Buzz Off
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kaylee’s curiosity leads to a deal between her and Jayne involving a small personal appliance. Seriously adult – you have been warned.


Disclaimer: Ain’t mine, didn’t get paid, just do it for love. Thanks to my great beta and to you, kind readers. After all, I’m not just writin’ this stuff for myself. Feedback, comments and encouragement all welcomed. You can comment down below or e-mail me at

Setting:: Shortly after my story, Too Little, Too Late

Who and What: Kaylee’s curiosity leads to a deal between her and Jayne involving a small personal appliance. Seriously adult – you have been warned.

Buzz Off

It all started with a conversation.

Jayne and Kaylee were sittin’ side by side on the catwalk, legs danglin’ into space over the cargo bay deck.

“So, how do you do it?” She asked him.

Not like she didn’t know what fellas did, but everybody was different, and Jayne was way more different than most. Kaylee was always curious, especially about anythin’ havin’ to do with sex.

“Huh?” He looked somewhat taken aback. ”Whaddaya mean?”

Kaylee leaned closer to his shoulder and spoke out of the side of her mouth, all impish lookin’. “I mean, when we can’t hook up for a few days and you get the urge, just what exactly are you off doin’ all by your lonesome in that bunk?”

Jayne raised an eyebrow, unsure how to respond.

“Don’t suppose I ever had anybody ask me that question before.” He pondered a minute. “You wanna know how I jack off?” He looked a little incredulous, a little embarrassed.


All cheery-like, as if she’d just asked him how he took his coffee. “Yep, that’s what I’m askin’. Guess everybody does it different. We been sweeties, what, maybe two months now, and I ain’t ever seen what you do.”

“Well, hell, Kaylee, I ain’t never seen you do it either.” Sure would like to, though…

The topic under discussion began to affect Jayne’s physiology and he shifted to make it less obvious.

“Look, Jayne, you know all sorts a stuff about me, about my family, stuff I done before. I just ain’t ever asked you much about you. Figured you’d tell me whenever you got good an’ ready.” She batted her eyelashes at him, in full flirt mode.

It had been a few days since their last romp and it wasn’t past Kaylee to tempt the big merc into another one, as if it would take much to accomplish that goal. Just to kick things up a notch, she rested her forearms on the railing, aware of how the movement showed off her breasts in the tight little top she was wearin’.

Jayne glanced sideways and took a deep breath. Yep. He’d noticed. He looked around surreptitiously, making sure no one else was in earshot.

“Ya really askin’ me to tell you, like, step-by-step?” He kinda squirmed. “I gave you that capture last week. That ain’t enough?”

Kaylee licked her lips and shook her head. "Ain’t quite the same. Just got me curious, is all.” Her cheeks glowed and her dark eyes had a naughty twinkle. “I think I’d find it mighty interestin’.”


She could see the wheels goin’ double time in Jayne’s head.

“Ya want me to tell you right here? Now?”

“Ain’t nobody around but you and me, now, is there?” She’d never have pegged Jayne Cobb as bein’ shy about anythin’ havin’ to do with sex, but she’d managed to catch him with his guard down on this one.

Those steely eyes of his bored into hers as he slipped his hand around to cup the curve of her back and felt her shiver. “I’ll tell ya on one condition.”

Kaylee sat up straighter. Jayne had on his ‘poker playin’ face’ and she knew what that meant.

She was in trouble.

She licked her lips again, then hesitantly answered. “Deal.”

“I know ya got a vibrator. Damn thing’s noisy, too.” Jayne smirked.

Her cheeks flushed scarlet. She hadn’t realized the sound carried beyond her bunk.

“Well, there was a long dry spell before you came along…”

“I don’t care about that none.” He told her, shakin’ his head. “I just wanna see ya use it. Seen women do a whole lotta things over the years but ain’t never seen a woman do that.” He knew he’d nailed her and was plumb tickled with himself.

Kaylee punched him.

“Jayne, that ain’t fair. You set me up.”

“Yep. Sure did.”

Kaylee thought to herself, With any luck, we’ll end up in your bunk and I’ll get what I want anyways, so who’s the real winner here, Mr. Mercenary?

“Well, cao! Guess you better pay up first, you fong luh hundan.” She glared pointedly at him. “Answer my question, Jayne Cobb!”

“Look, Kaylee, I start talking about what me an’ the ol’ monster do, it’s right likely to produce some embarassin’ consequences for both of us right here, so I suggest we move this party elsewhere.”

She had to admit he had a point, the right one to be specific. He stood up and gave her a hand and they headed off toward the crew quarters, makin’ sure no one was anywhere around.

When they got to Kaylee’s brightly decorated door, the merc told her. “Now go on and git yer toy, gal. I’ll be waitin’ on ya across the hall.” He gave her a fast, hard kiss and she giggled as she swung her door in and descended into her quarters.


Down in his own quarters, Jayne quickly straightened up his bunk a little, shovin’ his girly mags under the mattress. He wasn’t gonna need them to prime the pump with a real live Kaylee on the other end of his bunk. He pitched the dirty clothes off the other end and onto the pile on the floor, then dumped the dregs of last night’s mug of hooch into the wall sink and moved the pistol he kept under his pillow. Didn’t need nobody getting shot like that.

Just the thought of watchin’ Kaylee and her vibrator had him half hard – hell, maybe he’d just show her while she showed him. That was the way it worked, wasn’t it? He hit the wall switch to dim the lights and took off his boots and socks, then reached into his pants to rearrange parts that were startin’ to get pinched, stripped out of his T-shirt and waited for the show.


Kaylee poked her head out of her door chute, makin’ sure the corridor was empty before crossin’, then pushed Jayne’s door in and climbed down his ladder.

The merc noticed, as always, how cute her little fanny was, with her coveralls pullin’ tight at each step. He also noticed the sparkly pink phallic shape stickin’ outa her back pocket and started to breathe a little faster. Looked like things was about ta get right interestin’.

“Ain’t nobody anywhere’s around.” Kaylee announced, thinkin, An’ I hope it stays that way…

Jayne was kinda lookin’ at her like one a them old satyr statues from Earth-That-Was. “You sure ya wanna do this, lil’ girl?”

She was blushin’ fiercely but she nodded yes.

Jayne took another deep breath. His John Thomas was already way ahead of him in the game.

Jayne tossed one of the pillows to the foot of his bunk. “So, why don’t you git yer sweet lil’ self all settled and comfy down there and I’ll just sit me up here.”

Kaylee took the vibrator out of her pocket and kinda played with it a little, just runnin’ her hands over it and all..

Jayne’s eyes got bigger. So did the bulge in his pants.

“Got a better idea.” She said provocatively.

Bet I got the same idea, Jayne thought.

“Take them britches off before you pop that zipper.”

He did, dropping them in a pile on the floor. He knew he had a good body and wasn’t shy of showin’ it to an appreciative audience, most especially Kaylee. He pushed his other pillow up behind him and settled back against the headboard of his bunk, knees akimbo and his cock pointin’ at the ceiling.

“Now you, sugar.” He was just devourin’ her with his eyes, noting her breathing was as rapid as his.

Laying the vibrator on the bunk, Kaylee shrugged out of her shirt and pushed her coveralls and panties off, then sat down facing him, mirroring his position.

Ai ya, but she’s a beauty. Don’t ever get tired of lookin’ at her and lovin’ on her, the merc thought.

“So here’s my idea.” She went on boldly. “You just show me what you do, just like I wasn’t even in here.” And then, gorramit, she licked the end of that vibrator and Jayne damn near popped his cork right then.

She took a deep breath, then whispered. “And I’ll show you what I’m doin’ when I ain’t got you.”

Jayne almost whimpered.

“Uh… okay…” Was all he could get out. In all his days, Jayne didn’t think he’d ever just sat in front of someone and jerked off, although Buddha knew he’d done it often enough alone.

Kaylee found it amusing to see Jayne Cobb, the Stud of Serenity, all flustered. So amused that she licked the vibrator again and rolled it over her nipples.

Jayne’s cock twitched and he gulped. Audibly.

“Aw bao-bei, it ain’t no big deal.” Kaylee chirped. “Look - you do you and I’ll do me and we’ll both enjoy the show, okay?”

The big mercenary just nodded once, focused totally on the amazin’ vision in front of him. He softly trailed the tips of his right fingers up and down the proud length of his sex, lightly spreading the glistening fluid that seeped from him over his glans. As always, the sensations both aroused and calmed him and he sighed deeply.

Across his bunk, Serenity’s little mechanic leaned back and did what she loved to do: turn on machinery, turn on her man. The vibrator gave off a merry and definitely audible hum. Kaylee’s wide eyes were as glued to what Jayne was doin’ as his were to her. She teased the humming toy over her strawberry nipples until they crinkled and rose in tight pink points and then lazily trailed it down her belly and over the dark curls of her mound.

“Aw shit, Kaylee.” Jayne’s voice was thick. “Ya know damn well how hot that looks.” He cupped his heavy balls with his left hand and rolled and tugged at them, then reached up to his chest to softly tease the small dark nipples through the thatch of dark hair that shaded his pecs. All the while his gun hand fisted up and down his shaft, alternately stroking over and underhand.

The girl mischievously slipped down even further, spreading her knees and parting the moist lips of her nethers with the fingers of her left hand. Her sex looked like some exotic flower, glistening with her desire and filling Jayne’s quarters with her perfume.

“So that’s what you’re over here doin, huh?”

“Yeah…when I can’t get you.” Jayne’s hand quickened.

Slipping the buzzing vibe into her opening, Kaylee sighed, “An’ this is what I’m over there doin’ when I ain’t got you.” Her breathing rasped with pleasure and she began to slide the sparkly pink toy in and out of her wetness, arching her hips to meet her thrusts.

“So you can hear me doin’ this clear over here?”

“Loud and clear, Kaylee-girl.” Jayne’s breath caught in his throat and his cock grew darker, flaring above his hand.

Kaylee stuck the fingers of her left hand in her mouth to wet them, then began to rapidly feather her clit while continuing her vibe-play. Watching Jayne and being watched by him was a huge turn-on, more than she’d ever imagined.

She felt the tightening and inner heat that preceded her climax and knew she was close.

Jayne, bless his heart, was staring at her hands and actually panting, looking like he was about to bust a gusset. The merc shook his head like a dog shakin’ off water, tryin’ to clear his thinkin’ just a little.


A long pause, just the hum and their heavy breathing punctuated by the wet sounds of their aroused bodies. “Kaylee-girl?” Jayne’s voice was whisper-soft but urgent.

“Yeah, Jayne?” She gasped.

“What you’re doin’ looks ruttin’ amazin, but you ain’t across the corridor, alone over there in your bunk.”

Deep breath.

“An’ I ain’t all alone over here in mine. I got one helluva head a steam worked up about now, and I’d a lot rather share it with you than blow it all over my belly.”

Gotcha! Kaylee thought gleefully, as she turned off the vibrator and settled herself over Jayne’s surging cock. Batteries was goin’ flat anyway…


Thursday, March 16, 2006 12:37 PM


Hot! *fans self* I shouldn't be reading this at work!

Thursday, March 16, 2006 12:47 PM


Indeed, reading this stuff at work can be a might dangerous. But it is a good way to start the evening.

Thursday, March 16, 2006 5:00 PM


I'll just sit here and bathe in the afterglow for a bit, okay?

Thursday, June 8, 2006 4:43 AM


Hot damn...



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