An Altered Perception - Chapter 5
Sunday, August 21, 2005

In which jayne walks away from a fight. yeah, you did hear me right the first time. (i'm gonna need rehab, i just love writing this!)


Chapter 5

Surprised, Jayne reels back from Simon’s punch, staggering a few paces before instinct takes over and he grabs Simon’s collar, hoisting him bodily up and slamming him against the wall. “Not a good move, rich boy.” But Simon simply bunches his fist and thumps Jayne’s head. With a grunt, Jayne spins and throws him across the cargo bay floor. Simon rolls over, hatred in his eyes. “So what, going to kill me now? Only I’m not sure you’d get the full reward if I were dead. Still, maybe it’d be easier than on Ariel. No need to fool me into thinking you were actually helping.” Shaking slightly, he stands up. In the silence that follows there is a clatter from the infirmary and Kaylee’s voice sounds. “Where is everybody?” The stillness is broken as Jayne suddenly drops his fists, turns and strides out toward the infirmary. Wash’s voice sounds from the gangway. “Did he really just walk away from a fight? Honey, am I dreaming?” We all are, thinks Mal, looking over at River. Simon walks out, up the stairs. Good idea, Mal recons, staying out of Jayne’s way. Mal sits at the dining table for a few hours with Juliet, letting the emotions in the ship settle, playing cards. She lets him win a few times, he can tell, and he’s grateful for the kindness. He’ll have to see to Jayne and Simon sometime. After getting soundly beaten yet somehow winning, he decides to go find them. “Right, I’m goin’, cause I ain’t never gonna win properly against you.” Juliet smiles at him. “I can see your cards. Useful skill.” He shakes his head and walks off toward the engine room. Jayne is there with Kaylee, Jayne cleaning his guns, Kaylee tinkering with some engine part, cleaning it out. She is chatting amicably, Jayne occasionally commenting or replying to questions. When Mal enters, making his presence known, Jayne’s look of longing toward Kaylee is swiftly masked. “Jayne,” he says. “Need to talk.” They exit the engine room and walk back along to the dining area. River and Juliet, the only ones there, instantly pick up the cards and leave, understanding the need for privacy. “Mal, you can’t blame me. He attacked me, he insulted me first.” “I ain’t blaming you Jayne. Don’t get so gorram defensive. Just wanna put things straight. Make sure you understand. What were you doing in infirmary anyhows? Seems you were just getting in the way.” His tone is harsh and he almost regrets it. Jayne has a look of abject misery on his face. “Just, with reavers an’ all, wanted to be close, make sure she-” “Jayne.” Mal glares at him. “You mess my mechanic ‘round in any wrong fashion, I’ll throw you off my ship.” “But, Mal, I wouldn’t…” “And I don’t mean on a planet. Dong ma?” Leaving Jayne standing, a shocked expression on his face, Mal goes in search of Simon. The boy is in the passenger lounge, looking over the diagnostics for River that he’d got on Ariel. “Good evening, captain,” he says, always the one for formalities. “Doc,” Mal acknowledges, sitting down beside him. “I’ll take it that you are here to talk to me about throwing punches at your crew members.” “Li’l bit.” He notices cuts and bruises on Simon’s face from being thrown across the cargo bay. “Can’t say you’re any closer to that lifetime friend there.” “I know. I was just feeling a little snappish.” Mal laughs at the understatement. “I think taking on Jayne is a bit more than a little snappish.” “Maybe you’ve just had an influence on me that’s not entirely positive.” “Indeed, maybe I have. Don’t do it again, ‘less it’s absolutely necessary.” He pats Simon’s back, standing up. “Can’t have infighting on my boat. You talk things out next time, or just avoid him for a few weeks. I don’t care. ‘Cause the likelihood is, he’ll shoot you next time.” He walks out, up to the bridge to check in with Wash about their route. He isn’t there. “Dammit. Wash! Where the hell are you!” He stomps back down as Juliet comes through from the dining area. “Uh, you might not wanna know that right now.” “Why?” She points toward Zoë and Wash’s bunk. “Not sure you’d feel all that nice afterwards. But, the course is set fine, I saw him do it earlier.” She turns and walks out, towards the passenger dorm. “Night, Mal.” He rolls his eyes. Psychic. Great.


Juliet has trouble sleeping. The reaver encounter makes everyone’s emotions run high, grating on her like nails down a blackboard. Inara is sitting in her shuttle, tears running down her face as she clutches a small patterned box. Book feverishly stares at his bible, muttering prayer after prayer to banish the images of his past, while Simon flexes bruised fingers, still shocked at the strength of his own anger. Kaylee meets Jayne in the corridor to the engine room and kisses him, need and want flooding through her. Juliet gasps at the combined pain as Jayne pushes her away, walking off, away from the tears that fall down Kaylee’s cheeks. Live simple. No secrets. Be with the people they wanted. River, she says. What do I do? Make him understand. Kaylee’s tears fall on the grating like raindrops, and suddenly Juliet is back, standing in a rainstorm, watching the last bits of her home fall to the ground, charred and black.


The next morning, Mal is woken by Wash on the ship wide com. “Mornin’ travelers. We are coming up on the quaint little port of Persephone – be docked in about a half hour. Anyone wishing to kiss the dirt or practice some other form of prostration best be up and ready by then.” Shaking his head, Mal rolls out of bed and yells rather loudly when he sees Juliet sitting comfortably in the corner of his room. Pulling his sheet over himself, he sits back down on his bed. “What the hell are you doin’ in my gorram bunk?!” “Couldn’t sleep. Kaylee’s tears are loud. You’re dreams are comfy.” “They’re comfy… What the- Kaylee’s cryin’?” “Got rejected. Course she is.” Juliet glares at him. “Your fault of course.” “Wha- bu- how the hell’s it my fault?” “Throwing someone out an airlock is not a nice thing to do you know.” “You heard that?!” “You think loud sometimes.” “She… Oh, crap.” He’s about to get up again when he remembers the girl sitting opposite him. “Will you let me get dressed please?” “Not stopping you.” Mal shoots her a glare.


Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:29 AM


i am hungover and my head is all hurty... but this is good

Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:29 AM



Sunday, August 21, 2005 8:59 AM


bad girl. very very bad girl. you go bak 2 skl on tuesday, you could at least try to be good 4 a little while.

Monday, August 22, 2005 4:07 AM


You get back to that word processor and you give Jayne and Kaylee kisses...


Tuesday, August 23, 2005 11:55 AM


I did chuckle at Juliet refusing to leave Mal's bunk so he can put some clothes on. As for Jayne and Kaylee I have a feeling that little bit of misunderstanding is about to be ironed out. Ali D :~)
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