The Birthday Gift - 6
Thursday, March 30, 2006

The big merc shows Kaylee his underwater skills and a new way to celebrate her birthday.


Disclaimer: Not mine, not paid. Love ‘em, all the same.

Thanks: To dear Jacqui, my best beta buddy and to Rion, my own Big Bad Man, who helps me figure out what mercs do on nights off duty

Rating: You asked, so I’m gratifyin’ ya – solid NC17/R. Can a bath be smutty?

Feedback: Oh yes, kind readers. I grovel nicely, do tricks even. Praise or gripe, it's appreciated, especially if you like a particular bit. To read the previous five chapters or any of my other stories, click on my name. Makes a lot more fun when you’ve read the lead-up.

The Birthday Gift

Chapter Six

Kaylee ran a little more hot water, to warm the cooling tub and settled back against Jayne, leaning her head against his shoulder. “Jayne, when you was little, did your family celebrate birthdays?”

”Like how?” She’d learned that the subject of Jayne’s family was a difficult one, and felt him guard up a little, like he generally did when asked about his past.

“Well, like everybody getting’ together, maybe presents or somethin’ special for dinner?”

He thought about it for a moment, weighing what to share. “Well, we didn’t have much. My Ma done what she could but …” His voice trailed off. “Mostly, she’d scrape up to buy some yarn, sewed or knitted us some special thing.”

“Oh, like your hat!”

“Yeah…” Jayne responded sheepishly.

“What about you, lil’ girl, what did your folks do?”

He dipped the washcloth in the fragrant water and gently drizzled the warm liquid over Kaylee’s breasts.

She could tell he was eager to change the subject.

“Well, it was always a big deal for us. Neighbors and family, Ma’d bake a cake.”

“Sounds pretty special.” He eased further down into the water with her, quietly envying the warmth and normalcy Kaylee seemed to have known growing up.

“Mostly, yes. Except for my Pa and his gorram birthday spankin’s! Said they made ya grow better. Weren’t so bad when I was little, but after I got up a bit, it was embarrasin’ and hurt, too!”

“Oh I can imagine…”

She could hear the low, wicked edge in his voice and turned sharply to look over her shoulder at him. “Now Jayne Cobb, don’t you go getting’ no such ideas in that rude mind of yours. I do not need a birthday spankin!” she squeaked indignantly.

“Never said ya did.” Thought it once or twice, though…

“I got a better idea. Snuggle up against me again.” His voice was low and resonant.

Kaylee could feel the short wiry hair that covered his chest and trailed down his flat belly to his groin as it tickled and brushed her spine, his half-hard cock sweetly nestled in the crevice between her butt cheeks, bobbing as the water sluiced between them.

Her head nestled against his shoulder and he leaned his jaw against her damp curls. Big arms cradling her, he gently traced patterns over her bare skin with his finger tips, then eased his hands, splay-fingered, up her ribcage to cradle her breasts, softly hefting them before rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Kaylee sighed, “Lord, that feels sweet.”

“Y’are sweet, lil’ Kaylee. Sweetest girl I ever knew. Just about light up a room when ya smile.” He kissed her cheek and rubbed it with his own.

His gun hand traveled south, cupped her mound and began to softly knead the bud of her clit through the soft folds that sheltered it. Involuntarily she leaned back into him and opened her thighs wider, welcoming his caress. Jayne knew just how to touch her, how to launch her into that delicious place of light and ecstasy.

Waves of pleasure and heat radiated from her nethers and she sighed in delight as he slipped his fingers into her canal, still feathering her clit with his thumb. His breath was warm in her ear and he began to kiss and nibble her neck and earlobe as his hand worked its magic down below.

Her pelvis tilted to him, driven by her hunger for the exquisite release she craved.

“Harder, bao bei. Do it harder!”

And Jayne obliged, fingers thrusting, slipping in and out, quick-thumbing her clit as he carried her into her climax. She cried out and shuddered once, twice, before collapsing back against him and yielding to the luminous bliss he’d created.

He wrapped his arms around her, rocked her tightly against him as the sweet tingling contractions moved through her, and she could feel his smile in the movement of his cheek against her forehead. “That’s right, Kaylee-girl. Happy Birthday. That’s number one...”


(More to come...)


Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:59 AM


I'm liking this very much.

Who says "That's number one..."? Is Jayne going to do something for each year of Kaylee's life, ala his own birthday spaniking?

Waiting with soapy satisfaction for more...

Thursday, March 30, 2006 11:35 AM


Hey ArtemisPrime!

Sorry that read a little unclearly.

Yep, Jayne is celebrating Kaylee's birthdays with an alternative to spankin's... < grin >

Thursday, March 30, 2006 1:17 PM


Yes, baths can be smutty. Apparently we all like smut! Sent you another email, but if it interfere's with the writin', don't read it! Can't wait for more! D

Thursday, March 30, 2006 4:16 PM


Gotta say...have to admire Jayne's alternative to spanking, though I do wonder about how long Kaylee will last if he keeps the process up. Cuz while I can imagine the possibility of Kaylee being multi-orgasmic, getting enough Big O's for each of her years will become rather...draining after awhile;), wet and excellent, HGS!


Thursday, March 30, 2006 5:06 PM


My mind is the strangest place in the 'Verse, I swear. Here I am, reading all this hot hot smut, and my brain's goin', "Man, aren't they getting all pruny by now?"

Stupid brain... Must concentrate on the Naked Jayne! *stares hard at screen*

I'll just have go back and read it again, neh? And again, and again...

Friday, March 31, 2006 12:23 AM


Hot again! *fans* Brilliant.

Love the discussion about birthdays and (of course) the alternative to the spankings.

Saturday, June 3, 2006 6:04 AM


mmm...*melts in a smutty goo-pool of bliss*



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