Cargo: Chapter 15
Saturday, November 19, 2005

River is bored, Eis has a secret, and Mal is stuck between it all. NOTE: Ending may have been a good idea, or bad. Just happened. Sorry for anyone who thinks i am mad...


“The sun comes out and everybody's bored!” River had finally finished her song. Simon, Mal, and Eis were close to crying. Not only was it almost 14 minutes long, but somehow River had managed to get the doors to lock for a long period of time. They were trapped in the infirmary with a bored nut, and they were peddling a 10 year old bicycle on the thin line of sanity. “Can you let me breath now?” River asked, looking hopefully at the key that now could unlock the newly adjusted bindings. Simon rested a hand on his forehead. Let River go, face another song, let River go, face another song... Oh hell. “Fine,” Simon sighed. He picked up the key and slipped it into the shiny lock that River was staring at with big eyes. “Just don’t do anything-” River leapt out of the bed, tackled the Eis, and ran out of the infirmary. “... physical.” Simon turned his attention to the boy, who was now on his back panting. “Air...” he gasped, wheezing slightly. *** He could do it now. He had meditated enough, he had gone over it in his mind, he could do it. “I am sure you are wondering why I have called you here tonight,” Eis spoke to the whole crew. In front of him lay a large box. “I have good news, and I have bad news. Well, I kinda have two good news's, but one ties in with the bad news, so I guess it’s only mediocre news... Anyway, first, the good good news. I have, for all of you, a fresh load of...” Eis opened up the lid revealing a pile of sweets as big as... the box. “Teh ya! Where did you get this?” Mal asked, eyes widened at the mount of sugar in front of him. Eis shifted his balance. “Long story,” was all he said.

*Meanwhile, on the last planet they were on* “Oh Honey! I have a present for you!” The young man smiled when he saw his wife come down. She looked at the large box he had laid at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled widely at her husband, and then opened it up. “Pink sand?” she said instantly, very confused

*Well... wasn;t that interesting*

After the crew finished climbing over each other to get their handfuls, Eis tapped the table. They all looked up. He thought they very much resembled little chipmunks at the moment... Jayne more of a gopher, but who looks at details. “And now, for the bad news.” He paused for the dramatic affect. “I want you all to do something. You are about to learn something no other non-parliment human, besides I, has ever known. This is worse than the Reavers.” Jayne gulped. “As you know by now, the Alliance has Agents. Different kinds of Agents. They like colors. What you don’t know, is why they are colors.” “About nine years ago, an Alliance scientist was experimenting with ways to instantaneously clot blood, as to stop bleeding of an injury. Somewhat of a uber band-aid. Unfortunately, his equation had the reciprocal of the sound wave slope on it, and instead of clotting the blood, it gave anyone within the area a very severe case of hemophilia. In fact, blood became so thin, it started to seep through any opening it could find. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t have a cut, in theory. Another, unexpected side effect, was when the high frequency layers were emitted, ones skin would become looser. Not by much, but blood would easily penetrate the fingernails, nose, eyes, ears, bellybutton, nipples... Anywhere it could seep out, it started seeping out. The doctor couldn’t turn it off in time, and he quite literally melted away into his research. After several attempts to turn the device off, the Alliance discovered that both the doctor’s body, and those who had died deactivating the machine were still perfectly preserved. Now, keep in mind that it had been two months since the first accident had happened. The sound penetrated any earplugs that the soldiers wore to get into the lab, and so it took a very long while for the Alliance to realize that they should send in a deaf person. He still died, but lasted a good five minutes more than the rest.” By this time, the whole crew had forgotten about the candy. The story was had caught their attention for two reasons. The first being they kinda had met the machine before. Secondly, he said it was bad news... concerning them. “Now, Parliament still wanted something out of this, and decided to try and make this device a special weapon. But, it needed special people. The scientist, the guards. They transformed them. Rebuilt them. The first time they tried, they lost the body. Second time, they did it. The bastards had remade the guard’s organs out of machines, rubber, and pure luck. They tried to make him look completely human, but it took months to make the synthetic skin for the body. Instead, they gave them a colored body, and focused on the face. They assigned the ranks, and slowly, the organization was formed. Their numbers growing only when they kill. The Alliance swoops in, takes the skin and muscular strings, and goes away without a trace. Or, so they thought.” He smiled. “I felt it. When they were doing the brain surge testing, I felt it. I could actually hear the whispers. For about 17 seconds, I could read every person in that room- which includes the one member of parliament who was standing outside the door.” Everyone in the room was breathing hard now. How did this pertain to them? Did they want to know? “Now, you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this.” Nods. “Well, it has a lot to do with my sister. As you should all know by now, she was killed about five months ago. I didn’t know what I do now. I buried her body before I left. I had no clue what was about to happen to her.” He looked down. “Her body is with them now.” The realization struck everyone hard. She had never been laid to peace. Worse than that, she could be made into the very tool of Eis’ death.

*** “What’s in it fer us?” was the first thing Jayne had asked. “You say you want us ta risk our lives running inta this place tryin to get YOUR sister’s dead body out. Well, wha` we gettin out of it?” Eis smiled. Jayne always had a way to make things simpler. “I am glad you asked,” he said. Jayne looked surprised. Then Eis looked at Zoë. “As some of you may know, you are short of one member.” Zoë gave Eis a harsh look. “The Alliance still makes synthetically accurate agents, but they are used for the highest priorities, and do not know what or who they are. They penetrate the structure or group, wait, acting exactly like a human or the person they have replaced. However, when they first made these, there were also... errors. The agents would forget who they were, or they would remember too much. They might not have been able to fight completely, but were still lethal. Then, all of them got lose. They found that if the agent was killed, it would not die, but go completely nuts. This is why...” The boy sighed. It was time for the crew to know. “This is why the Alliance cruiser took Shepherd Book on for med treatment.” The silence said more than words. Mal blinked, Kaylee did her little stare thing, Simon also blinked, and Jayne was stroking his beard, trying to look inquisitive. “He could have killed you all at any point, but he didn’t. He was the Alliances biggest mistake in a long time, but dwarfed by the Reavers of coarse. On Haven, he the last one to get shot, but then he went into the rage. He killed them all and shot the ship down. Almost 30 minutes later, you showed up. He had lost too much blood, and had gone back to normal. He did the ‘I still think I am a shepherd’ thing, and then died. But, that is besides the point.” Mal frowned, Kaylee blinked this time, and Jayne, not realizing that the topic had changed, was still stroking his beard. “The point is...” Ah, the dramatic tension, “Wash is still alive.”


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