that Chow had mentioned after Wash found it on a map.

Through Serenity's front window Mal saw a couple of men waiting for them.

"Let's get this show on the road," Mal said as he left the bridge to join Book and Zoe.

Once the ramp was lowered they stepped off Serenity.

"Malcolm Reynolds," Mr. Chow said stepping forward.

"Yes," Mal said shaking the other man's hand. "This is Book, our manager." Indicating the older man that was standing next to him. "And Zoe Washburn, my right hand."

"Good to meet you," Mr. Chow said.

"Do you have anymore details for us?" asked Book.

"The celebration will start tonight and go for seven days," said the other man that was with Chow. "David Langham."

"Thank you Mr. Langham," said Book. "What about somewhere to stay?"

"we've got rooms for you," said Mr. Langham. He was blond, a little heavier than Wash and about Jayne's height.

"Thank you," Book said.

"We'll leave you to get organized," said Chow, who was Mal's height and thin with wavy black hair and brown eyes.

"When do we start?" asked Mal.

"As stated everything starts tonight," Chow said. "There are banners all over town. The rooms are up to you."

"Thank you," said Mal.

Chow and Langham left after that and when they were out of sight Book asked, "Are we taking the rooms?"

"I think we should as we seem to be a fair bit out of town," Mal said.

"I agree sir," Zoe added.

"Book, you head in first and get us squared away there," Mal said. "We'll get this end organized as usual."

"Alright," Book said then he headed back into Serenity for his hat. It was early summer on Greenleaf.

When Book reached town, he could see there were banners and streamers up all over.

He found what passed for a hotel easily and went into the building. There were people milling around the front desk when a young woman behind the desk noticed him.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm here to book 4 rooms for Captain Mal and the Browncoats," Book said. "Mr. Langham said there were some set aside for us."

The young woman checked the sign in book and put a check mark beside the name then got four keys out of the message boxes on the wall and handed them to Book.

When Book got back to Serenity Jayne, Kaylee and Wash were almost finished loading the mule.

"We're good in town Mal," Book said.

"Shiny," Mal answered.

With the mule finally loaded, it took them at least a half an hour or more to get into town. The ground was a little rough and with all their gear on it, it moved slower.

"Where are we keeping the instruments Captain?" asked Wash from the driver's seat.

"I reckon at the venue," Mal said.

"Are you sure sir?" asked Zoe.

"We don't need to be dragging them through the streets every night," Mal said.

They stopped at the hotel and got directions to where they would be playing. As they drove through the streets they noticed people stopping and watching them.

At the venue they were shown to a dressing room that was big enough for them and their gear. Though only the girls would be using it for changing.

"We should get something for River to wear," Inara said. "I'll cover it."

"Well, then you ladies carry on," Mal said.

Inara, Kaylee and River left to go shopping and the men and Zoe started unloading the instruments from the mule.

Once they were done Jayne began grumbling about food and so they went to get something to eat.

They found a little restaurant not too far from where they would be playing. They went in and sat at a table. It wasn't busy so a server took their order right away.

"Is Vera in tune?" Mal asked as he got his chopsticks out.

"Yeah Mal. She's ready to go," Jayne answered taking a huge helping of the stir fried vegetables and sausages.



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