Quickies 3: Panties
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Jayne's being inattentive and Kaylee comes up with the perfect bait. NC17/R


Disclaimer: Not mine, no money. Thanks to Jacqui for beta, to Rion for being challenging. And inspirational.

Premise: Written in response to a challenge From Rion to write a set of sexual encounters between Jayne and Kaylee, limiting each to a single page of text – in other words, “quickies”. When you live on a space ship with seven other folks, privacy comes at a premium and creativity is an asset.

When: Set in the weeks immediately following my series Waited Long Enough. Needless to say, NC17/R

Quickies 3: Panties

Kaylee has a pair of sexy, shell-pink satin panties, hardly more'n a g-string. Inara talked her into buyin' 'em but, truth is, they've sat in her clothes locker ever since. She usually wears regular cotton panties, pink and white or flowered - unless Jayne tells her to leave em' off. Inara tells her that men like such things, but really, she'd feel pretty silly wearin' that little slip of silky nothin'

Jayne's been preoccupied lately, in a funk 'cause Mal cussed him out over somethin' that went wrong their last job. Sometimes he sulks, like lately. Kaylee's been missin' him, missin' his lovin' and care.

She's re-wiring a panel on the ship and it comes to her - what she needs is bait, somethin' to get him thinkin' about her, him bein' so hard-headed and all.

Next time she dresses, she puts on the little pink silky britches. How do girls wear these things? She wonders. They don't cover up nothin and keep wantin' to crawl up into places they shouldn't. She wears 'em all day, squirmin' a lot because they fit so different, keep slitherin' up into her nethers and rubbin' her sensitive bits. By late afternoon, the little things are downright soggy, so she decides to shower before the evening meal, change outta her grubby mechanic clothes.

Come suppertime and everyone's gatherin' around the big table in the galley, laughin' and hungry. Everybody but Jayne, who comes in late and sullen-lookin'.

Kaylee carries a basket of bread to the table, sets it down in front of Jayne an' discretely palms the bundled satin panties into his hand.

He looks at her quizzically and she shakes her head "No" so he puts the little bundle into his pocket without lookin' at it, wonderin' what she's up to.

The platter makes the rounds, an' Jayne forks a couple of slabs of protein onto his plate, then butters up a piece of bread. He goes to take a bite and thinks, Ai ya! Bread smells like Kaylee's pussy. That's weird….

He looks at Kaylee again, questionin', an' she just smiles all impish-like.

He takes a big sip from his mug and wipes the residue from his mustache, then sniffs his hand. Pussy for sure.

Kaylee wolfs down her dinner, excuses herself to get back to work on the rewirin' project.

Bouncin' down the corridor, she grins from ear to ear, 'knowing Serenity's gonna have one horny-assed mercenary on board tonight.


Tuesday, March 7, 2006 8:34 AM


These make me giggle so much.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006 2:58 AM


Love Kaylee's description of the panties...I understand that. I really love her method of getting Jayne's attention.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 9:18 AM


*giggle* i'm turning into a quickie-addict!!



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