Waited Long Enough Part Eight: Just Rewards
Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some things are worth waiting for, and some turn out to be even better than expected. Jayne/Kaylee. Definitely NC 17/R.


Disclaimer: They ain’t my characters and it ain’t my ‘verse and no money changed hands. Thank You List includes Joss and the gang for inspiration, Jacqui the Goddess of Jaylee for beta and a great deal of support and encouragement, and to my own dear big, bad man for providing certain, …er, technical resources and guidance especially the live action walk through on certain challenging bits. Bein’ as this is my very first fanfic, all comments, suggestions and feedback are most appreciated. E-mail me at If ya don’t wanna talk, please just click a rating. Can’t make it better if I don’t know what’s broke.

Waited Long Enough Part Eight: Just Rewards

Slowly, the pounding of Kaylee’s heart eased off an’ she began to catch her breath as the sweet flood of sensation gently ebbed.

Jayne pushed himself up from his knees an’ stood grinnin’ down at her from the table’s end, his lips an’ beard moist with her juices. She’d tasted every bit as sweet as he’d imagined.

He was pleased at her ecstatic response to his pleasurin’ of her, and patted her hip fondly. Had her motor idlin’, time to open up the throttle a tad.

“You ready for Round Two, lil’ Kaylee?” he asked her, making it quite clear that a negative response wasn't an option.

A slightly dazed Kaylee leaned back on her elbows, her head tip-tilted and her lower lip nipped between her teeth in that cute little way that made him crazy. She just grinned and mumbled, “Oh, yeah...”

”Then scoot on down here to me, if ya will, sweet girl,” he asked.

Jayne paused for a minute to collect himself and thought, All manner of mayhem is gonna break loose if this gets back to Mal, an’ I don’t give a rat’s ass if it does. That hwoon dahn can shoot me and I'd do her all over again. If she don’t care, then I sure as hell ain’t gonna, either.

He unbuckled his belt an’ thumbed open the button that secured his waistband, then unzipped his fly an’ allowed the loosened pants to settle around his thighs. His cock, at last released from confinement, arched happily upward from a nest of the same short dark hair that furred his chest and belly. He gave it a fond, familiar stroke.

Alright, you ol’ monster, he thought to himself, ya’ been patient long enough, an’ he grinned even wider.

As she sat up to wiggle closer to him, Kaylee got her first amazed look at the wonder that was Jayne’s manhood. He was a big man an’ came well armed, heavy low-slung balls counterbalancing the thick, dusky length of his cock.

"Oh my goodness!" was all she could say an’ she unconsciously licked her lips at the thought of tasting him when her turn came. "Now I know why all them whores come back downstairs smilin’."

Jayne looked rather proud of himself an’ winked at her before spitting with practiced accuracy into the palm of his hand. He stroked the moisture up an’ over the crown of his staff to help ease his way, and then gently began to work his cock into the tender wetness of her.

Again his big hands clasped her hips, drawing her to him as he began to plumb her depths. His eyes closed and he mumbled a garbled string of endearments in Mandarin as he sank himself in the exquisite liquid heat within her.

Lao-tyen boo, his mind babbled, she feels so good, better’n I ever dreamed. All this time I been wantin’ her so bad, tryin’ to keep my hands off’a her, never darin’ hope we’d work things out… Sweet Jesu, she’s so tight, so hot...

Kaylee arched an’ rose to work herself deeper onto the ruttin’ hardness of him, the thick hardness of him filled her need just right, filled places that her fingers never could. Her breath came in gasps an’ pants, little whimpers of pleasure an’ squeaks of delight.

He bent to her, tongue an’ mouth working again at her tender nipples, his rhythm building stroke by stroke, his rampant cock alternately teasing her swollen clit, then plunging back into the fire within her, drawing out the honey that flowed to coat him.

Her sounds an’ the way she moved on him made him want to come, made his cock surge and pulse, his balls tightenin’ to fire his load. Jayne slowed his strokes, pausin’ after each exquisite thrust to prolong their union, and Kaylee smiled up at him through tear-bright eyes.

Jayne gazed down in wonder. This girl had somehow captured him without a knife or gun, had breached the many-layered armor that guarded his heart. An’ she done it with her laughter, her beauty, with the sweetness and basic goodness of her very soul.

He struggled with how to put this into words, his voice caught in his throat, stoppered by the swellin’ love an’ tenderness that rose in him, thawing a place long frozen, long silenced.

Oh, the pleasure and release of sexin’ a woman was always good, but this was somehow different because this was Kaylee. Dear, adorable Kaylee makin’ his heart fit to burst an’ his nethers long to launch his seed deep into her precious body.

“Oh Kaylee-girl, you sweet angel. You make all the fei hua of workin’ on this gorram boat worth doin’, make even the hard stuff bearable for me, dong ma? The way you laugh an’ joke with everybody, your smile, even your teasin’ – that’s what helped me get by these past months, even when jobs gone bad and it looked like we wasn’t gonna make it. You’re the heart of this ship, sweet girl, the heart of Serenity.”

The swirling, rising, glorious ache became too much to bear an’ Kaylee cried out to him. “Now, Jayne, please!” She pulled him deep into her, keening with delight at the pulsin’ flood he loosed into her, the hot wetness of his orgasm carryin’ her over the edge and into a place of blinding golden fire.

If she was the Heart of Serenity, then Jayne was surely the fuel.


Sunday, February 19, 2006 3:10 PM


So sweet and so hot!

Sunday, February 19, 2006 4:24 PM


Oh my dear and fluffy Lord! Kinda hard to type a comment when your palms are all sweaty, y'know? ;P

I am completely entralled by this tale, you write so well. And hey, now all we need is for the rest of the crew to walk in, and you've got the most perfect Jaylee fic ever! Can't wait to see their reactions to this development.

Monday, February 20, 2006 1:41 AM


Hot, hot. I love that last line!

Monday, February 20, 2006 4:25 AM


Aw, shucks, folks, you're all mighty kind. I love writing about these two, but even better is writin' about them and sharing it. More to come. And thanks agin to Jacqui, who's been so much help.

Monday, February 20, 2006 5:32 AM


You actually managed to make smut sweet, and it was glorious on both accounts.

Monday, February 20, 2006 1:05 PM


New to Firefly and the site, and lookie what I found my very first visit! Honey, keep it coming! Excuse me, think I'm having me a hot flash!

Saturday, March 11, 2006 5:33 AM


"Jayne gazed down in wonder. This girl had somehow captured him without a knife or gun, had breached the many-layered armor that guarded his heart."

*plans kaylee's mysterious disappearance*


Monday, August 15, 2011 7:46 AM


hot dang....


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